I ran towards the Black residence, much fiercer than I had the last time.

She was all alone; why hadn't I noticed that practically everyone in town was there to interrogate me except her?

As I reached the house, I saw her sitting on the front porch reading some book with an intense expression.

I decided to hide behind a tree; I liked watching her like this.

She tucked her hair back behind her hair numerous times, it refused to stay there.

I chuckled

She crinkled her nose a few times, at disgust of the book? Her eyes were hard staring at the print, she looked disgruntled.

After gawking at her, for about five minutes, I decided to make myself seen. I needed to smell her scent, more potently.

I walk towards her, my hands in my pockets on this cold evening.

She coughed, not noticing my shadow

Was she cold?

"Rachel," I whispered

Her head snapped up and she instantly blushed

"Oh, Paul" She smiled, and placed the book down "Its nice to see you again"

"Yeah, whatchu reading?"

"Oh, its justMoby-Dick, I have to read for English Literature" She made a face

"I judge that it isn't to your liking?"

She grinned, suddenly at my proper language.

I mentally slapped myself again; talk normal idiot.

It was quiet for a while, she stared at her feet while I stared at her. It wasn't one of those awkward silences, it was peaceful.

"Paul," She said quietly

"Yes" I said, too fast

"Aren't you cold? You have no shirt on" She observed, her eyes wandered to my bare torso for just a little bit too long, unless my ego was running wild.

"Nall, I'm a werewolf, remember? We have high body heat"

Why was she asking me things, she already knew?

"Oh," she shivered

"Are you cold?" I asked, worry saturated my every thought

"Just a little" she hinted

"Why don't we go inside?"
"Locked out"

"You're locked out? Wheres Billy? And Jake!"

"Billy's with Sue, and I think Jake is on patrol"

Wow, she knew more than I did.

"Well, come here honey, I'll keep you warm"

She looked at me, shock in her beautiful shade of brown eyes. She didn't budge out of fear, so I made the first move.

I took her arm and pulled her towards my chest. She laid her head there willingly enough, and I kept my hand on her back.

"Thanks, Paul" She said, more happy

Her heart was jumping around in her chest, she was excited. I was excited that she was excited, naturally

"Paul, why did you imprint on me?" she questioned

And honestly I didn't have an answer to that, but I didn't let my confusion show on my face or voice

"I did, because fate says we were meant to be together"

She raised her head, removed herself from my grip and stared into my eyes

"Really?" She breathed

Hear hair flew in her face again; I took the liberty to push it back, behind her ear.

And with that she pushed herself onto me and kissed me, with such a feeling that it could have caused the world to explode

I smirked; I had won her over.

Rachel P.O.V.

All I remember was Jacob leaving quickly after the beach incident, and Billy dragging Paul out of the house when he told me the secret of my tribe.

And because of three hours on unexplained loneliness, it forced me to walk around the house that I hadn't lived in for a while.

I glanced at the dusty television that I used to watch my favorite show, The Powerpuff Girls. I remember playing with Rebecca and Leah. I was Blossom, Beck was Bubbles and Leah the tomboy, was always Buttercup.

We would always run around the house screaming and yelling, who knew each of us would follow a path completely different. And it was ironic, that Leah played Buttercup, the one Powerpuff girl who didn't have a super power...

And now she was the superhuman.

I am still shocked when Paul told me Leah's story, I wanted to cry, but I was in sick control of my emotions.

Leah, one of my good friends, had suffered heartache, no one should endure.

I went to thinking, because this gene is in my blood both ways, if I had stayed instead of going to college, there was a chance that I would have joined her in this pack thing.

The thought made me cringe with excitement.

I was actually jealous of them all, because of all those enhancements from the rest of the human race, but it was one of those situations you wanted, but once you had it, you wanted to rid it.

I sighed

Oh, how I missed Paul.

He seemed calm, one of those hardcore hippies who were always mellow all the time.

I liked a guy like that. Because with a guy like that, there was always a crazy side that wanted to come out, and once it did, it would be incredibly hot.

I moped around in the basement, I saw the old bookshelf.

The book 'Moby Dick' stood on the ground. I grabbed the thick binding and looked at it with interest

I decided reading would not be a bad idea, I headed outside and closed the door.

It was chilly that I decided to get my sweater.

Bad idea. Locked out.


I sat on the porch, with a long sigh. And plopped open the book.


He was the first thing that came on my mind. I don't know why, but it was as if every word said "Paul, Paul, I love Paul, Paul"

I crinkled my nose, why was I so attached to him? I thought he was the one who imprinted. Did it affect me too?

I suddenly wanted him here, like I knew he was somewhere. He was warm, I wanted to be warm.

I stared at the book, my eyes hardened at these new feelings

I read, but I had no fucking idea what the text was saying. Images were popping in my mind, all about Paul. Him kissing me, touching me....

I shook my head in disgust, my hair fell into my eyes, I moved it repeatedly behind my ear

It didn't want to move

A sudden itching sensation formed in my throat, I coughed.

I hope I'm not getting sick, that would totally suck ass-


I looked up to see Paul with his welcome smile, I blushed

Can you say irony?

Once again, he had no shirt. Just sweats, his hands in his pockets, he looked sorta kinda cute.

He was more than cute.

His abs of steel were too amazing for me; I always loved six packs. He was my dream guy.

He was beautiful.

I stumbled on what yo say

"Oh, Paul" I said stupidly "Nice to meet you again"
I mentally kicked myself. Nice to meet you again? What the hell is that?

"Yeah, whatchu reading?" He asked

"Oh its just Moby Dick, I have to read for English Literature" I lied smoothly

What kinda person reads Moby Dick on there free time?

"I judge it isn't to you liking?"

I smiled, why was he talking like that?

It was quiet. It was an awkward quiet. I looked down at my feet, I felt his eyes on my face.

"Paul?" I said meekly

"Yes" He answered, quickly

"Aren't you cold? You have no shirt on"

I stared at his abs; they were amazing. I wanted to run my hands through them, trace the hard planes over and over and over...

I asked this question, I wasn't an idiot. I remember every single detail from what he told me. I knew the irregular body heat, I just wanted to try something.

"Nall, I'm a werewolf remember? I have high body heat"

"Oh" I fake shivered

"Are you cold?" he asked, worried

"A little" I started

"Why don't we go inside?"
"Locked out"

"Your locked out?!" He asked, loudly "Where's Billy and Jake?"

I had no clue where Jake was, so I played it cool once again. He shouldn't be back anyway
"Billy is at Sues and I think Jake is on patrol"

"Well," He concluded "Come here honey, I'll keep you warm"

I looked towards him. Could he like read my mind? How did he know?

I hadn't moved, he took control and pulled my arm. I laid my head on his chest

He was so warm, it was nice and toasty. I snuggled closer, the closeness raising my heart beat.

"Thanks, Paul"

It was so warm, so very warm. So comfortable...so beautifully perfect. I felt the need, the question was bubbling inside of me. What had I done to deserve such a wonderful man like this?

Why me?

"Paul, why did you imprint on me?"

It was quiet for a few seconds, I felt a bit of his heart jump at the question.

"I did it, because fate says we were meant to be together"

I released myself from his grip

"Really?" I breathed

He moved a strand of my hair behind my ear, the touch left me dazzling

Oh what the hell, I though, might as well go for the bait

I pushed myself on top of him and kissed him

His hands flew to my waist, we were practically making out on the porch step and just when I thought things would go a little bit further