Cammies POV

I couldn't help but smile as I walked down to the dining room even though I was being hunted by an ancient clan that was determent to avenge the death of their founder by capturing and/or killing me at that moment all my troubles seemed far away.

London with Bex, Macey and Liz had been amazing, and she felt safe here surround by the thousands of spies-to-be and most importantly by her 3 best friends they sat down to a delicious meal of Belgian waffles and bacon. "I never can get over how hot he is" Macey said dreamily we all looked even though we all knew who she was referring to, Joe Solomon just might be the hottest male to ever walk the halls of Galligher Academy "mhmm" I agreed through a mouthful of waffle I let my thoughts wander on that topic, exactly how old is Joe Solomon Were did he live, did he have a girlfriend and although I was pretty sure the answer to the last one was no other than that we knew exactly nothing about him. Bex seemed to read my thoughts. "It funny we see him every day let him jet us off to crazy situations and not to mention so our hair for him every morning and yet we know exactly nothing about him"

Macey dropped her fork Liz grinned in anticipation of the challenge that was to come finally I regained the ability to speak "this is a bad idea you guys"

Bex grinned even wider "It will be a challenge much harder than josh" my stomach squirmed at the mention of my ex-boyfriend then realization hit me "what… I… No… you have it wrong…" I sputtered they couldn't be serious, Mr. Solomon he was a teacher … a really, really hot teacher but a teacher none the less

"We have what wrong" Macey said the picture of innocence

Lessons that day dragged on not that I was at all looking forward to the project Bex had dubbed PMS (project Mr. Solomon and yes I understand the irony) but I was nervous and that was why on my was out of the sublevel 2 classroom I ran headlong into the subject of PMS himself "Oh Cammie I apologize (did I imagine his hand on my hip , no it was defiantly there) I didn't even see you " and before I could find the words to answers he was gone I sighed . I could defiantly have a crush on him, or maybe I already did.

"so his hand was on your hip" Macey asked for the ,millionth time that night, Liz was sitting at her computer Compiling information on Joe Solomon from every intelligence database in the world. But hacking Government databases took time and unfortunately for Cammie she had let slip about her little run in with Mr. Solomon and Macey was trying to decipher the meaning behind it " We have established that he put his hand around her waist the question is Why did he do it .