Nathan Drake sighed, somehow he had never pictured seeing a relative of Victors' before. The relative in question was none other then Chloe Sullivan, a reporter at the Daily Planet.

Chloe was Victor's niece, and had practically begged to come along with Sully and Nate. A few days ago Sully had called Nate and had relayed the situation to him. Sully had told him that Chloe was a very persistent person when it came to adventure.

And now here he was, with a problem on his hands. He didn't think he could convince Chloe to abandon the mission early on. And he was right, as soon as he had brought it up she had blown up in his face.

Chloe had garnered some of her uncle's facial expressions, the one she was using right now was her annoyed face. And she did not look in the least bit ready to back down.

Nate admired this in a person, but right now he could care less. "Miss Sullivan, I'm sure you have good field experience, but Sully and I can't afford extra baggage right now." Chloe's face turned bright pink, and she glared at him.

"Really? well that ship looks plenty big enough for five extra people." she snapped. And then her expression darkened, "I may be considered extra baggage to people like you. But I'll have you know I have the best access in the world to personal files."

Nate glared back, "Are you blackmailing me?" his voice was low and threatening. "If that's what you want to call it then yes." she smirked. Nathan raised a finger and opened his mouth, but Chloe cut him off.

"And don't even think of calling the authority's, for one thing you are a wanted convict in some countries." Nathan's face was grim, "You did a background check on me?"

Chloe rolled her eyes, "Why is it men are always suprised when I do that? Besides I have a right to know who's working with my uncle." she said casually. Nathan looked ready to hit someone.

"Fine I'll take you to El Dorado, but on one condition you listen to me and follow my instructions exactly as soon we leave port. And those files you found on me never existed."

Chloe smiled, "Is that all?" she asked. And when he didn't answer, she held her hand out, "I want to be acknowledged as someone while we're sailing, or those files will come up." she said

Nate groaned, "Are you always this aggravating?" he demanded. Chloe smiled, "Well I have to have all my bases covered." she replied. He eyed her hand cautiously and, "Is that it?" he asked

"All my conditions? then yes." he smiled then, "Well, then we have a deal." and he shook her hand. Chloe smiled triumphantly, as they shook hands.

Chloe's POV

"Well Lois, this is a golden opportunity and did I mention that Nathan Drake is really hot." Chloe said, while she was on the phone with her cousin Lois Lane. "Really? And when you were talking with him were sparks flying?" asked Lois

Chloe smiled, "If you call baiting each other sparks, then yeah they flew." Lois sighed, "So tell me, what does he look like?" she asked teasingly. "Well he has dark brown hair that is perfectly messed up, and he has dark eyes."

she trailed off. Lois started laughing, "Oh Chlo, you should hear yourself, you are already over the moon about him." Chloe grinned, "Did I mention that he has abs of steel, I bet he could bench press my weight."

Lois was snorting with laughter, "He sounds like Tom Cruise, wait it's not him is it?" she asked sarcastically. "Sorry to burst your bubble Lane, but it's not Tom." Chloe said.

Lois sighed, "You know, Tom Cruise always did do a fantastic job in the Mission Impossible movies. Too bad he started doing lame movies after that." Chloe smiled, "Look Lois, I have to get packed for the trip, thanks for the camera by the way I'll really need it."

Lois sighed, "You know Chloe, I really wish I could come along with you. You're always doing amazing things and I've always wanted to share them with you." Chloe could have been more stunned, "Lois that's why I'm bringing my camera, and who knows? Maybe next time I get a riveting adventure I'll bring you along."

Lois huffed, "In other words I have to suffer Clark Kent's endless teasing. Thanks Chloe, love you too." Chloe grinned, "You'll survive, Clark may not be known for eloquence, but he does have a soft spot for you Lois."

'Look Chloe just be safe, and don't do anything I wouldn't do." "I know, and I'll call you when I get some good footage." And with that Chloe hung up.

Well what did you think? Should I continue? By the way after I played this game I wanted to write a cross over for it. So here it is.