"Hikaru… Hikaru!" the opposites twin Kaoru shouted out to him, running up to his side in the pouring down rain. Hikaru was leaning against a tree, getting little coverage from the pebble-sized drops of water.

"Why is it so hard…?" Hikaru spoke to himself, letting his sagged bangs drip down to cover his emotion filled eyes. He barely noticed his twin jog up to him. It was his fault to begin with.

"Hikaru… what's wrong?" Kaoru was worried; he and Hikaru had always been the closest to each other from birth, not letting anyone into their lives for a long while. His brother had a pair of silent headphones draped around his neck, and he didn't bother to look up at Kaoru to realize it was him.

"You're so stupid Kaoru!" he shouted out, letting his head lift to show him the pain and hurt in his golden-brown eyes. Just seeing his twin made his heart rip in two. Kaoru flinched back away, afraid that Hikaru would lash out again.

"H-hikaru…" he was scared and a bit panicked at how his brother was acting. He could feel his pain just by seeing his expression; he had done it this time. He had crushed his brother, and he didn't even know how.

"I thought we were supposed to know everything about each other." Hikaru said, looking away, not wanting to see how much he was harming his younger brother. "I was wrong, you don't know anything yet…"


"W-what? How could you say such a thing Hikaru…!" Kaoru was close to tears and resorted to shouting his last sentence, trying to get his brother to tell him everything he had done. Everything he'd done to wound him so deeply.

Hikaru's face snapped downwards as he shouted, "Damn it Kaoru! I don't want us to end this way!" A crack of thunder came after his sentence, not even startling either of them. Neither of them cared.

"Hikaru… I…" Kaoru didn't know what to say, he heard the fear and agony hin his brothers voice, and noticed through the rain the tears that streaked down his pale cheeks. The same tears that streaked down his.

Kaoru couldn't take it, he just let himself drop to his knees. Before he fell Hikaru jolted forward and grabbed him by his wrist, spinning him upright into his grasp. Pulling him close and placing a sweep, gentle kiss on his pink petal lips. Hikaru and Kaoru broke apart, but Hikaru kept him close, their faces centimeters apart from each other's.

"Now do you understand… Kaoru?" Hikaru said sweetly, letting them both get water logged from standing in the open. Kaoru just gave a smiled and started laughing, resting his head in the crook of Hikaru's shoulder.

"I love You Hikaru!" he managed to say just as the rain leveled out to a light sprinkle and the cloud slightly broke apart to leave them in a patch of glimmering sunlight.