20 Years Later


"Come on, Ace, we're going to be late!"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming..."

Buttercup stood in front of her open door, checking her watch for perhaps the thousandth time as she waited for her husband to get his ass into gear. Finally, Ace came into view, adjusting his shirt collar. "Christ, Ace, didnt anyone teach you how to tie a tie!?" She grumbled to herself and adjusted the tie as Ace just stood there. "Honestly, how did you manage to look nice for our wedding!?"

"Snake picked out the tux and Arturo tied the tie," he replied. "Why we in such a hurry? The play dont start 'till seven, anyway..."

"That's besides the point, Ace!" Buttercup griped back. "I want good seats so we can get Jack on video." Ace sighed.

"I dont see why we have to make such a big deal out of a high school play," he muttered. Buttercup finished up the tie and smacked his shoulder just hard enough for it to sting.

"Because your son got the lead role, and is a great actor!" she shot back, grabbing his arm to drag him to the car. "And dont even say you dont like Grease, that's your favorite movie, next to Boondock Saints."

"Oh, just tell the whole world that Grease is my favorite movie, why don'cha?" Ace muttered back, getting in the drivers' seat.

"Dont tempt me."

Ace only smirked back at his wife as he started up the car. Buttercup smiled back and buckled up as Ace drove to the Townsville Performing Arts Center.

18 Years Earlier

"Hey, Ace?"

Ace looked up from the paint job details he was adding to the '08 Camaro he was working on. Buttercup was sitting on a pile of tires, as she usually did when she came over to watch him work. "Wussup, Baby?" he asked, putting the spray gun down and wiping off his hands. Buttercup absently swung her feet, her heels tapping the rubber with each swing.

"...How long have we been together?"

Ace blinked at the odd question. He leaned against the car. "Well, we've been officially together since you were 16...an' you're 20 now, soooo 4 years three days from today." He grinned. "What about it?" Buttercup sighed.

"Ace, where are we going?"

"Well, you said you'd like Chinese later, so after work we can--."

"No, I meant in our relationship?"

"....Oh." Ace walked over to the tire pile and hopped up on the stack next to hers. "What makes you bring that up?" Buttercup's fingers played with the bracelet on her wrist, which had tarnished over the years of fighting and wear, but the jewels shone as brightly as ever. Her silence concerned Ace, and he put his arm around her. "Hey, what'sa matter?"

"...Ace..." Buttercup began, then took a deep breath. "...I'm pregnant."

Ace nearly fell off his stack of tires. "...What?"

"I'm pregnant, Ace," Buttercup repeated. "And before you ask, yes, it's yours..."

"I wasnt gonna ask that!" Ace said quickly. He ran a shaking hand through his hair. "...You sure?"

"Yeah," Buttercup said, wringing her hands. "I took three home pregnancy tests, but they were inconsistent...one said I was and two said I wasnt, so I went to the gynecologist's and they confirmed it. I'm pregnant."


"...Wow," Ace said, taking off his shakes to rub at his eyes. "I mean...I didnt expect..."

"Me neither, Ace," Buttercup cut in. "I mean...you used condoms and I've been on the Pill since I was 16, but I guess...it was one of those one in a thousand chances..." Ace remained quiet. "...Ace...?"

Ace heaved a sigh and jumped off of the tire pile. "Gimme a minute, alright?" he asked before walking into his office area. Buttercup nibbled her lip, trying not to cry. Ace had taken it a whole lot better than she expected; she expected him to freak the fuck out or something. She gave him his minute...then five...and finally, after ten minutes, she began to cry.

'Shit, I blew it,' she thought to herself. 'Why the hell would he want to stay with me now?' She wiped at her eyes fruitlessly until she saw a handkerchief in her line of view, with Ace holding it up to her.

"Hey, dont cry," he said softly as he dabbed her eyes dry for her. "It's gonna be alright. Sorry that took so long...this...it was a lot to take in all at once, ya know...?" Buttercup nodded, sniffling. "...I thought about what'cha said...about where we're going, yeah?" Buttercup nodded again. "...And...well..." He sighed. "I was savin' this for tonight at dinner, but..." He brought up his hand, which held an opened box with a ring inside. "...Will you marry me, Buttercup?"

