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This was insane.

That was the only way he could describe it; everything about this situation was insane.

He had entered Gil's room with the intent of taking them back to the way things used to be, before the Abyss. Before Alice. Before the contract, everything. When they had shared kisses in secret. Kisses, touches, feelings... He wanted that back. And since Gil wasn't making any moves, even when he obviously wanted to, Oz would just have to get it himself.

One simple kiss, he'd decided. Maybe a little tongue, if he was feeling generous, but not too much. He didn't want to scare his servant away now, did he?
They would take things slowly. Start small. Eventually they could return to how things used to be, and then go further. Eventually. When they were both ready. When he was ready. He was sure Gil was well prepared for that kind of leap, but he'd just have to wait until his master gave him permission to do so. It could be fun, teasing him in a whole new way. In fact, he knew it would be.

Yup. That had been the plan.

Except the second Gil's lips had touched his own, Oz had promptly forgotten everything about 'taking things slow', the waiting and teasing. He'd cast aside all his concerns and let himself get lost in the moment, and was shocked at just how normal it felt. Gil wasn't his cute, flustered little servant anymore, at least not to the same degree. He was a man. A tall, strong, cigarette-scented man. He didn't taste anything like he used to. Didn't feel anything like he used to. And yet he did. Better, even.

There was no awkwardness. There was no doubt. There was just him and Gil and raw emotion.

Which was why instead of a single kiss and quick retreat, Oz was lying on his back on Gil's sofa, clutching the front of the shirt of the man that hung over him, lips pressed against his masters in a manor that was anything but shy.

It was insane.

It was reckless.

And it was insanely intoxicating.

Oz moaned softly as Gil kissed him deeply. Coffee and cigarettes... Those were the the extra dashes that added to Gil's flavor. Typical Gil; he would have to find two addictions rather than one. Well... it least it tasted good...
Before he could lose his train of thought entirely Oz pulled himself back. Jeez, he was the Master wasn't he? He had to take control. Releasing the shirt from his grip Oz raised his hand to grip Gil's hair and pulled hard, raising his own head slightly off the sofa as he forcefully deepened their kiss, earning a moan of pleasure and pain from the man above him. Oz had always got the most pleasant sounds out of Gil when he kissed him, and had often enjoyed making Gil flustered by quizzing him about how satisfactory his performance had been. If he didn't like the answer, or Gil couldn't answer due to his sudden development of a speech impediment, he would make out with the boy again.
Sometimes he was sure Gil's stuttering was put-on.

Yes, he had always managed to subdue his servant with his 'natural talents'.

Now, though, Gil was proving that natural talent was no match for ten years worth of experience.

In deepening the kiss, rather than appearing to weaken or submit as he used to, Gil seemed to be spurred on. He allowed his body to lower down against his masters, his arms to slide under the boys form, gloved hand placed on the back of his masters head and the other, bare one between his shoulder blades, pulling him closer, as close as he could, almost crushing their bodies together as he returned the kiss with such passion Oz felt his body freeze with shock. He couldn't catch his breath, and the sudden onslaught of emotion overran his mind.

He couldn't think, he couldn't move, not unless Gil's roaming hands caused his body to squirm involuntarily, all he could do was feel. He felt Gil's hands explore his body eagerly, he could feel the man's frustration as he tugged material, hear it when he growled, aggravated by the clothing separating them.


Gil wanted to-?!

One of Gil's hands - Left? Right? Oz couldn't think... - slid down his leg, pausing when it met bare flesh, the back of his knee, and slid his hand slightly up Oz's baggy shorts to rest on his thigh, fingers rubbing softly. Oz clutched Gil's hair tighter, pulling hard, and whined quietly at the unfamiliar feeling. Unfamiliar, but not unpleasant. Which only made the man more eager; he pulled away from the gasping teen, his other hand shooting up to pull hastily at the boys tie, casting it aside, and latched his mouth on Oz's neck, growling audible when he heard the younger man whimper, felt him clench his knees together when Gil's hand began to rub his thigh up and down... up.. and down... So close to there...

Oz's mind as racing.

Where this was going... This wasn't just kissing... Gil wanted... He wanted them too... And could Oz...? Was he ready to...? Did he even WANT to...?

"Gil-!" he gasped as the man bit his collar bone. Hard.

