Ru pov

Hey, I'm going to school." I said to them. But before I walked out the door I turned to them. "And for the love of god, don't touche the bottles in the fridge." I wave to them and ran out the door.

Normal pov

" Don't touched the bottles in the fridge." Was the last thing she Ru said to them. 3 and 4 ran to the fridge to see what she meant. When they opened the door the whole thing was filled with bottles. The others came to see to.

"Why did she want us not to touche these?" 5 asked. " I don't know?" 9 hesitantly reach for one to touched it. " It doesn't do anything."

8 dragged one out of the fridge and 2 climbed on it. " It has a cap on it."

3 and 4 tugged on 7 to get her attention. When she looked they mimed that were drinking something.

" Maybe were suppose to drink it?" Everyone looked at each h other than at the bottle. 8 and 7 ran to a cover and looked for a good bowl, 1,2,3,4,6, and 9 ran to a closest and found a handful of thimbles. But 5 on was panicking, " Ru said not to touche the bottles!" He whined to the others. " Were not touching, just drinking." 8 said while he and 7 came pushing a bowl towards the bottle.

8 and 9 tipped the bottle and 2 and 6 pulled the cap off. They poured the liquid in the bowl till nothing is left.

Than, they all stand there, staring at the bowl in silence. "So…..who's going to try it first?" 7 said to break the silence e. 8 grumbled something and graved a thimble. He dunked it in, and slowly brought it closer to his face. And took one small gulp. He paused " Not bad." He said while nodding. Now everyone graved a thimble , even 5, and dunk it in to try to.

Ru pov

" Damn, mini dog eating my flowers," I hissed under my breath " I should pee all over him." I reached my door. I pull out my keys and unlock my door. As I was about to open it I heard someone yelling gibberish, some loud music , than a huge c rash. " I should walk away, right now." But I hesitantly reached for the door knob. When I opened the door my jaw dropped and I lost grip on what ever I was holding…..


Hi, when I was reading Misha's story I had this perfect image in my head on the drunk scene so I wrote it. But I changed it up a bit. This time they found BUD LIGHT.

This and my other are my first so sorry if it sucks.