Buttercup stared at the ring in awe. It was silver with a little green jewel; a perfect match for her bracelet, and she was willing to bet it was just as expensive. She looked up at Ace, who was giving her a half-grin with soft black eyes. Buttercup looked back at the ring again before jumping off the tire pile and tackling Ace in a hug.

"Whoa, whoa, careful!" Ace cried, managing to stay upright and catch her. "Yer pregnant, ya crazy kid! That's my kid in there, dont break 'em!"

Buttercup only laughed and kissed Ace, ignoring the odd looks from the rest of the Gang, who were watching on.

Buttercup sighed as she stared out the window of the car.

It had been hard, telling the Professor that not only was she pregnant, but she was getting married. To Ace. Her 30-year-old boyfriend. Blossom kept asking if she was the only normal sister, earning her a smack to the back of the head. Though, she did have a reason to question everyone else's sanity. Bubbles was married to the Antichrist and was now a Devil herself; and now Buttercup was pregnant and engaged to a former villain.


But the wedding was held just a month later in Townsville Park, and everyone was invited. Even Bubbles and Him were able to come. It was a beautiful ceremony, and the reception even included a food fight brought on by Ace, who had smushed some of the cake in her face. It was a blast.

And just seven months later, little Jack was born, nine pounds, two ounces, with black hair and green eyes. He was so beautiful even Ace cried when he saw his son. Jack was smart and witty, made friends easily, but had a bad habit of beating people up who picked on his friends or just anyone smaller than the offender in general. That got him into trouble, until Buttercup told him to get a productive hobby.

He was only twelve when he told his parents that he wanted to go into showbiz. Buttercup swore she heard something in Ace's brain go 'kaput'. But Jack was a gifted actor and singer, so when he told his parents that he got cast for the role lead in Grease as Danny Zuko, it was no surprise.

Other than that, he had inherited only flight and super strength from Buttercup, but had Ace's attitude and devotion to friends. He also seemed to inherit Ace's accent. He was popular with the ladies, but currently didnt have a love interest. He was overall a really good kid.

Ace was currently the owner of his own business that customized cars and motorcycles, which was doing very well. Buttercup was the police commissioner for Townsville, and took it upon herself to train up new recruits to her standards, saying "I cant be the hero forever, you know."

Life was good...

"'Ey, we're here, Buttercupcake."

Buttercup glared at Ace, who grinned back, knowing she hated that nickname, then climbed out of the car and walked arm-and-arm with Ace into the building.


"Hey, give that back! You know it's mine!"

"Shut up, Brick, you're hair's already done and I cant find my hairbrush, so can it!"

Brick rolled his eyes and threw his hands up in defeat. "Whatever, Bloss," he griped. "I just dont see how you can lose five hairbrushes in one month."

"Neither can I, Brick," she replied, brushing her long red hair. "But take solace in the fact that we both have the same hair color and it doesnt show up when we share brushes."

"I would...if your hairs werent the ones that keep getting into the hairbrushes!"

"........" Okay, it was true, he hair did fall out a lot easier than Brick's. "Whatever," she replied before setting the hairbrush down and then putting her earrings in. "What time is it?" Brick looked at his watch.

"...Seven-thirty," he replied. Blossom swore under her breath.

"We're going to be late!" she lamented as she readjusted her hair. Brick just calmly tied back his still-long hair.

"Dear, I'm quite sure that they wont start without you," he said calmly. "You are the guest of honor."

"All the reason for us to get there early! I dont want to make a bad impression!" Brick snorted.

"You never make a bad impression, Professor Jojo," he said, grinning. "You're too perfect." Blossom shot her husband a dirty look.

"Can it, Bricker," she shot back, making Brick redden at the sound of his full name. "I just gave the world the cure for cancer; I think being on time to accept the Nobel Peace Prize is kind of important." Brick only smiled at his wife.

"Whatever you say, Bloss," he said before buttoning up his coat.

