Chapter Before –

"Bella wait – ", he started, but I put up my hand tyo stop him.

"Forget it" I forced a smile, "I'm fine.

I walked over and hopped in my car, starting the engine up.

"Wait-", he started again.

"I'll see you later, Edward" and with that I started to drive home, trying to ignore the pounding of my head.

Chapter Five –

I stayed home from school the next day, wanting to avoid Cullen. Emmett and Alice begged me to go and ignored them, it got to the point where Emmett actually picked me up and took me downstairs. I had argued to the fact that he couldn't actually carry me around at school all day. They both eventually gave up.

I stayed locked in my room, still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Angela was no longer living with us and in fact not related to me. We had shared so much and she was basically ripped away from me.

Don't get me wrong, I love Alice and she's basically my sister anyway. But she was no Angela. It's hard to believe that Angela and I aren't actually related, we have everything in common, and we even look alike! Alice is not so similar to me, though she matched Emmett perfectly.

And don't even get me started on Edward. The huge pain in my backside, that pretends to care for me. Stupid pig-headed, handsome, sexy man! I punched my pillow in frustration letting out a silent scream.

How can someone's life be so damn complicated?

"Hey, you alright?" Alice asked as she entered the room, she placed some papers on my desk, "I got some work you missed out on"

I nodded silently, "Thanks"

She walked over to me and pulled me into a soft hug, "I know things are confusing right now, imagine what Angela and I must feel, growing up in a household and having it suddenly change"

I nodded again, listening.

"But we have to deal with it, it's kind of an adventure really" she said excitedly, "and even better I am now not related to Jasper!"

I laughed a little and she gave me a small smirk.

"Edward asked where you were today" she tilted her head to the side.

I crossed my arms and glared at her, "Why does he even bother to pretend to care?"

"He does care Bella" she scolded me, "he is genuinely worried and concerned for you, he wants to apologise!"

"Ha!" I threw my hands up.

"Don't you "Ha" me Isabella" she said darkly, "I know Edward, he cares for you, and he likes you"

My heart fluttered a little, 'Stop it Bella, she didn't mean like that!'

I nodded and gave her a small smile. She patted me on the back as I got up.

"I have to go" I told her.

"Of course" she said playfully as I threw on my coat and grabbed my keys.

I threw myself in the car and drove as fast and as safely as I could to the Cullen residence. I pulled up quickly and raced to the door, reaching my hand up to knock. Before I could thought Edward had already opened the door.

"Bella! What's wrong?" he asked, looking me over, worry washing over his face.

"Huh?" I said confused.

"You! Racing up here like a maniac, what's wrong?" he demanded.

"Oh that" I pulled at my sleeves, "I just wanted to talk to you" I said, feeling the blood rush to my cheeks almost instantly.

He stared at me dumbfounded, "Bella Swan wants to talk to me, Edward Cullen? Am I hearing you correctly" he shook his head.

I nodded meekly and his features softened, all worry erased from his perfect features.

"Look Bella, I'm really sor-" I cut him off.

"I know"

"I apolo-"

"I know"

"Look Bella, would you let me apol-"


"And why the hell not?" he demanded.

"Because there is no need to, I know you were just worried now. I over reacted, I am the one that's sorry"

"I'm sorry too" he said sincerely.

I rubbed my hands up my arms to keep warm. He noticed and ushered me inside.

"So you avoided school today because of me?

"Don't be so cocky, not everything's about you" I scolded and he raised his eyebrow at me curiously, "Fine, yes"

'Never do that again"

"Okay" I responded.

"I kind of missed my Swan at school today" I blushed again and he chuckled.

"I kind of maybe missed you too" I led on and he smiled before I continued, "Nah who am I kidding, how could I miss a jackass like you" the smiled vanished.

"There's the Swan I love" he chuckled.

My heart fluttered again at those words.

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