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Love is Like a rubix cube only a few can solve it.

Chapter One: BPOV: Get Crunk, in the Janitor's Closet...

"Let's go to lunch" Rose suggested as we walked out of the closet and into the school hall, we were close at each other's side, smiles on our faces and our arms linked at the elbow.

See Rose, Alice and I were best friends we are a trio, normal girls during the day and as soon as the moon rises into the night sky, we were three wild girls looking for fun.

Rose also known as Rosalie to others, was tall, pale as snow, had bright blue eyes and long curly blonde hair, that flowed to her waist, she was wearing a skin tight white singlet top, with a mini black jacket over the top, the mini skirt she wore, was tightly pleated and just peeped out from under top, which ended mid-thigh, her black peep - toed high heels making her legs look miles long.

Alice was short, okay maybe that's a understatement, she is mini, had dark jet black hair that was cropped short and spiked in every direction, looking a little bit like a mad scientist and the black hair made her green eyes stand out. She was wearing a blue summer dress that flowed to her knees, and the bust area look like cut triangles, a big black ribbon wrapped around under the bust, and tied a big bow at the back. She wore strappy looking high heels with it, adding at least 4 inches to her normal height, with silver bangles, earrings and a necklace, with a matching headband, holding her fringe back.

Me I was average, I had waist length brown wavy hair, and big brown puppy eyes that were set into a very pale face and my cheeks were always rosy red because I was always blushing. I was wearing white mini shorts that went to mid-thigh, a dark blue baby doll, singlet top that flowed to half way down my shorts and showed off my really pale shoulder, my knee high leather black boots, making my thighs look creamy white. My hair was pinned back at the fringe and flowed down my back.

Rose and I had gotten closer over the past year and really helped each other out. Every week, on a Wednesday, we both got together during our spare period and worked each other out. Alice kind of felt left out, but she didn't really want to join our get togethers.

"Oh Me God" Alice screeched, running down the hall to Rose and I, her arms waving widely in the air above her head.

"Don't you mean, Oh My God?"I asked, with a raised eyebrow as she halted to a stop right in front of us.

"Not its Oh Me God, I'm different remember?" she quickly retaliated, sticking her tongue out, at us.

"You got that right" Rose looked her up and down.

"I swear you say something about my height again, I will ruin your precious car" Alice hissed, glaring at Rose with her hands tightly on her hips.

"Wouldn't dream of it, short stuff you wouldn't touch my car" Rose smiled evilly, looking over at me, as we linked our arms and headed off down the hall together, Alice running after us, screaming bloody murder all down the halls, causing everyone to look at us and us to laugh at the looks we earned.

"So seeing it is a Friday my chichas, my mum got us some Fake ID's we can head to the clubs tonight" Rose smiled at us as we walked down the hall, receiving dirty looks along they way.

We weren't popular in school, we were the average plain janes that didn't put out, according to all the jocks and the so called 'beautiful' in my words so called 'sluts' would say about us behind our backs, making most teenage guys in our school dread being near us and most girls ended up being backstabbing bitches in the end.

"Sounds like a plan" Alice smirked while talking under her breath, "We need a night out, as long as my parents don't find out and my brother isn't at the same club".

"Oh you worry too much as if Edward would be at 'Viper'" Rose giggled, "Emmett better be there though" she whistled.

"I always knew you had the hots for my brother" I smiled sweetly up at her, while she looked away blushing deeply, "Hey" I slapped her arm "That's my blush your stealing".

Rosalie secretly crushed on my older brother Emmett, who was one year older then us, she would always ask when he was home and if he was, she would ask if she was able to come around because she was 'bored'.

"I don't like him, Bella" she hissed continuing up the hall, dragging me by her side, Alice on my other side, literally running so she could keep up with her small legs so they would match one of Rose's long strides.

"Does anyone want to ask how my day was, or were you to busy fantasying what you were doing in the closet?" Alice huffed as we got in the lunch line.

"Oh short stuff, do you feel left out, you could always join" Rose inquired with a quirked eyebrow, looking down at her small frame.

"I'm not short, just petite and I would rather not join your" she took a deep breath and closed her eyes, "Festivities".

"Anyways" I walked in between them, "Alice how was your morning before school, seeing as you look like you're going to explode from excitement".