14 Years Earlier

Blossom gave a small bow after giving her graduation speech about being the youngest in her graduating class to receive a Doctorate degree, not to mention the one with the highest GPA to boot, and everyone clapped; the loudest being her family, who all had front-row seats. She waved at them and walked back over to her seat as the headmaster walked up to the mic.

"Thank you, Doctor Utonium, for that lovely speech," he said, grinning at his favorite student. "Now, this is...a little unorthodox, but one of our highest-graded graduates would like to make a short speech." Everyone graduating looked around, confused, as the headmaster gestured behind him. "Doctor Jojo, if you would?"

Brick grinned and stood up, trying to ignore his brothers' inappropriately loud whoops, and took the mic. "Thank you, Dr. Jameson," he said. "...Well, quite frankly, I didnt expect to be here. At all. I didnt expect to get into med school...I didnt expect to have a life, really..." He fidgeted, still unused to wearing such nice clothes. "I think most of you know about me...my brothers, and all..." He shrugged. "But one day...I decided that I wanted something else. Being a professional bully wasnt cutting it for me anymore. I had intelligence, and that was pretty much my only talent outside of fighting. So I went with that.

"My brothers werent exactly...encouraging..." He glared at Butch, who had flipped him the bird playfully. "...They thought that I wouldnt make it out in the 'real' world. Hell, even my dad didnt really think I could be anything but a villain..." He looked over to Mojo, who was looking a little apologetic. "...But there was one person who encouraged me."

He took the mic off of the stand and carried it with him over to Blossom, who was staring at him with pink cheeks. Brick smiled and knelt down on one knee. "Blossom, you were the only one who believed in me enough to kick my ass back to class when I didnt think I could make it. You challenged me in every subject, on every test...and beat me out for valedictorian. You truly are my counterpart in every way." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a box. "So, will you still be my counterpart in life?"

He handed the box to her, and she opened it with shaking fingers, to find a ring with a pretty pink jewel. She looked back up at Brick, who was smiling at her and waiting for her response. Out in the audience, Boomer began yelling 'SAY YES, SAY YES!!!'

"Yes..." she said softly. "Yes!" She dove forward and hugged him as the whole auditorium burst into applause.

Brick tightened his tie as he thought about the day he proposed to Blossom. He had been scared shitless that she was going to say no in front of everyone, but he was so glad when she said yes. He almost laughed when he thought about how much he had to bribe the headmaster to let him do that, which included getting a perfect score on his final exam. He had killed himself studying for that one, and had indeed made a perfect score, along with Blossom.

It was a good marriage, overall. They still bickered and even got into fights (that Blossom started) that ended up in property damage, but they stopped the power-fighting when their daughter Bloom was to be expected. It was a shock when they'd heard the news that Blossom was pregnant; they had never discussed children before, and it was a mad dash to get everything ready for the little girl before she was born. Blossom had pinked the room up so bad, it made Brick's eyes bleed every time he walked in there.

Imagine his satisfaction when Bloom turned out to be a tomboy that after a few years, it was hard to tell she even was a girl. She liked picking scabs and chasing the other schoolgirls around with them, she collected bugs, she could already hock lugies better than Boomer, and she liked to eat worms. However, she did like to wear the color pink. It was quite odd... She loved hanging out with her still-childish uncles, Butch and Boomer, and she loved it when Grampa Mojo babysat. He always had the best stuff to play with...

"Are you ready yet, Brick?"

Brick sighed and straightened out his clothes. "Yes, dear," he replied.

"Bloom is at Mojo's?"

"He picked her up while you were in the shower."

"Mojo has our number?"

"Blossom, chill," Brick said, putting her coat around her shoulders. "Bloom will be alright at her grandfather's. Butch and Boomer are there too, and you know how protective all of them are about her. Now stop spazzing and let's go get the damn Nobel Peace Prize already."

Blossom sighed and smiled at her husband, then they walked out the door and flew all the way to Oslo City Hall.


