Jealousy, part 2

Little Henry must inherit Donwell!

Jane Fairfax? How could he admire her? He himself agreed! He loves an open temper, not her reserve.

And yet...

He loves her playing – always reminding me I could equal her if I applied myself. She does play – and sing – infuriatingly well – but why so often comment on it?

Why shouldn't he provide his carriage for her to attend a party? Merely a kind thought – one I should have had myself? Not mentioning it to me, clearly only modesty.

So why does my stomach drop when Mrs. Weston suggests it?

Author's Note: A two-for-one this week, to make up for my sporadicism (yes, it's word. Now.) Astute readers may notice I adapted/stole a line from Andrew Davies' script – see if you can guess which one. Funny story: I was trying to get the word count to the proper drabble length of 100 words – and suddenly discovered that I was trying to include the author's note in that count. No wonder I couldn't get rid of enough! Hope you enjoy!