After centuries of waiting, her soul had returned to earth. She was a young girl, living in an Aboveground entirely different from the one Jareth had first walked upon, but it was her, and she was just as beautiful as before. She had the same dark hair, the same green eyes. She was just as tempestuous and brave, just as passionate, just as loving.

He had done everything for her, tried so hard to make her remember, but not once did she fling her arms around him, not once did she do a single thing to make him think she knew. After everything he had done, she was still lost to him. He had not tried hard enough. He had done something wrong. Jareth tore at his hair, grinding his teeth in anguish and frustration. It was all his fault. Everything was his fault.

He ruled over his own kingdom, with its own rules. His subjects may be imbeciles, but he had borne it all because he knew that one day, she would return. He had sworn that they would never again be separated, that in his kingdom they would be together until the stars fell from the sky. He had sacrificed everything for her, and for what?

For thirteen -nay, less than that- for but a handful of agonising hours, every moment wanting nothing more than to throw his arms around her and murmur her name, over and over. Each time she thwarted him his heart had shattered into even smaller pieces. Her final words had left him with but an empty crevice of dust and broken dreams, and still he wanted just to fold her into his chest and hold her forever. Now, he would never get that chance.

Centuries of waiting, and all for nought.

Disclaimer: If Labyrinth was mine, it would have gone something like this:

*wishes away child and J appears*

J-Forget about the baby.


J-Wait, what?

Me-I said ok.

J-You're supposed to...

Me-Hush, precious thing...


J-No! For the love of leather, no!

*thriteen hours later. My brother is a goblin, I am lying in bed smoking a bubble pipe after rather violent bone-jump, Jareth is crying, naked, in the corner*

J-I feel so violated!

Me-Oh, shush. It's your fault for wearing those pants.

Le end!

Gasp, sob, etc.

My, I'm a horrible person...

As I've been saying to some people, if it helps, you may consider this a prequel of sorts to 'Unexpected Occurrences', my spongerific crackfic. Also, a few people have asked if I will be doing an actual sequel. Well, the situation is thus: I am currently in my last few weeks of high school. Once I finish, I'm moving interstate, and I don't know how long it will be until we have internet again. I have written two one-shots, one for Labyrinth and one for Batman, but they are not yet typed up, so I don't know when you'll get those. You'll just have to bear with me for a while.

Big thankyous and epic hugs of love to everyone who has reviewed, or even just followed this story. I love you all.

As I have said previously, this fic was based on a dream I had, in which I was a princess, my brother was evil, he pushed me off a tower and Jareth saved me. In the dream, the sensation of falling was... Well, indescribable. It was terrifying, sad, strangely calming... I hope that's in some way come through in my writing. Also, it was written in two weeks on top of a hill in the ranging winds without internet. I'm glad you've all enjoyed it.

I'm sure not all siblings are really as evil as Tobias and Caleb. I know mine's as annoying as Hell, but... There're limits.

So, I shall now bid you adieu, with this final message:

I am covered in so much glitter I think I may technically qualify as an 80's fantasy character. Also, I have a disturbing penchant for men with pointy eyebrows. We're watching Star Trek tonight. Also, I have managed to work two references to Jareth's pants into my English assignment.

Thankyou, I love you all! Gold hotpants for everyone!