Bubbles sighed and reclined on the pink and blue sofa as she watched the two TV screens at once. On one screen, it showed Buttercup and Ace clapping as their son Jack performed his first song on stage. On the other it showed Blossom standing and accepting her Nobel Peace Prize for the cure for cancer as Brick led a standing ovation. She smiled and changed the channel to see Mojo being chased around by a little red-haired girl about twelve years old who was wielding a water gun. Butch and Boomer sat back laughing as Mojo was soaked to the bone by his granddaughter.

She had to laugh, too; Mojo couldnt control little Bloom if he tried; one would think she was Boomer's kid, with all that energy she had. She smoothed out her magenta dress and picked a piece of lint from one of her red-and-black-striped thigh-high stockings before watching on some more, sighing and stretching out on the sofa, playing with her hair. She was so happy for her sisters; they had found husbands of their own, and were living happy lives. At the moment, she was taking a sabbatical from Earth, which was kind of hard for her. It wasnt that she was avoiding her family; she just thought it would be less heartbreaking for future events if she didnt grow so attached to it. So she was contenting herself with simply watching their lives and events, rather than experiencing them firsthand. She still came up every now and then, like for their weddings and birth of their children; but other than that, she stayed in Hell.

Finally, she turned the TVs off and stared up at the psychedelic ceiling that used to give her a headache, but now she was fully used to. Life was good here, the thought. She had her husband, and that was all that mattered to her. She closed her eyes, thinking back to their wedding day; it had been a happy occasion...but it was very frightening and somewhat disturbing, overall...

20 Years Earlier

Bubbles let out a calming breath as she looked at herself in the mirror. She was alone right now; her soon-to-be-father-in-law had said that this was a time of personal reflection--somewhat literally, in this case, and that she was to be left alone to truly decide if this was what she wanted. No one else could be in there, she could think about things without anyone else's input.

She had been staring into the mirror, thinking, for almost a half hour now, and still she wanted to go through with it. She was currently wearing her wedding gown--a very simple white dress that was sleeveless and trailed long in the back--and her hair was down and hanging around her shoulders and brushing the skin on her back. She wore no makeup.

One would think that this was going to be a simple thing; but no. This was going to be big--life-altering, even. Him and Lucifer had told her what was going to happen, and even though she was scared shitless right now, she was still going through with it.

Finally, after taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, she turned to the door and opened it, where her sisters were waiting and pacing impatiently. "I'm ready," she said softly. Buttercup and Blossom nodded and she took one of their hands in hers and squeezed as they led her down the hallway. They didnt know what all was going to happen; and once it began, they wouldnt be able to stop it even if they wanted to.

The walk to the door to Him's domain seemed to take hours, but finally, they entered the door where everyone was waiting.

Seated on her side of the room was everyone from Townsville who had decided to come. They all looked nervous, and were anxiously clutching their crystals that Him had given them all to go home in an instant, should they decide to. On the other side were various demons, most of whom Bubbles remembered seeing at the Soiree. Up in front of the room was Him, who had taken on the massive form He took at the Soiree; His true Devil form. He was standing in front of a large black stone alter that looked like it was made from obsidian, which had a length of red ribbon neatly folded on one side, and a pentagram with Hell Script engraved on the top of the alter.

Lucifer was standing behind the alter, taking on the most human-looking of forms he could summon up. He was looking at her with those black eyes of his, and Bubbles felt her heart ice over. Nonetheless, it still beat a million miles a minute as she walked down the aisle with her sisters on either side of her until she came to a stop before the alter. Her sisters squeezed her hands before letting go to step to her side of the room. Lucifer looked their way, then suddenly chains sprung from the floor and bound themselves to their ankles and wrists. They cried out in shock, but suddenly their voices were taken away as well.

"It must be done," Lucifer told them before turning back to his son and Bubbles. "Take your places."

Bubbles gave her sisters an apologetic look before walking over to stand on one end of the alter and looking up at Him to see Him take His own place across from her. Lucifer picked up the red ribbon and began speaking in Hell Tongue, making several people on Bubbles' side of the room vanish back to Earth. Still, she kept still as Lucifer weaved the red ribbon between her hands and fingers, and Bubbles could feel a hot energy coming from the ribbon.