"Okay well I went to the Coffee House, you know the one down the road from my house, and you know it's my routine to get my latte" we nodded, "So I was in line, when I slipped on a napkin that was on the floor and I thought I was going to give myself a concussion on how I fell so hard, but after a second I noticed I still hadn't touched the ground and I found myself staring into blue eyes and blonde hair, to a major "she took a deep breath, "HOTTIE" she squealed causing the lunch lady to give us a look.

"Oh" Rose smiled, shocked.

"My" I looked stunned.

"GOD, I didn't get his name, that's what I forgot" she looked down her eyes slightly watering up, in her green eyes.

"Oh Alice I'm sure he will be there again" I sighed wrapping my arm around her shoulders, pushing her through the line getting her food and sitting her down at our 'freak' table.

"Explain what he looked like" Rose suggested, curling her fork into the plate of lettuce.

"Ah, really tall, kind of musclier really blue eyes and blonde hair, like you Rose, actually he looks a lot like you" she looked up confused.

"It sounds like my older brother Jasper" she declared, "He was coming back home from College this week".

"But Rose, Alice is your cousin" I looked in question.

"Yes which means, Alice you have the hots for your older cousin" she giggled looking at an astonished Alice.

"Oh" she sighed, digging into her meal.

"Let's not talk about this again" I said for everyone also getting into my meal.


School finally ended and we didn't talk about mysterious man/ Jasper ever again, it was unfair to Alice to have the hots for a cousin you have never met; only her older brother Edward had even met Jasper only once, and that was apparently a long time ago.

"Well I guess I have to wait for Angela to unlock her lips from Ben" I sighed pointing over to the sports shed were Ben had her pressed against it.

"I've always wondered, when you are a twin, do you have a connection?" Alice asked, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"No actually we don't, which is kind of weird" I answered her, staring at the girl that looked like me in some ways, but totally different in others, she was my twin, Angela Swan.

"Oh well, not every twin has it" Rose sighed, looking over her neatly painted nails, as a silver Volvo pulled up, Edward was picking Rose and Alice up today to take them to Rose's place, while I would still wait for Ben to finish with my loving twin.

"Well my place tonight Bella, six on the dot no later" Rose gave me a stern look.

"We have to glam you up" Alice said hopping into the passenger seat as Rose slid into the back door and the car pulled away.

"Great" I muttered, as I saw Ben finally put Angela on her feet and kiss her lips and walked away, leaving her there staring after him dazed as she fixed up her hair.

"Umm Angela, Charlie is going to wonder where we are?" I yelled out to her.

"Right, Dad" she sighed, pulling her keys off her belt, opening the car and both of us getting in at the same time, heading off towards our home.


Emmett dropped me around at Rose's ten minutes before six rolled around, of cause he would insist or driving me to Rose's secretly I knew he liked her just as much as she crushed on him, they just couldn't talk to each other about it, maybe tonight things will change their ways.

Rosalie literally pulled Emmett into the house and Alice practically dragged me upstairs seeing as they were already ready and had been waiting 'ages' for me.

Alice was dressed up in a skin coloured creamy dress that fell just to the top of her thigh, the top plunged down a little and showed some cleavage, a glittery belt hung low on hers hip. Her hair was out like normal all spiky and she had black peep toed heels on, and the heels were a see through kind of colour.

Rosalie was wearing a peachy coloured dress that fell to the middle of her tanned coloured legs, it had a thick bit on the top that looked as though it had be weaved, and the bottom of the dress had a stretch area, so it was tight around her legs, her shoes were black ballet flats, that had peachy coloured ribbons on them, while her hair was out in her natural blonde locks.

Then the girls dressed me up in this kind of bubble dress, it was purple and tucked up underneath itself and it fell just past mid-thigh, the top had thick straps that wrapped over my shoulders the top of the dress went to just under my bust and was covered in thick glittery purple sequins. The shoes were death traps, very strappy black glittery heels. My hair was half up half down and was loosely curled; my front fringe was just out of my eyes and strands of hair fell down to frame my face.

"Ready chichi's?" Rosalie demanded from the doorway, Emmett standing slightly behind her, smiling over her shoulder.