"Oz..." Gil growled, running his tongue over the mark momentarily before latching his mouth onto Oz's neck again, letting the wound stinging. His left arm slipped around Oz's waist again, the hand that rubbed Oz's leg withdrew from his shorts, sliding slightly up the boys leg, across his waistline, slowly up his stomach...

Oz was completely caught in the moment.

Yes... Why not? Gil loved him and he loved Gil. So why not?

"I'm in love with you... Oz Vassalius..."

He would never forget those words for as long as he lived. And even after. He would never forget such wonderful words... Because Gil had promised... He had promised forever...

And so Oz felt no desire to push his servant away. His servant... His friend.. His...

Gil's mind was equally as blurred as his masters, though as a result of doing, not having things done to him. He had wanted this for so long. To touch, to taste, to hear... He wanted to do so many things his mind couldn't keep up, yet he somehow managed to control his desires somewhat.

Oz... Oz... Oz... His life. His reason. His everything.

He wanted him so badly...

He needed him...

But if Oz wasn't ready he would...

Oz caught Gil's sleeves and held them tight, material bunched in his fists, head tilting slightly as Gil's mouth sucked on his neck, "G-Gil I..." he started, but found himself shorter of breath than he thought, gasping as he spoke. He felt Gil pause in his actions. Listening. "I want... We can... If you want..." He couldn't get the words out. What he was saying...

Gil's eyes widened slightly. Was this...? Even though he had been doing all these things, he hadn't intended to actually go that far, he didn't think Oz would...
But did this mean what he thought it did?
"Oz... Do you... Do you want...?" he breathed. They both knew the question...

"Yes..." Oz said breathlessly, clutching Gil's sleeves tighter as the man nuzzled his face in the boys neck, nipping lightly, the arm that had slid around his waist clutching tighter. He felt his body quiver as Gil's hand slowly trailed down his stomach. "But... Not here..."

Gil lifted his head slightly. He almost didn't dare to believe what this meant. He had to be dreaming... Was this really happening? Was Oz really saying he wanted this?

"Sofa's... too small..." Oz muttered, as if it needed explaining.

If this was a dream, he didn't want to wake up.

Oz felt Gil nod, then pull away, and Oz was suddenly cold. It only lasted a moment, however, and before Oz could properly gather his thoughts the taller mans arms had slipped under his arms and legs and lifted him off the sofa. Oz stuttered awkwardly, an attempt to demand Gil put him down, that he wasn't a damsel that needed to be carried, but all potential arguments were silenced when Gil lifted him further and pressed his lips against Oz's once again.

Damn it... Oz was supposed to be in charge...

But he couldn't think at all. He moved his mouth against Gil's automatically, gasping lightly when he felt his servant place him on the bed and instantly climb on top of him, knees pressed into the mattress at ether side of the Vassalius heirs legs. Oz's arms wrapped around Gil's neck once again, tilting his head and opening his mouth, an open invitation. Gil's tongue slid in instantly, running over his teeth, his tongue, rubbing the roof of Oz's mouth and earning pleased sound from the blonde teen, which elongated into a moan as Gil's hands ran all over his body; over his face, through his hair, down his shoulders, across his chest, sliding under his body to his back, down to rub his legs, his thighs...

Oh God... This was new.

This was too new.

Oz was suddenly struck with nerves; he felt panic bubble in his stomach. They were going too fast. They were definitely going to fast. He felt helpless. Useless (Defenseless?). They had to stop. Stop before something went wrong, before Oz did something wrong. He didn't know what was happening, he'd never done this before, he was bound to do something wrong.

Gil's right hand slid up under his shirt, causing the boy to gasp, the other stroking the small of Oz's back and making him arch, as if desperate for more contact between them. Gil's fingers danced over his stomach as he continued to kiss him, and Oz felt his racing mind turn to mush. Panic melted. He felt light-headed...

He had no control... His servant had him pinned down, voice silenced with his mouth, body squirming and responding only to the man's touch, silencing those words that wanted to come out between kisses by causing Oz to gasp and groan and moan to the new sensations he was experiencing. He had no control. None at all.

And he was shocked, very shocked, to find that...

He kind of liked it.

"Ah-!" he gasped as Gil's tongue slid down the centre of his chest - when had his shirt been unbuttoned? - his hands sliding into Gil's hair and gripping it tightly. "Gil... G-Aa-ahh!" Gil twisted his left nipple painfully, nipping Oz wherever his mouth landing, soothing the tiny injuries instantly with his tongue, while his gloved hand rubbed against Oz's inner thigh, brushing not so accidentally against that and causing Oz's body to jerk in response. No control...

