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Chloe was both relieved and irritated when they got to the beach house they were staying at. She was relieved because now she could send Lois the footage of the coffin, but she was irritated because Nathan planned on having her booted as soon as he felt like it.

She glanced over at the boat that Nathan and her uncle were currently inside, she was on the pier sitting down with her laptop open. She sent the camera footage to Lois via email and then decided it wouldn't hurt to give her cousin a call.

She turned off her laptop and put it in the backpack that she had brought with her. She grabbed her cell phone from a side pocket on the backpack and eagerly punched in Lois's cell number.


"So look when Drake sailed into the Pacific, he took the Spanish fleet completely by surprise. He took all their ships, he took all their maps, their letters, their journals. And he recorded everything in this diary!" Nathan was saying excitedly while Victor tried to interrupt.

"But when he got back to England, Queen Elizabeth confiscated all his charts and logbooks including this one then swore his entire crew to silence." Victor tried to interrupt again but was overridden by Nathan.

"You see Drake discovered something on that voyage Sully, something so secret and so valuable they couldn't risk it getting out!" He opened the diary and turned it to a hand drawn map and showed it to Sully.

Sully's eyes widened when he saw what was drawn there, "Ohoho, El Dorado!" he whispered in awe. "He was on to something big all right." Nathan said, smiling at Victor's expression. "Anything else?" asked Victor eagerly .

Nathan laughed and took the diary back, "Oh so now you're interested." He teased watching Victor's eyes harden. "Well yeah." Victor gruffly admitted. "Unfortuantely no, last page was torn out." He held up the diary for Victor to see.

"I'm telling you Sully, this is finally it!" Nathan said, walking up to stand next to Victor. Victor nodded but he looked troubled, "There's only one problem Nate." And he gestured to Chloe who was on her feet and pacing on the pier, cell phone in hand.

"Hey Lois, it's me Chloe you'll never guess what happened." Chloe was currently saying into the phone. "Let me guess, you and that Nathan guy went ahead and did it!" Lois crowed, having seen the footage and wholeheartedly approving of Chloe's crush.

Chloe winced and felt a blush crawl up her face, "Uh no, but we found Sir Francis Drake's journal. And then we were attacked by pirates!" She heard Lois chuckle, "That's a good one cuz! Except I thought pirates were kinda a thing of the past."

Chloe sighed, "There are still some pirates around you know, but the ship that we were on blew up and-" Now it was Lois's turn to gasp, "It blew up? Are you sure you're ok?" she demanded in full army Lois mode.

Chloe chuckled, "I'm fine and so is the camera." She said and glanced over at Nate who was looking over at her. She waved then she heard Lois's voice, "Do you trust this Nathan guy?" She frowned, "No I don't trust him, which is why I tagged the boat they're on."

"What's wrong with Chloe?" Nathan asked confused, "I thought she was your neice." Victor sighed, "Don't get me wrong Nate, I really like my neice I really do but she could get hurt." Nathan stared at him dumbfounded, "She took out a few guys today on her own, you should have seen her."

"Look Nate, it's not that I don't trust Chloe to do her job. But once other people hear what happened out there today, they'll catch up us with pretty quickly. And then we'll have a full out war on our hands, trust me when I say I don't want her getting involved."

Nathan looked back at Chloe who as if sensing his gaze looked up at him and waved. He cringed inwardly, knowing that Sully was right but hating it. He returned the wave half-heartedly and sat back, "You know you really are a chamer Sully." He said bitterly.

Victor looked over at Chloe too and for a moment he looked truly regretful but then he straightened his shoulders and headed to the controls. "She'll get over it." He said not believing his words at all.

"You did what?" Lois's voice was clearly audible through the cell. Chloe sighed, "I just put a tracker on them, just in case they do anything-" she heard the boat motor start up and groaned. She turned around just in time to see the boat peel away from the pier.

Chloe snorted , "Men are so predictable." She muttered and put the cell phone back up to her ear. "Hey Lo, I kinda need to steal a boat."

How will Chloe react when she next sees Nathan? Find out in the next chapter!