"Take her hands, His Infernal Majesty."

Him nodded and took Bubbles' hands gently into His claws, per His father's command. His glowing green eyes bored into Bubbles' own blue ones, giving her strength and courage. Bubbles' breath hitched, but she swallowed down her fear and sent Him the most loving look she could. Lucifer spoke a few more words, and the ribbon turned black and hard like metal, binding her hands together without room for escape.

There was no turning back now, Bubbles thought. Not that she wanted to, she was just anxious about what was next to come.

"Bubbles Utonium of the Mortal Earth," Lucifer spoke to her. "You have accepted the Mark of the Mate from a Devil of Hell, my son, His Infernal Majesty. You have accepted His proposal of marriage. You have reflected on your choices and have decided to become one of us." Behind her, she could hear gasps of shock from her own people. "Does your choice still stand?"

Bubbles looked up at Him, feeling her core tremble and warm at the courage Him was sending her. She smiled and let a small tear run down her cheek.

"It does," she said.

Lucifer turned to Him. "Do you take this mortal woman as your own She-Devil, Hell Mates for all Eternity, His Infernal Majesty?" Him squeezed Bubbles' hands slightly.

"I do," he replied.

"Then let this ceremony commence!" Lucifer's voice rang out, making a few more people go back to Earth. He raised his hands to the sky, speaking more things in Hell Tongue that made the demons on Him's side of the room hiss and pray too in their own Hell Tongue. Lucifer lowered one hand to pick up something that had been hidden until now--a sharp and jagged-looking sword. The blade was pure black, and the hilt was gold, and the whole thing emitted a dark and powerful aura.

Apparently, what was going to happen became obvious to Buttercup and Blossom, because they began to thrash in their bondage, trying like Hell to get free, but they were bound tight.

Bubbles felt her breath hitch and she clenched her teeth at what was to come. Lucifer raised his sword above his head, right over the invisible line ran over Bubbles' wrists. "I hereby cut your human mortal bonds, and commit thee into the Circles of Hell!"

With that, Lucifer swung the sword down hard, cutting off Bubbles' hands at the wrist.

There was no law or rule against screaming in pain; which was good for Bubbles, because oh, did she scream. Half of everyone from her side of the room were gone by this point, and everyone else who stayed--the villains, Miss Bellum, and the Professor--were staring on, transfixed on the horror that had just been committed. The Professor, who had tried to spring up to rush for his little girl, found himself stuck fast onto his seat, unable to move anything below the waist. Everyone else saw that they were the same way.

Him clenched His own teeth, trying to keep His bearings as He did as He was supposed to do; He took Bubbles' still-bound hands and set them aside, then rushed over to Bubbles to hold her in His arms as her body went into shock, the blood pouring from her severed wrists. Lucifer calmly gathered two large rings big enough for her wrists and knelt down in front of Bubbles as Him held her still, and carefully put them into place just above the site of the cut wrist.

Bubbles was gasping for breath through her cries and sobs, her arms twitching and her white dress turning deep crimson with blood. She tried to stay as still as she could for Lucifer so he could get the job done, and finally, the two red rings were in place. He held her wrists in his own hands, his black eyes boring into hers.

"I commit thee into the Circles of Hell," he kept repeating. Each time he said it, Bubbles felt what seemed to be liquid fire running up her arms and spreading though her body, changing and twisting everything into its new Devil shape. The bleeding stopped and slowly, a black aura appeared around where her hands used to be, and changed into the shape of claws. The aura vanished and a pair of blood-red claws was revealed.

The pain didnt end there; Bubbles' body continued to change from the inside out, and it hurt. Bad. She couldnt see what was happening, but what everyone else saw was her hair turn from gold to blood red, her lips darken to a natural blood-red color. Her skin darkened in color ever-so-slightly. Her eyes opened, and Him saw her whites turn a pale green, and the pupil from the iris vanish, leaving it pure blue.

Slowly, the pain vanished, leaving Bubbles with a sense that she had just been hit by a truck that was on fire; with her being a superhero, that wasnt as bad as someone normal would feel, so it wasnt that bad--just tiring. Her crying ceased, and Him took her up in His arms, His eyes shining with bright green light.