Gil pulled his lips away from Oz's chest, where he had resisted (for now) the urge to bite down harshly on that loathsome mark on his masters flesh, and moved his face in front of Oz's. He wanted to see... Oz's eyes were closed, his face slightly damp with sweat, breathing heavily. It was a wonderful sight. But... Gil slowly lifted the hand pressed against the boys thigh and ran his index finger in one, slow, purposeful (torturous) stroke down the centre line of the boys shorts, against his throbbing member. The way Oz's mouth fell open, his eyes scrunched as if in pain, his head jerked back, a short, shocked cry of pleasure escaping his lips, his face flushing with pleasure and embarrassment...

It took all he had not to take the boy then and there.

"Gil..." Oz whined. He needed... Something. Down there. He needed... what? What?!
His body squirmed and his clutched Gil's hair tighter, pulling the mans face to his own, foreheads pressed painfully together, partially out of instinct, partly to prevent his servant from looking at him in this embarrassing situation. Gil would know what he needed. He always did. "Please... Gil..." he slid his body downward slightly, the hand the man had left between Oz's legs causing a sudden surge up Oz's spin and down to his toes on contact, made him gasp, knees clenching against Gil's sides, "Gil..." he sounded so desperate. It was humiliating. But he needed... Needed...

And Gil was more than willing to fulfill his master's desires. But first, those clothes needed to go. He captured Oz's lips again, the hand between Oz's legs darting away, earning a noise of protest from the teen, and instantly began unbuckling the boys boots with surprising speed (he had already kicked off his own shoes when he climbed on the bed), the other hand quickly unbuttoning his own shirt. Oz pulled his leg away quickly when Gil began to remove his boot, and did the same with the other. "Gil-!" he growled, frustrated, but the older man just silenced him with another kiss. Damn it. He growled again. What was Gil waiting for?! He needed-!

Oz left out a startled cry when Gil's gloved hand suddenly landed on the bulge in his shorts, hands releasing the mans hair, the jolt up his body from the contact causing his head to jerk back. Oh God...

"You're so impatient... Master..." Gil's voice sounded... amused?

Was Gil-!?

He gasped when the mans hand began to move in slow, circular motions, his body squirming and his lungs gasping and it was just so-! "Gil..." he moaned, unable to contain it. It felt so good...

Gil chuckled, and Oz felt a sudden rush of anger at the sound, embarrassed (it was supposed to be the other way around!), but then Gil tightened his grip, squeezed, and Oz's mind blanked and he just managed to suppress another soft cry of pleasure. No control... So good... So good...

"He's so sensitive..." Gil thought as he watched Oz's head roll from side to side and his face constrict in response to Gil's hand adding more pressure, which only served to turn him on more. That meant, however, the Gil couldn't do all the things he wanted to... Oz's body wouldn't last, not when it was this sensitive to every touch.
He couldn't let Oz go over the limit just yet. He lifted his hand from Oz's erection and slid it, once again, around his master's waist. Teasing. "What do you want..." he whispered huskily in the boys ear, "Master..."

Oz blushed furiously at the tone in Gil's voice - calling him 'Master' in that voice, at a time like this, it sounded so-! - and gasped for breath. What did he want?! He wanted Gil to go back to what he was just doing! Digging his heels into the matress he tried to raise his hips up to Gil's body, to feel that pressure again, but they were just out of reach, so he quickly raised his legs and wrapped them around his servants waist instead, hands reaching up to grab Gil's shirt, surprised when his they met bare flesh (he hadn't noticed Gil undoing his shirt), and so he wrapped his arms around Gil's neck. "Just-!" he started, moaning when his arousal bumped against Gil's, earning a groan from the taller man. He tightened his grip around his servant and felt his entire body shudder at the intimate contact. "Just..." he breathed, and felt Gil's body lower, pressing against him, making him toss his head back and whine. "Hn!"

"Master..." Gil growled, holding Oz's body close and lowering himself to the bed so that they were side by side, and quickly got to work removing Oz's jacket and shirt, forcing the blonde to release his hold around Gil's waist. The Vassalius heir gasped as the swiftness with which he acted - he didn't want to know if there was a reason Gil was so quick are removing clothes - but didn't resist. He wrapped his arms around Gil's torso as the man removed his own shirt, pressing his lips against the scar that ran across his chest. He almost muttered an apologue for the mark - at a time like this?! - but Gil's hands were already trailing down his back to the waistband of his shorts. He moved away from the invasive touch instinctively, pressing his body against Gil's.