"Whoa, wait, Bella is not going out like that" Emmett gave Alice and Rose the look of protectiveness.

"Thanks Emmett, I feel as though I'm exposing way too much skin" I agreed with him, poking my tongue out at Rose and Alice, before I started over to the bathroom, I heard a loud smacking noise and looked over to Emmett rubbing the back of his head.

"Fine, Bella you look beautiful, you should totally wear that outfit" he gave me a small smile, trying to convince himself, that he was saying it for himself.

"Fine, if I have too" I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Sorry Bella, but you're going in this and that's final" Alice smiled pushing me out the bedroom door out into the hallway until we all were piled in the car.

"You have fun now" Rose's mum, Lilly told us, handing us all of our fake Id's and giving all of us girls a kiss on the cheek and she got a hug from Emmett.

"Okay now to get to Viper and blow that building down" Rose screamed as she stepped on the pedal, making us out of her driveway and out of her street in less than a couple of seconds.

The time we arrived there, it was just opening, we only had to line of for twenty minutes and the bouncers let us in without even looking out our I'd.

"Right, well I'll get us a booth" Alice smiled, looping her arm with Emmett's, while Emmett agreed to get us all drink that he thought we would like, while Rose and I made our way to the dance floor, where a pretty bouncing song was playing. We had our hands on each other's hips and we swayed and bopped to the beat.

Soon after the song ended, Rose dragged me to where Emmett and Alice were seated and were slowly sipping on the drinks. As soon as we took a sip of our drinks, Rose slipped into the booth laying her head on the table, while I stood at the end of the table, gazing out over the dance floor.

The song was slowly fading out, and into another song.

Rose, Alice and I gasped at the same time, all our eyes popping wide in excitement as we looked at each other.

"DANCE FLOOR NOW" Alice screamed as, 'Get Crunk – Brokencyde' started filling the air, through the speakers.

"I can't believe they play our favourite band here, like seriously its surprising" Rose laughed, tipping he head back, sticking her chest out as she swung her hips to the beat, while Alice and I got on either side of her, grinding into her sides.

'Lets Go!
Chorus[If yous down motha fucka then throw your hands up
Get loose in the club were gonna tear the party up
Get Crunk! Get Crunk! x4] x2


Get Crunk! Get Crunk!
Act a fool up in the club gonna you goin get fucked up
Throw your fist up! What! x4'

We had our fists up in the air, our hips swivelling to the beat of the song, we were all grinding into each other, Rose still in middle, he hands on my hips, while Alice had a hold of Rose's hips.

'Right now!
Get fucked! Get fucked!
Start a fight up in the club represent where you're from
put your clicks up! What! x4

[Everybody's in the club right now!
With the Cristal bottles up right like ohhh!
Get crunk in the party right now
Lets break the rules yeah] x2

If you ain't a down motha fucka then go back home
Get crunk up in the club
Poppin bottles of patron
Get drunk! x6
Sippin bottles of patron
Get loose get laid fuckin bitches' everyday bc13 and you know where here to stay
These hoes x2 are always blowing up my phone
When I walk up in the club they goin now I'm in the zone'

We all dropped to the ground, slowly moving our hips in a circular motion as we made our way back to full stance.

All you motha fuckin brizzles to get off the flizzle and to start fuckin dizzles
Fishizzle my nizzle got these fuckin brizzles all up in my mizzle like a fuckin grizzle
Get off my grizzle girl
You got all these fuckin hoes all up in my face
Shut the fuck up with that shit
Lets put your motha fuckin crowns up
Fishizzle like this

put your motha fuckin crowns up! What!
Put your crowns up x6 what! x6
Now put your motha fuckin crowns up! What!
Put your crowns up! What! x6
Put your mother crowns up!

Rose had me by the arm, twirling me around her; Alice was slowly moving her hands over herself, he feet tapping to the music, as Rose was controlling my moves.

Get your drunk on
Get your drunk on girl!
Get your drunk on! Go get your drunk on girl!
Get your drunk on!
Get your drunk on!
Get crunk now!
Now get your crunk on!
Go get your crunk on girl!
Get your crunk on!
Go get your crunk on girl!
Go! Get crunk now!
Get! Your! Crunk! On!
With your crunk juice
Get! Your! Crunk! On!
With your motha fuckin crunk juice
Get your crunk on let's go!
Get your crunk on let's go!
Get your crunk on let's go!
Get your crunk on!


