Seven Ancient Wonders/Six Sacred Stones

Hey everyone and welcome to a SAW/Six Sacred Stones story! This is set after SAW but has some aspects of SSS. It is a Jack/Zoe romance story and I hope you enjoy it. I hope the title explains it all.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Chapter 1- parent teacher interviews

Jack West Jr. Stepped in to Lily's school. He was wearing jeans, boots and a jacket to cover his artificial arm and gloves to conceal the metal hand. Lily (his non-biological daughter but a girl he cared deeply about and saw her as his daughter) school was having parent teacher interviews that required all parents to attend the interviews to see the progress of their children. Of course the school had called and asked to see Lily's mother also. Jack could only think of one person who was suited to be Lily's mother and had acted like one since she met her. Jack looked around, trying to spot young Lily when he heard her voice. He turned and saw her running towards him, her long black hair flying behind her. Jack smiled and picked her up as she ran into his arms.

"Daddy!" Lily cried and hugged him tightly.

"Hey Kiddo. I've missed you," Jack sat, kissing her head and placing her back on the ground.

"I've missed you too, daddy," Lily said, grinning brightly.

"I hope you haven't been getting into too much trouble," Jack said, smirking slightly. Lily grinned widely.

"Only when people deserve it," Lily said angelically and Jack could help but chuckle.

"Where's Zoe?" Lily asked, bouncing slightly in excitement.

"Right here," Zoe said, walking towards them. Lily and Jack both faced the young Irish beauty. He blonde hair was slightly longer and she still looked a beautiful as ever. She was wearing dark jeans, flat shoes, a t-shirt with a jacket open. Lily grinned widely and ran to her, hugging her tightly.

Zoe laughed and hugged Lily bag. She headed to Jack and kissed his cheek. Jack kissed her cheek back and they stood apart.

"It's good to see you, Zoe," Jack said, smiling. Zoe smiled back."It been to long. I've missed you both," Zoe said, ruffling Lily's hair. Lily laughed.

"Thanks for coming. They insisted on seeing Lily's mother," Jack said. Zoe smiled softly.

"My pleasure. Besides, I want to see how our Lily is going," Zoe said.

Lily smiled. She loved it our they called her 'our Lily' and she always wanted Jack and Zoe to get married or even get together so that Zoe would legally be her mother. She loved Zoe and saw her as her mother.

"So, who are we seeing first?" Zoe asked, facing Jack.

"Her language teacher first," Jack said, looking down at the little piece of paper that had the times and names of teachers.

"Sounds like fun," Zoe said and Lily rolled her eyes.

"It seems Ireland has changed your sense of fun," Lily said and Zoe laughed loudly and Jack chuckled. Zoe wrapped an arm around Lily and they headed towards where he language teacher was seated.

"Hey look there's Alby. Can I go talk to him?" Lily asked, looking up to Zoe and Jack.

"OK, but be good," Zoe said.

"We'll get you when it's time to leave," Jack said. Lily grinned, reached up to kiss both of them and weaved through the parents to Alby. Zoe moved closer to Jack and they headed to the language teacher.

They stood in front her table and the teacher looked up. She was an older lady with her brown hair that reached her shoulders. She was wearing a blouse and skirt and looked very formal.

"Hello, I'm Mrs. Brady, the language teacher," she said, standing up.

"I'm Jack West and this is Zoe Kissane. We are Lily's parents," Jack said, shaking the woman's hand.

"Excellent. Please take a seat," Mrs. Brady said and Jack and Zoe sat down in the two chairs.

"Let me begin by saying that Lily he a very gifted student. She is very knowledgeable in all languages and receiving very high grades in every test that she does," Mrs. Brady explained, handing some of her test results to Jack who was smirking.

"I'm also disappointed in Lily. She is correcting her language teachers in front of the class," Mrs. Brady continued. Zoe glanced to Jack.