And suddenly realized Gil had already managed to dispose of all his own clothes without Oz noticing.

Damn, he was fast.


"It's ok..." Gil said, one hand sliding around the hem of Oz's shorts to flick open the button at the front. Oz's body twitched at the motion, his face flushing. Gil was surprised; he had never thought his master would be shy about anything. Although... It was his first time... It shouldn't be surprising.
But Gil couldn't move slowly; if given the time Oz might over think everything and start to panic. Sliding his body down Gil kissed his master deeply, the hand at the front of Oz's shorts 'accidentally' brushing ever-so-gently over the boys length. A muffled moan from the teen, an uncertain whimper as Gil's hands gripped his shorts and underwear and pulled them both down at once, removed them, cast them aside, placed a hand on Oz's shoulder and forced him onto his back again as the dark-haired man climbed over him. Slowly, Gil broke their kiss, and pulled back, hands placed at either side of Oz's head, holding him up, and stared down at the object of his affections with warm eyes.

Oz's body was shaking, his mind a blur.
Gil... Gil was hovering over him, naked, with that look in his eyes and that smile on his face...
And Oz was naked beneath him. And if this kept going, then he was going to make Oz cry out, hear those sounds, feel those squirms and jerks and see those humiliating, pleasure-driven expressions he knew he would pull (had already pulled) and-!
He moved his hands to his face. This was so embarrassing! It made his eyes hurt! Like... like he was going to cry or something! Not that he would cry. He didn't cry. It just.. It felt... It was just embarrassing that Gil was going to see him... Like that... And he couldn't stop it... And he was supposed to be the master... And...

"Don't be embarrassed..." Gil whispered, but Oz just shook his head, his hands still covering his face. Gently, Gil raised his still-gloved hand to rest on Oz's bare ones, tugging lightly. "Oz... Look at me..." he did, though reluctantly, and only lowered his hands enough to reveal his eyes. They were shining.
Gil remembered a very similar scene when they had been young, and Gil had become especially nervous about their relationship. He must have looked just as Oz did right now when the Vassalius had attempted to comfort him. He smiled at the irony of the situation.
"There's no need to be embarrassed Oz... Not around me," he whispered, leaning down and kissing his masters forehead softly. Oz's hands moved away from his face, and he kissed the boy, deepened it, continued to kiss him until he felt the tension in the blondes muscles relax, until he could press his body against Oz's and he didn't flinch away, until he felt Oz's arms wrap around his neck and return his gesture with equal energy.

Suddenly, hands were roaming. Oz's, Gil's, master and servant trying to take in everything about the other, skin rubbing against skin, moans and gasps the response of both. Lips, teeth, fingers and nails, all exploring, injuring, soothing, exploring more. Gil's rough right hand, his smooth, gloved left, they stirred different pleasures in the blonde as they ran over his skin, stroking, pinching, twisting. Gil's fingers travelled to Oz's face, into his mouth, and the teen grabbed his wrist and sucked on the appendages obediently. His servant moaned as he slid his tongue between each finger, teasing each pad with a flick of the wet muscle, sucking softly, trying not to smile. Gil quickly pulled his hand out of Oz's grip and crashed his lips against his masters, who let out a long groan as the man forced his knee between Oz's legs and pressed his gloved down gently on his hardened member. God, it hurt now! He needed something to-!

Gil's fingers brushed over his entrance, and Oz's gasped, breaking the kiss.



So that's why... With the fingers...

Oz turned crimson; the sneaky little-!

"Gil..." a mere whisper; why his annoyance never showed when he wanted it to he never knew... Gil's eyes were suddenly serious, staring at him. Questioning. Asking him if it was ok to continue.

Oz didn't protest. Didn't move away.
That was his answer.

Because even if he wanted it, he didn't think he could say it out loud.

But Gil understood. He smiled down at his master, both still gasping from their little 'warm-up'. This was it.
When he was young, Oz had always been the one to take control, to make him feel good. Amazing, even. A pathetic, useless servant like him, pleasured by someone as wonderful and beautiful and incredible as his beloved master...
Well, now he was going to return the favor.

"This will hurt..." he whispered, hand running over the curve of Oz's rear, causing the blonde to avert his gaze and try to hide his face again, but Gil's other hand prevented that by moving up to rest on the side of his face. He smiled warmly, trying to reassure, "But it will get better, I promise."

