Okay knowing what the people in the story look like, helps me picture the story better. And for some odd reason I always pictured Rachel looking like Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat dolls...and Paul as Alex Meraz, like in new moon i guess, but its whatever.

After practically sleeping in the airport overnight, a drowsy Rachel finally captured and claimed the yellow checkered cab that was threatening to leave. But she had to fight for it, an equally tired-looking blond girl nearly hissed for the car, reveling almost very pointed teeth. Rachel was sure that the girl would bite her head off if the driver didn't claim that she was first.

The glare that traced those piercing green eyes was enough to send Rachel running, but she remained ground.

Rachel swept her black hair coolly, she had a way of covering her emotions. It would take a really gifted person to tell that she was shaking in her boots, figuratively. She hadn't met that person yet.

As she sat in the brown leather seats she told the driver to drop her off in La Push, the homeland.

She was on trip to her brother Jacob and Billy, her father. Ever since the accident, Rachel decided to stay close and head to Washington State University, turning down the eager Yale University hoping to claim her. Unlike Rebecca, who married her high school sweet heart first second she graduated, moving to Hawaii.

Her brother always used to call her the nerd. Rachel was the responsible one, the smart one, the one that was always overshadowed by her out-going popular twin. He sister was very beautiful, and of course they were identical, so Rachel was just as indescribable as Rebecca.

But for some reason, the boys always came to Becca. Maybe because she was quieter?

Rachel pondered, almost every night, but dismissed it one day and decided to mask her jealousy by studying. Who knew? It paid off. Getting accepted to almost every Ivy League college she applied was something to brag about for Billy back home. But the shame of turning them down for the sake of her father, was enough to make him quiet.

Rachel chuckled to herself.

The driver feasted his eyes on the mirror to see the stranger beauty. He was definitely silenced by her perfection, his appraising eyes was enough to make her smile again.

Of course back home, she was unseen and invisible in the cloud of her sister, but at college and on the street, she was a whole different person. She was actually getting used to being coveted.

Rachel had always been a nerd, in truth. She just graduated college early, trying to avoid coming back home and facing an empty home without her best friend Becca. But her summer semester's were over, and it was time for graduate school-in the fall this time.

She bored her eyes out the window and remembered the the abnormal emerald green leaves that always tricked the mind into seeing jewels, like they were crystal.

Thats what the flourishing beauty of La Push did to you.

The cab came to an abrupt stop in front of the house that was so familiar and small, yet comforting. The rain was pouring and the serenity of the scene was captivating, like it was a picture, but it was incomplete. Like it was missing a part, as person.

Rachel joyfully skipped out the cab, taking her bags with her.

"How much?" She asked warily, her eyes darting down to her purse, with her wallet. She groaned because she knew all her money would be at the bottom. She dreadfully took up the challenge and opened the zipper.

The driver opened his mouth to say, but then came over himself "No charge"
Rachel looked up. She already took clothes out of the bag, and now she had to put it back in. "You can't do that!"

But the car was speeding away down the grey road as if it was transfusing colors with the fog.

Rachel shrugged and picked her bags up, angrily putting the clothes back inside.

"The nerve these days" She mumbled and headed to the mahogany door that was beat up from the often tricks that Jacob and his friends would pull.

Before she could knock on the door, someone opened it.


It was Jacob, he rubbed his eyes annoyingly, squinting his brown pupils to see if it was really her.

Rachel gasped

Jacob had his shirt off, only wearing pajama bottoms. Her little baby brother had grown an awful amount of muscle while she was gone. He looked so much older, and he was taller than her by so many inches. It was hard to tell if he was still the lovable sixteen year old boy he was supposed to be, or a twenty seven year old grad student that she might of seen at college

"Jacob?" She whispered, mostly to herself as a question "Is that you?"

"Yea" He smiled

"Look at you" She squealed

He rolled his eyes as she ran up to him to give him a welcoming hug.

"Aw Jake! I've missed you so much! How's it going?"
Of course, Rachel was not at all ignorant of her baby brother's love life. His valuable, young

inexperienced heart was broken in a million tiny peaces by some girl named Bella. Rachel had no idea who this girl was, but she definitely didn't like her.

Jacob's smile was gone, like it could never be on his cute little face again. His happy-go-lucky attitude seemed to have washed up in the rain. There was no grin that Rachel had expected.

His rough, yet still kind face, was what took charge. Adolescents left his soul forever, over some stupid girl that didn't matter.

Rachel loved her brother, because of his always happy feeling and that sense of positivity that seemed of always project off of him. The gleam that reflected from his constantly visible teeth.

Rachel frowned

"It's alright Rachel...we missed you" He grounded through his teeth

She wasn't buying it, she was a hard person to read, but she easily read other people.

"Don't lie, baby brother"

Jacob smiled halfway, and it abandoned his lips like it was imaginary or something. Like magic took his innocence away from him. I flared my nose.

This Bella girl was really going to get something from me, if she ever showed her face here.

Tears were threatening to come out.

"Don't just stand there" He cautioned "Come inside, this is your home too"

The fake smiley plastered over his face, was enough to sent Rachel into a whirl pool of tears, but she was good at her emotions, so she bit her lip instead.

She walked into the roomy hallway and stood in the middle.

There at the end, was her father, in a wheel chair. His wrinkly face was turned upwards as he formed the largest grin that she had ever seen.

"Dad!" Rachel yelled as she bent over to hug him

"Rachel" He beamed "It's so much better now that your back"

Rachel turned to look at her father, she knew at instant that even if her sister, or her mother wasn't their the house was now a complete picture. She was the missing, small yet significant person that was needed to fill the gap. She was home

And she didn't even know that she was never going to leave.

Okay, so i changed this story up a bit. Rachel just finished her first year of college, but she has credits for a sophomore. So shes like 19. And Paul's age has been bumped from 16 to 19 too.

When stephanie meyer wrote this, i doubted she knew she was like pairing a 16 year old with a college student. yeah, i know retarded. so are some of her lines(=