I Do Who?

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What the fuck? Where the hell was I? Why did it feel like there was a marching band playing inside my head and why can't I breathe. I glanced down and saw a large arm across my chest. I started to panic. This was not Ranger's arm.

I sat up slowly and looked around trying to not wake the owner of the arm. What the hell happened last night? I scooted up and realized the arm was attached to Lester and not only was he in the bed with me but Bobby was there as well. Taking an inventory of the room I found Binkie lying across the foot of the bed. Ram and Zip were asleep on the floor.

I tried to think back to yesterday. I remembered Ranger calling asking me to do a distraction in Vegas. He picked me up and as we boarded the plane his cell rang. A high dollar account was broken into and he had to go. He kissed me senseless before telling us to head on to Vegas and that he would catch up with us tomorrow.

The guys wanted to show me the town once we arrived in Vegas. I remember Lester daring me to do a body shot. After that everything was fuzzy.

So here I was sitting on a king sized bed, surrounded by Merry Men in various states of undress. I let my eyes wander over the fine specimens of eye candy; before turning my attention back to myself. I raised the sheet off my body and was pleased to find that I was dressed in Rangers tee shirt and my boy shorts I packed for the trip.

I glanced over to my right at Bobby and was relieved to see him in his boxers. Then I looked towards Lester on my left and everything went to shit all at once. I got a brief glimpse of Lester's very fine sculpted abs just as I caught the glisten of diamonds on my left hand.

Before I could process this information the bedroom door crashed open as Ranger stepped in and roared. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?"

Binkie fell off the bed. Ram and Zip bashed their heads together trying to jump up off the floor. Bobby reached for what I assume he thought was his gun but found my breast instead. I slapped at his hands as he moaned, "My gun, I'm looking for my gun."

"Well that ain't it." I yelled.

"BROWN!" Ranger fumed.

Bobby flopped back on the bed muttering, "I'm going throw up."

Lester sat straight up knocking the sheet off revealing his impressive package to everyone. He looked down at himself then at Ranger.

"Oh Shit," he croaked. Before he bent over and puked all over the floor.

I glanced at Ranger and could see the fury radiating off his body. He took two steps towards me. I squeaked and covered my head with my hands. This motion must have brought the rings on my left hand to Ranger's attention.

He stalked over to me and grabbed my left hand before he shouted. "I have no idea what in the hell happened last night; but I want to know who I get to murder!"

"Well, we went skinny dipping and we did things that scared the fish." Lester smirked.

"What in the hell are you talking about?" I asked.

"Oh Beautiful. Don't you remember?"

"I would never go skinny dipping!" I shrieked.

Lester raised an eyebrow, "Oh, but you did."

Lester had wrapped the sheet around his waist and laid back on the bed closing his eyes.

"Lester, you can't go to sleep. Explain!" I whined.

"Well … what do you remember?"

"I remember the bar and the body shots." I squeaked.

"BODY SHOTS!" Ranger barked.

"Don't yell. I've got a headache." Binkie muttered as he crawled back on the bed. Ram and Zip groaned in agreement.

"The skinny dipping came after the bar. We went down stairs to the pool. You kept saying you were hot so someone suggested taking off your suit. I think it was Ram."

"Bullshit Santos, you said it right before you helped her out of the suit. You're just trying to save your ass."

"Saving his ass isn't an option." Ranger said as he reached for Lester.

"Fuck me!" Lester said, as he shoved me at Ranger in an attempt to scramble off the bed

Ranger set me aside as he caught Lester by his throat and shook him growling at him, "You know what comes after pain … oblivion." Ranger then threw Lester against the wall.