The uncertainty in Oz's eyes wavered for a moment, then disappeared, and he nodded. Gil gave the boy a quick peck on the lips, then pressed his left hand against the mattress beside Oz's head, his right pausing at Oz's entrance once again. He looked to Oz, saw the boy nod weakly, nervously, and pushed his finger in before he could change his mind.

Oz let out a strangled cry at the intrusion, and Gil clenched his left fist at the sight of Oz's pained expression. "It will get better..." he said, as much to reassure Oz as himself. He hated seeing Oz in pain.

The Vassalius heir gasped in response. This was... weird. It felt weird. And uncomfortable. His body squirmed as Gil pushed his finger further inside, and he shut his eyes tight, trying not to moan, whining instead, as Gil's finger moved inside him. He couldn't believe how he was acting, and Gil was looking, and this was so embarrassing...

Another finger soon joined the first, and Oz couldn't suppress the moan that escaped his lips. So weird... but somehow good... In.. Out.. his body writhed and burned and he couldn't get enough air. Another finger and Oz smothered a cry, in some pain this time, clutching at the sheets beneath him.
"It's ok..." he heard Gil whisper, felt his breath hot against his ear, but didn't dare open his mouth. He just nodded, feeling Gil's lips against his neck, his gloved hand running over his hip, his fingers.. Oh God his fingers... They pushed in, pulled out.. Pushed in -"Gil!"- and scissored. This was... this was...

"Oz..." Gil's voice was quiet, his breathe hot on Oz's ear, "Do you want me to stop?" Oz shook his head, eyes still clenched shut. "If you want to stop..."

"I'll say so!" Oz gasped, his voice desperate, "Just go! Please Gil..." he almost whined the last bit. He really couldn't handle this teasing, this torture anymore, he needed Gil in him now! The dark-haired man understood his command, as always, and withdrew his fingers. Oz's body shuddered, but with some effort he managed to stay silent. He felt Gil shift his position, felt the warmth of his body against his own - they were both so hot... - Gil's breath on his face, felt the mans length press against his entrance and whined when he paused there, "Gil!"

His servant didn't need any further orders.

Oz cried out as Gil pushed inside him, hands flying to his face to hide his pain, his humiliation. That had really hurt! And Gil was looking!

"I'm sorry," Gil's voice was still calm; how?! "It will get better."

"Yeah," was all Oz could say, because the quiver in his voice would be apparent with anymore. Gil's hand moved to Oz's once again, and the blonde quickly realized what he was doing, and reluctantly slid his hands into his hair instead. "Go..." he breathed, clenching his golden locks in preparation. He felt Gil pull out of him slowly and he whimpered, then push back in just as carefully. Oh God this hurt!

But it would get better... Gil promised.

Gil moved slowly, pulled out, then pressed back in, trying to get Oz's body used to him, and the teen tugged hard on his own hair, trying to distract himself from the pain. He'd known it was going to hurt but-!

He was panting. Sweating. Crying out despite himself.

"Ngh! Gil!"

Gil's movements were quickly becoming less careful. He growled, trying to restrain himself. God Oz was so tight and it felt so damn good he didn't think he could hold back much longer!



Oz groaned...

In further...

He yelled...

Out slower...

So painful...


But... good...


Oz moaned loudly, and the man's labored breath hitched, staring at the boys constricted, flushing face, his quivering, sweating body, his legs clenched against Gil's sides, and was overcome with lust.

"Nh! Ah!" Oz cried out as Gil pushed quickly back into him, hands flying to the bed sheets again, back arching, fists grasping for something, anything, gripping linen. He felt the man growl, pound into him harder, deeper, he cried out again.

It hurt...

It hurt!

And then-!

Oz threw his head back and cried out again, his body suddenly on fire, and Gil's member struck his prostate, sending a sudden surge of incredible pleasure rushing through his entire body. "Gil-!" he gasped, eyes wide, clenching the material in his hands so hard he thought he would tear through it. He couldn't find his voice, but in his attempt he let out a loud, open-mouthed moan. God that felt amazing.../i

Gil felt his entire body quiver at the sound of his masters voice, fresh liquid fire rushing to his lower regions, driving him further. "Oz..." he growled, grunted as he pushed into the boy again, earning a pleased groan.