We ended the dance, by Rose facing Alice; they were grinding into each other, while I ended up on the other side of Rose, popping my chest to the beat and breathing heavily, as my hair was stuck to my forehead.

"Let's get our drinks" I yelled out to Rose, who nodded in agreement and led us up the stairs to our booth, were Emmett was looking at us, stunned.

"Ummm" He changed his position as if he was uncomftable with the problem he had, "That was hot".

"Thanks, dear brother" I patted him on the head, as I gulped my drink down, sitting next to him.

"Next time, it can be you and I" Rose suggested wriggling her eyebrows at him. She had never been this straight forward before.

"Ahhh sure" he looked at her slightly going red in the neck; I wouldn't embarrass him by pointing it out... tonight.

We sat there for awhile just drinking and chatting and we could all feel the alcohol taking over our bodies, we were slightly losing control of what was coming out of our mouths and what our limbs were doing.

"Emmett and I are going to head around and look at the club" Alice smiled at us, grabbing hold of his arm, dragging him out of his seat and heading off for their walk.

"They better be back soon, I was just about to give him a special dance" Rose pouted, while winking at me.

"Rose, that's my brother" I screamed, putting my hands over my ears so I couldn't ear a word come from her mouth as she carried on with what she wanted to do with him.

I felt a quick tap on my shoulder, "Is this seat taken?" a voice asked, as I looked up and I was met with beautiful green eyes and bronze hair, Alice's hot, to die for brother, Edward.

"No, here" I said sliding over in the booth so he could sit down, his friend with blonde hair sitting down next to Rose.

"Bella this is Jasper, my brother, Jasper this is my close friend Bella" Rose introduced us, slurring her words slightly.

Oh, Alice was right he was a hottie, the way his blonde hair flicked in his bright blue eyes, the dark looking buttoned up shirt, making his skin look clear and pale, but he didn't compare to the guy sitting next to me. Edward was wearing a dark blue short that was unbuttoned at the top, showing some of his chest, his jeans hanging low on his defined hips, his hair a complete and total mess, and hanging in his beautiful green eyes, his lips in to melt for crooked smirk.

"Bella, stop, you look as if you want to eat him" Rose seethed, while I blushed red, realizing that I had stared at him from when he had sat down.

"So is Alice here?" Edward asked.

"Yes, but please don't tell your parents, we were looking for a fun night" I pouted fluttering my eye lashes at him.

"I would never tell" he smirked once again, "Where is she?"

"Umm, that way" I pointed behind me, and Edward looked over that way and his smirk dropped immediately.

"Bella what is your brother doing to my sister?" he asked, anger voicing his voice, that it made me look.

In the corner of the club, Emmett had Alice against the wall, and was placing kisses on her neck that she had inclined for him.

I heard a gasp behind me and immediately knew Rose had seen what I had saw. This wasn't good. All of a sudden Jasper was out of his seat and dragging Emmett off Alice in two minutes flat and was dragging both of them back to our table, sitting her on his lap.

"Your the girl from this morning" he squinted his eyes at her, looking over her house then his pink lips breaking out into a slight smirk, which made her smile straight back.

"Sure am" she smiled, "Hi, I'm Alice your younger cousin" she hugged him, while he sat back shocked.

"Cousin?" he asked, looking highly grossed in himself.

"Yep" she nodded, popping the 'p' and getting off his lap and moved in between Jasper and Rose.

"Can we leave?" Rose looked highly hurt and as if she was going to cry.

"Yeah, we can" I mumbled, "Edward can you give us a lift, we all drank a little much".

"Sure, anything for my baby sisters friends" he stood up, leading us out to his Volvo; Emmett took Jasper with him, in his jeep.

"Thanks" I smiled climbing in the back with Rose, holding onto her tightly, because she looked as if she would have a crying meltdown any minute now, while Alice jumped in the passenger seat.

"Well this didn't turn out to be the best night" I sighed, looking out the window as we headed home.

I had a feeling tomorrow was going to be different, better.

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Get Crunk - Brokencyde