"She is very gifted and seems to understand more than the teacher does," Jack said, shrugging slightly. Mrs. Brady mouth turned into a thin line.

"Lily also started languages at a very young age and was taught by the best," Zoe added.

"That is beside the point. She is setting a bad example for the rest of the students," Mrs. Brady said. "This also teaches then to respect their elders and that it not all about being a know it al."

"We understand that," Jack replied quickly.

"We'll talk to her," Zoe said.

"I hope you will," Mrs. Brady said. Zoe smiled a tight smile.

"That is all. I want Lily to continue her good grades and work on her...manners," Mrs. Brady said. Jack and Zoey nodded and stood up at the same time. They pushed their chairs in and hurried away from Mrs. Brady and allowed other parents to occupy her.

"No wonder Lily corrects her in front of the class," Zoe said softly so only Jack could here. They spotted Lily talking to a young boy who was wearing classes. They headed to Lily and Alby. Lily looked up at the two of them and smiled.

"How did I go?" Lily asked, grinning.

"Your grades are wonderful," Zoe said.

"Apparently your attitude is not," Jack said. The smile faltered on Lily's face.

"Your teacher does not appreciate you correcting her in class," Zoe said, folding her arms.

"But it's not my fault that she is not teaching the class right and I just point it out to her," Lily cried, looking upset.

"I know, kiddo. You just have to refrain yourself from correcting her in front of the class. Or just correcting her at all unless it is an obvious mistake that the whole class can see," Jack said. Lily sighed and nodded.

"Good girl," Zoe said. She turned to Jack. "Who's next?"

"Math teacher," Jack said.

"I always hated math," Zoe remarked and Jack smiled. He was attracted to Zoe, ever since she joined the mission to recover the capstone and save the world. Lily was very attached to Zoe and they had grown closer since her visits to Australia. He missed her greatly when she was back in Ireland. She was beautiful, a true Irish beauty and a great friend. She was extremely loyal and he was in love with her. But he was not sure how Zoe felt and did not want to destroy the relationship she had with him and Lily.

Jack and Zoe left Lily with Alby and headed over to the math teacher. He was a balding man with a pot belly and was wearing a sweater vest. He smiled at the two of them as the approached and stood up.

"I'm Mr. Gordon the math teacher. You must be Lily's parents," Mr. Gordon said, shaking hands with them both.

"Yes. I'm Zoe and this is Jack," Zoe introduced themselves and Mr. Gordon gestured at them to take a seat.

"Lets see. Ahh of course. Here we are. I have here some results of Lily's test and may I say that she is an excellent student and extremely bright," Mr. Gordon said. "She is not the highest in the class but i ranking very high among her peers,"

"That's good news," Zoe said, smiling at Jack.

"Yes she is passing her tests with high results and is a very bright girl. She is excellent in class and very attentive. I have no problems with her," Mr. Gordon said. "What I do suggest that is perhaps over the holidays she should practice some math questions too keep her knowledge up to date."

"Of course," Jack said.

"Then there is nothing else to really discuss," Mr. Gordon said. Zoe and Jack stood up, shook hands with him one more time and walked away.

"You know for a math teacher he's pretty nice," Zoe whispered to Jack who chuckled.

They found Lily and Alby once again and told Lily how she was doing in math. Zoe sat down to her and Lily introduced her to Alby.

"Is that all?" Zoe asked, looking up to Jack with an innocent expression. Jack chuckled and stuck out his hand.

"Not quite," Jack said and Zoe frowned. She took his hand and he pulled her up.

"We still have to see her gym teacher, English, geography and guidance counselor," Jack said. Zoe groaned.

"I take it back. This is not fun," Zoe said and Lily giggled. Zoe stuck her tongue out and Jack gently tugged her away.

"How about we split up. You take English and I'll take geography," Jack said. Zoe nodded and they separated.

Hey every one! I hope you enjoyed this chapter so far and I look forward to hearing what you guys thought!!!