Chapter Before –

"So you avoided school today because of me?

"Don't be so cocky, not everything's about you" I scolded and he raised his eyebrow at me curiously, "Fine, yes"

'Never do that again"

"Okay" I responded.

"I kind of missed my Swan at school today" I blushed again and he chuckled.

"I kind of maybe missed you too" I led on and he smiled before I continued, "Nah who am I kidding, how could I miss a jackass like you" the smiled vanished.

"There's the Swan I love" he chuckled.

My heart fluttered again at those words.

Chapter Six – Don't Turn Down A Party Invite

"Bella" Angela stepped into the lounge room where I had decided to sprawl out on the couch.

"Angie!" I got up instantly and wrapped her in a tight hug.

"Are you alright?" she hugged me back, "You weren't at school today, are you sick?"

Aw, Angela. Definitely one of a kind.

"Everything's fine" I gave her my most genuine smile, she smiled back.

"Good, why are you here?" she raised an eyebrow.

I put my hands firmly on my hips, "Am I not allowed to come see you?"

She rolled her eyes, "You aren't here to see me, I can tell"

I pouted my lips slightly, annoyed that she knew me so well.

"Are things fixed with you and Edward?"


"I'm glad"

"Me too" I sighed happily.

"You so like him Bella, everyone can tell" I pursed my lips again, "He likes you too"

"Yeah, as a friend"

"No much more Bella" she said as she looked past me, I turned my head slightly and noticed Edward walking into the room. I smiled at him and he smiled a crooked smile back.

"So girls there is a party tonight, would anyone care to go?"

I nodded my head eagerly, Bella Swan never turned down a chance for a party. I turned to Angela to see her shake her head. She always turned down a party invite.

"No thanks Edward, thanks for asking though" she gave me a quick hug and a stern look, "I've got homework to do; I'll see you at school tomorrow"

"I'll be there"

"Seems like everyone missed you at school today" he moved closer to me as Angie left the room; I gravitated towards him by stepping closer as he did.

"Where is this party?" I asked, distracting me from being so close to him.

"It's at James' place" he laughed as I scrunched my name up to the mention of James' name, "He's not that bad Bella"

I made a gagging noise. I despised James.

"Honestly Bella, he isn't"

"I think you're forgetting that he makes my life a living hell at school" I placed my hand on my hips, "I think I'd much rather take my fake ID and go clubbing with my friends"

"Well I'd much prefer you and Alice at the party where I can keep a close eye on you and any sleaze bags that try to make a move on you two"

"I think you should be more concerned with these so called sleaze bags at the party" I crossed the room to the entrance of the house, "Bella Swan never turns down a party invite and you know that, Alice and I'll be ready within a couple hours, pick up us then"

I raced home and ran around the house like a headless chicken looking for Alice. I couldn't find her anywhere.

"ALICE!" I screamed, it was pretty loud, I think the next door neighbours could hear it.

"Sheesh Bella" Alice walked into the room, "What was with the screech?"

I smiled wickedly, "Party tonight"

A smile graced her lips, "We better call Rose"

I nodded in agreement and pulled my phone from my back pocket and speed dialled Rose.

"This is Rosalie, at your service" she purred into the phone and I laughed at her.

"Hey Sexy girl, wanted to let you know we've been invited to a party tonight"

"Sweet, where at?"

"James'" I answered and both Rose and Alice grunted with disgust, "I know, but we never turn down an invite, let's just go and have a good time, okay?"

"Sure thing girl, be there soon" Rose hung up.

Alice and I ran upstairs and found our 'clubbing' outfits and quickly got dressed in the shortest yet classiest clothing we owned, we never dressed like a slut. I teased up my hair and applied minimal make up, whereas Alice straightened hers and had dark lips and eyes.

We were ready when Rose turned up, she was dressed similar to us, a little sluttier but she could pull it off, her hair in big curls falling down her back and her eyes smoky with a bright red lipstick.

"Damn girl" I fanned myself and Alice rolled her eyes just as Edwards's car pulled up.

"Let's have some fun" I said as we headed out.

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