"This ceremony is over!" Lucifer announced. "Rejoice for your new sister of Hell, my kin!"

Everyone on Him's side let out demonic cries of congratulations, and the chains that bound Buttercup and Blossom receded back into the ground, freeing them. They rushed over to Bubbles to check on her, and gaped in awe. Him's body had blocked their view of her transformation, so this was a shock to them.

Bubbles let out a tired whimper and sat up on her own, raising her claws to look at them with interest.

"Bubbles!" Blossom cried, tears pouring from her eyes as she hesitantly took Bubbles' wrists in her hands. "...What have you done...?" Bubbles gave her sister a gentle smile.

"...I made a choice," she said. She looked up at Him, who was smiling down at her. "...And I dont regret it."

Buttercup stood with her fists clenched, trying like hell not to cry. "...Bubbles...dont you EVER do that to us again! You could have TOLD us what you were going to do!"

"And have you try to stop me?" Bubbles shook her head. "No...I knew you'd try to talk me out of it. I'm sorry girls...but this was my decision..." She sat up all the way and swung her legs over Him's arm to stand up on her own, finding it a little hard. Him supported her, standing back up to His full 9 1/2-foot height. She reached forward and pulled both her sisters to her in a hug, which was a little awkward because of the claws. "...I'm still Bubbles," she whispered to them. "...Always remember that."

"Now, whatever could my little beloved be thinking about...?"

Bubbles raised her eyes to see Him hovering over her, smiling, as His head was propped up on His claw, which was supported on purely nothing. She smiled back. "...Our wedding day," she said. She pushed a stray strand of red hair away with the tip of her claw, then played with the tip of one of her pigtails. Him made a thoughtful sound.

"Ah, yes," He said. "I remember it like it was just five seconds ago..." He sighed. "I had never been so happy, nor more afraid in my life...seeing you in so much pain...it reminded me of my own Devil Initiation..." He tapped at His own claw with the other. "It certainly does suck when you are not born a pure-blooded Devil..."

"Well, at least you know where your love of pure-soul mortal women comes from," Bubbles said playfully, turning over and levitating up to be face-to-face with her husband. Him swatted at her playfully and Bubbles blocked it.

"Such a silly wife I have," Him chirped, turning over to lay on His back in midair. "Dont act like you dont often wish to be mortal again. I see you watching with longing at your sisters, wishing you could be there for every little thing in their lives..."

Bubbles picked at a stray thread from her short magenta dress. "...I dont deny it, nor do I pretend not to," she replied. "You know I do. You know that there's nothing I'd like more than to see Jack's play, or see Blossom receive her Nobel Peace Prize, or be able to babysit Bloom for her..." She sighed, and Him turned Himself upright to slide over and pull her into his arms.

"...I wish you were there, too," He murmured. "I wish that we could have had one with Divine blood to drink, so I could have been made mortal once more, and we could be doing those things. But Dear Heart..." He tipped her chin up so she could look at Him. "...Dont deny yourself of them so you wont hurt as much when they die and you remain here with me, immortal, for eternity...it will still hurt when they go, regardless of what you do." He turned to the TV and made it turn on with a quick nod. "...It's never too late to save Mojo from your rambunctious niece..."

Bubbles giggled and shook her head. "Tomorrow," she said, leaning up to kiss Him. "We can pop in just to say hi." Him kissed her back, clasping her claw with His.

"Yesss...tomorrow..." He purred, His green eyes flaring. "...Until then...our bed is so very, very cold without us there to warm it up..." Bubbles purred right back, knowing how Him absolutely loved it when she did.

"Sounds like a plan, my Infernal Majesty..." She giggled as Him snatched her up and teleported right into their room. As Him impatiently stripped them both of their clothes, all she could think was how happy she was, and how much happier Him was going to make her.

Okay, NOW that's the end! *dies from exhaustion* By the way, bonus points and cookies to anyone who can catch the reference of Bubbles' look and outfit. Ta ta for now!