"Tune me out," commanded Carlisle, lifting Jasper and Alice and spreading them out along his desk, Hurriedly, I closed my eyes and thought my own thoughts. They were all anxious and grievous. What happened to Bella? Where was she? Was she… gone? Anguish drew a harsh cry from my throat.

"Talk to me," I hissed.

"I think that whatever happened to Jasper and Alice happened due to their… gifts," said Carlisle. "Maybe that's what happened to Bella, too."

"No," I answered. "Carlisle- she just disappeared. No scent. Right where I found that candle stub."

"Edward…" began Carlisle. "Do you think… I mean-"

"Talk faster! Carlisle, you have to get to the point, or I might try to find your point!" I shouted. He looked surprised, but only for a moment.

"Do you think she could have been burned?" he asked, quick and blunt but still gentle.

"No," I replied sharply. "I would have still smelled something. Besides, it would take longer." I shook my head.

"This doesn't make any sense," exclaimed Carlisle bitterly. Then, he stood up. "Where's Renesmee?"

"At home, sleeping," I answered, confused.

"Alone?" he asked, glancing out the window. I stared at him dubiously.

"Of course not, why would I- no! NO! Rosalie!"