I stopped reading my book and looked over to the piano when I heard its soft music. Edward was sitting at the piano, his pale fingers drifting across the keys. His eyes were closed, and he was smiling slightly. His soft music melted into my lullaby, one that had not put me to sleep in a long time. I sighed happily and returned to my book- my old collection of Jane Austen classics. At once, the music stopped, and I felt Edward's smooth arms wrap around me.

"Is my music not interesting enough?" he teased in a purr. I rolled my eyes and kissed him.

"I wasn't under the impression that you were playing for me," I told him, setting my book on the fireplace behind me. He was abruptly serious.

"I always play for you." His golden eyes were suddenly full of a deeply sorrowful beauty. I reached up and touched his cheek.

"Why are you sad?" I asked, confused. His light mood returned, and he smiled.

"I'm not," he informed me, taking my hand from his face and holding it over my silent heart. "I'm not sad, I'm… disbelieving." I stared at him, still not understanding.

"Why?" I asked. He sighed, leaning against the arm of my chair.

"I just can't imagine how I could suddenly end up with everything I've ever wanted, and more," he clarified. I laughed.

"Don't expect an answer from me, I'm just as surprised." He took my hand again, and I saw something in his eyes- more sorrow? No, it was fear. A quiet and subtle, almost entirely masked fear. Instantaneously, I understood. He was afraid, because I was the one person who could take all of his happiness away from him, and he thought it would be easy for me to do.

He thought.

"Edward, don't you know me at all?" I whispered, cupping my hand around his face. "I can't leave you. I love you, Edward, and I'm not running away. You have to accept that." The sorrow and fear left him, but the lightness did not ensue. He simply looked thoughtful now. "But," I continued, "You could take everything away. And I'm afraid of that." He shook his hand, brushing my hand off of his chin and taking my head in his firm hands.

"Bella, I will never leave you. I cannot leave you. I will always be here, if that's what you want, and if it's not, then I'll still be here, asking for you back." His fierceness was odd in comparison to the joking mood he'd been in earlier.

"Let's just never leave each other," I compromised. He smiled, his joyful mood returning, to my relief.

"That sounds like a plan." He leaned in and kissed me, and I knew that I had him forever…

That night, he had returned to the piano, and was lightly playing his music. I could hear him from the garden. I had decided to take a walk, simply to watch the moon and admire the flowers that adorned the cottage. I did this often. I had decided that, if I had forever to live, there was time to just sit back and watch the grass grow. I sat down in the bench, leaning back and looking up at the stars. They were so bright- so vibrant and full of color and radiance. I hadn't noticed when I was human.

Feeling I would never stop staring at the magnificent sky, I was surprised when a flicker of light brought me back to earth. I stared out at the forest, the source of the distraction. The painted moonlight bathed the trees and overgrown shrubs in illumination, seeking out the shadows and dipping them in white light. Then came the glimmer again. Small effulgence gleamed from the deep wood. I frowned, perplexed. What would such a luminescence be doing in the forest? Were there people out there?

Curious, I stood and edged cautiously towards the trees. The shining beam encouraged me. It sputtered, drawing me closer. I kept walking, and found myself right at the edge where the smooth ground gave way to rocky, uneven terrain and tree trunks. "Into the woods," I sang to myself quietly, thinking of the old musical. Why was I afraid, anyway? (There's something in the glade there.) I was strong, I was a vampire. Was there really anything that could harm me? (The woods are just trees, the trees are just wood.) Yes, I thought to myself, yes there was. (Hello, little girl.) The Volturi certainly could harm me. In fact, come to think of it, any group of vampires more than two could probably take me down. Unfortunately, fear could not contain my inquisitiveness. And so, I continued on into the woods. (And home before dark!)

I wafted through the thick plant-life like smoke, like steam, continuing anxiously toward the end of my maze. The shadows were beginning to look menacing, contrasting with the pale moonlight. Finally, I reached the source of the strange beacon that had loomed ahead of me for what felt like too long a time. And I stared at it, surprised. And then…