I was walking Sarah from her car to my apartment, still shared with Ellie and Awesome. The night air was crisp for California, but feeling Sarah next to me sent shocks to all of my nerves, warming me without needing my Buy More jacket. I could see Casey peering out of his apartment window for surveillance; no chance of a sneak kiss. I sat down on the edge of the fountain, and Sarah sat down close.

"How long should we stay out here for?" she asked, secretly taking my hand to avoid Casey's eyes.

"Not long. I have work tomorrow, remember?" I stared out in front of me.

"Right. You now work the morning shift. In that case, I'll be going now. Night."

"Do I have to give you a kiss?"

"A quick one. So that it looks like a cover." She gave me a peck on the lips and left. I watched her go and entered the apartment. I knew Ellie would be there to hound me with questions I did not want to answer.

"How was it? What did you have for dinner? Can she come for dinner on Tuesday? Did you even ask her?"

"Ellie, let the man breathe. He just walked in the door."

"It was fine. We had Mexican, and I didn't ask her. I'll ask her tomorrow." I answered sitting on the couch to wait for her next series of questions.

"That's great, Chuck. I'm really glad you found someone so stable."

"I have to go to bed now. I'll see you in the morning." I stood back up, knowing she wouldn't ask nearly as many questions in front of Awesome; he didn't like to hear too many family questions and inside jokes. She was bound to stumble across one.

I brushed my teeth while staring glumly at the mirror: Tomorrow was another boring day filled with non-functional computers and installs that were really spy missions I was going to go on with Sarah and Casey after getting the mission from the General in the frigid Orange Orange.

Sweet slumber came and went for me. I found a familiar, bearded face before me and sat up. I wiped my eyes before accepting the cup of coffee thrusted at me.

"Good morning, Chuck," Morgan greeted. "The Morgan door was open, so I climbed through, made coffee, and brought you some."

"Did you find Ellie?"

"Should I have?"

"It would have been nice if you had. Ellie would have kicked you out. She thought she changed the locks, but I changed them back in case you really needed something. Now, unless you really need something, you better leave."

"Late night with you lady? I know what that's like. Long nights at Anna's apartment are fun then, but, let me tell you, work the next day is hell. You do not want to have to deal with that."

"Yeah. I have a splitting headache that won't disappear. You're not helping, either. Get out or I will change the locks back. Got it?" It was harsh, but I hated it when Morgan came in unannounced and then began complaining about how his own life and how much my life is like his. I couldn't see how our lives were the same, and I could list at least ten reasons why before having morning coffee.

"What happened between you and your lady last night, Chuck? I'm your best friend, so go ahead and tell me why you have a splitting headache this morning."

Could I tell him that I had flashed no less than five times the night before, had three glasses of vodka as cover, and was so close to Sarah last night that my head could barely stay conscious? I don't think I can for the first one, but perhaps the other two. "There's no problem between me and Sarah. Well, Ellie and Awesome want us to get married, and we aren't ready, but we both think it's headed that way someday."

"Good man. I always thought you two would get married someday. I'm thinking about popping the question to Anna sometime soon."

"Why don't you go think about that yourself? On your own time. Away from my room."

"I get your hint. I need a ride to work today, though. Someone stole my bike and Anna is angry at me. I had to wake up at four to get ready and get over here. And now you're saying that I have to walk all the way to work and be late?"

"Sorry, Morgan. What happened to the DeLorean? I thought it was repaired."

"It's dead again. Besides, it would take me an hour to get to work in that car. I love it, man, but I really need a better way to get to work on time."

"What don't you understand about 'leave me alone'?" I crumpled back onto my bed and put my head in my pillow.

"Please, Chuck."

"I don't know if there's going to be room in the Herder. Remember, I have to take Casey. Just because he lives next door."

"I'm small. I can fit in the back of the Herder."

"Not even an infant can fit in there, but you're welcome to come with. I just have to tell Casey. Wait here. And I mean wait here."

"Right, buddy. I'll be right here when you get back and everytime in between."

Shortly after I left, I peered in my window to find Morgan gone. I shook my head and got dragged into Casey's apartment.

"Your buddy can come with us just once. Make sure he knows that."

"Right. You bugged my room." I sighed with exasperation, but immediately stopped when I found General Beckman on the screen we used to use for our base.

"Mr. Bartowski, when you are finished with your emotions, we can continue with our meeting."

"What's wrong, General?" I sat down in the lazy chair before Casey could, but soon stood back up as Casey approached. I flinched, and he snorted in his usual way.

"Agent Walker did not check into the Orange Orange today at all. That concerns me. Do you know where she might be? You were the last person to see her other than her captor."

"I have no idea, General. I did flash last night, though. It might be one of them. Maybe the leader."

"That's what our top analysts thought, too, Sherlock. You are to help us find Agent Walker. You have twelve hours before a report is due. If not, I'm posting a notice for the NSA and the CIA. I will also send down another agent to help you in your search and that agent will be the CIA agent on the case if she is found dead or not found in forty-eight hours. Understand?"

"Understood." I finally got the hang of military dialect a few days ago when Sarah had tried to tell me.

"She will be arriving in 05:00 hours after the twelve hours are up. You are to keep searching until then. But stay at your cover job."

"Understood, General." She signed off, and I walked back out of Casey's apartment door. He followed me.

"You can't let your feelings get in the way of this one, Bartowski. You're going to have to rely on your talents. It must be so hard for you." He began checking his gun.

"Thanks, Casey. That's really uplifting. Morgan." I waited for Morgan to climb out of my window before walking solemnly to the Herder. I let Morgan climb into the back before slipping into the driver's seat, missing Sarah behind me. Morgan was good, but not as good as Sarah.

I hardly saw the road ahead. I avoiding traffic like usual, but I hardly saw the traffic. I was panicking because I had to find Sarah in forty-eight hours or she would be replaced and possibly dead. No, I couldn't think like that. Sarah would be found. She had to be. Life without Sarah would be dangerous; that Alex character from last spring would have killed me if Sarah hadn't tried to get the lock open. I would have been ashes, just by looking at the amount of C4 and the fatal chemical I was inhaling. The fact that she was willing to save my life in exchange for hers was one of the things I loved dearly about her. The memory of the second first date would fade as I tried harder and harder to remember it; it was like dreams-they fade the more you try to remember it. When I first met her, I thought she was an angel, an angel to lift me away from Jill. Two years later, she succeeded. Seeing her protect me from Fulcrum and Casey seemed more than her job; it seemed her instinct as my girlfriend, cover or not. I couldn't throw all of that away and move on with my life with a girl with deadly accuracy and a heart of iron. Sarah would rather kill herself than kill me. It could have been the fact that I was a valuable asset, but she had said at least twenty times that she loved me more than Bryce. She wanted to stay with me, but I was too pigheaded to not, so I had to go and put the Intersect in my head and include all of these kung-fu moves that my father thought was prudent to put in the new one. The Intersect wasn't meant for a human brain, but then again, our human brains are hardly used today. This brought me back to Sarah: protector of the Intersect, lover of two men, CIA agent, and my future wife (when all of this is over). She chose me, and it made me feel sorry for Bryce. Call me a broken record, but she's amazing, and all mine. This entire thought brought me to the Buy More, reminding me all of the times I had spent with her there.

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