"Gil... Mmm Gil!" Oz gasped as the man rocked against him, his own body moving in response to the mans thrusts. "So.. Good..." he gasped, adrenaline pumping, sweat forming all over, he was so hot and it felt so amazing!

"Oz... Oz..." Gil panted his name, over and over and over again. He could hardly believe this was real. Something so wonderful, so pleasurable, so exciting, so amazing, it couldn't be real. His master... His precious master... He was really... His body wriggled beneath Gil, jerked and moved against him, took him. And his voice, so raw and loud and filled with pleasure, was the most wonderful sound Gil had ever heard. His master was happy, and he was making him happy.
It was too amazing.

Oz was barely aware of Gil's hands forcing his own to release the bed sheets until they were pinned above his head. He tried to speak, but he was panting too hard. Tried to touch the man above him, but his hands were trapped beneath Gil's right, and Gil thrust into him again, and he moaned long and loud.

And Gil's free hand stroked his member, and he was yelling and moaning and whimpering and gasping for breath.

And Gil pound into him harder, faster, deeper.

"Gil.. Gil... Gil..."

"Oooh!" he arched, arms trying to pull free. Couldn't. "G-!" he gasped, and twisted. He couldn't think, couldn't move, couldn't breath. So good, so amazing, so wonderful! He'd never thought he could feel this... amazing. "Gil.. Gi-aah!"

"Oz!" Gil panted, still thrusting into the boy. So good.. So tight... He was reaching his limit, and so was Oz. The boys panting dissolved into loud, pleasurable gasps as he approached his climax, Gil struggling to restrain his own, urged on by the boys cries and constant muttering of his name, "Gil... Nh! Gil! Oh Gil!"

Gil couldn't hold back; with one final thrust, one final call of his masters name, he orgasmed, came inside Oz, who cried out at the same moment and released himself on Gil's stomach. Gasping, the dark-haired man allowed his quivering arms to give way beneath him, preventing himself from crushing the boy beneath him by maintaining some support from his forearms. Oz did not pull his now free arms down, he just lay there, arms over his head, trying to catch his breath, shuddering slightly when Gil pulled out of him and rolled over so that they were lying side by side, though with the smallest of space between them.

After a few minutes, when Oz was no longer breathing quite so desperately and his body was starting to relax, he noticed the slight distance. He didn't like it. And he felt cold. With some effort, he rolled over onto his side and allowed one of his arms to fall across Gil's bare chest, shuffling closer. They were both still breathing quite heavily, but Gil brought one, tired arm up to wrap around Oz's back and pull him closer, the other pulling the rumpled blanket out from under his form and pulling it over them messily. Seems he was cold too.

A few more minutes passed, and once he had managed to catch his breath, Oz looked up from when his head was rested on his servants chest and whispered, "Gil..."

He stirred slightly, but didn't open his eyes. "Mm?"

He sounded as tired as Oz felt. Shuffling slightly, Oz pulled his body up so that his face hovered near his friends, and only had to wait a few seconds for the man to open his eyes and look at him quizzically. "That was amazing..." he said, accompanied by an uncharacteristically shy smile. Gil smiled in response, bringing his bare hand up to brush over his masters pale cheek, "You were amazing..."

Beaming, Oz leaned down and pressed his nose lightly against Gil's, his half-lidded, emerald eyes gazing lovingly into his servants golden ones. The simple gesture caused Gil to chuckle lightly, and Oz followed suit. The blonde rubbed his nose against Gil's for a moment, then tilted his head and kissed the dark-haired servant lightly on the lips. "Gil... I love you..." he whispered, a soft blush rising on his cheeks, but his gentle smile never wavered.

Gil felt his heart swell with joy and his smile widened, bringing his hands up to hold his masters face and lifted his head, pressing his lips softly against his masters. He felt Oz sigh pleasantly, warm breath rushing over Gil's face, and his heart fluttered at the simple sound. The simple, beautiful sound of his masters breathe, telling him he was here, he was alive, he was real... Oz... Oz... My Oz...

"I love you too... Oz..."

Oz fell asleep shortly afterwards, curled into his servant, head rested on his chest and wrapped in his arms. Gil silently stroked the boys beautiful golden hair, resisting the urge to hum, to laugh, to take the sleeping boy in his arms and hug him and kiss him and thank him and thank him and thank him... For fulfilling his greatest wish. For letting him love him. For loving him back.



I will love you forever...

My Master...

My Reason...

My Love...


The End


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