The True Alpha—The EJ Black Chronicles

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Chapter 1: Oh, God, It's My Birthday! (EJ's POV)

The name's Black. EJ Black. Today is my birthday, October 21. Technically, I'm only ten years old. However, I look about twenty-five. I'm quite unique--one of the only four of my kind. I'm what you might call a third-breed—a cross between a human, vampire, and werewolf. My mother, Nessie Cullen Black, is a half-human, half-vampire, and my father, Jacob Black, is a human shapeshifter or more specifically, a werewolf. My younger twin siblings, born only months after me, Sarah Rose and William "Billy" Ephraim, are about to reach full maturity in about seven months. My five-year-old sister, Bella Alice, is the light of my life; she's about the maturity of a ten-year-old child now. She is my baby sister, my heart, and everything to me. I would do anything to protect her or any of my siblings for that matter.

I haven't however been able to phase like my father just yet. My great-grandfather, Carlisle Cullen, thinks that today is my lucky day. I've been so sick lately, throwing up constantly. My dad seems to think I'm about to phase any second now. I must admit—I'm a little scared. And I don't want to be afraid. My dad has always taught me to be brave, but the thought of turning into a monster is something I fear more than anything. Fortunately, my father has already been through this, so he'll be there for me emotionally and physically.

Did I happen to mention that most of my family members are vampires? Very strange, I know. Like them, I am venomous. I could accidentally poison my father with my venom—not that I would. It's just something I've had to deal with my entire life. My father and I have a very special bond—we can communicate telepathically. Supposedly, only fully mature wolves are able to do it and only when they are in wolf form. I also can heal by just touching others—a power I've rarely had to use throughout my life being around mostly immortals. I've learned that my siblings and I don't fit into the mold of what is normal anymore. We are a new species. And even though it sounds pompous—we are superior to humans, vampires, and werewolves in many ways.

"EJ, pumpkin." My mom's voice summons me from my thoughts, knocking gently on my bedroom door. "It's time for the party. Aunt Alice has been working hard all day."

Damn, my mom insists on calling me "pumpkin" even though I'm fully grown. When will she ever learn; I'm not a baby anymore.

You're her baby, EJ. My dad must have heard me for his husky voice is now invading my brain. Let's go, now!

URGH! I reluctantly pry my rigid body from my bed, grasping my leather jacket from the wooden bedpost. I take a brief glance of myself in the mirror on the dresser and comb my hair back. Man, I look like my father, exactly like my father. We are practically the same physical age. My short, spiky black hair is just like his. My chocolate-brown skin is just the same as his. Our eyes however are distinctly different; mine are green, scary green, meadow green.

I throw the comb haphazardly onto my dresser and gaze across the room at my red, secondhand electric guitar. I like playing Aerosmith covers just for fun. I dreamed of starting my own band with my brother, Billy, but that dream died long ago when we discovered we were destined to take up after our father and become "protectors." I'm not sure Billy and I both want the destiny set out before us, but nevertheless it is bound to become a reality some day.

"EJ!" Bella Alice is now bursting through my bedroom door. I immediately scoop her into my arms, and she plants a tender, wet kiss on my left cheek. She is my heart indeed. "Happy birthday!"

"Thanks, lil sis." I return her gesture, flashing her my pearly, white teeth. I relish in her sweet scent, and my heart beams with love for this precious child in my arms. Her reddish-brown hair is all in curls, complete with a daisy tucked behind her ear. She is the spitting image of my mother. "You look beautiful!"

"EJ, Bella Alice, let's go!" My mom frustratingly calls to us from down the hall. As I carefully place her feet on the carpet, I take Bella Alice's hand, and she smiles at me with her gorgeous grin.

When we reach the front door, my baby sister climbs effortlessly onto my back as she always does before we run through the La Push forest toward my great-grandparents' house in Forks. I'm happy to oblige. I love the warmth of her small body against my back.

"Did you hear Aunt Leah's back?" Bella Alice informs me as we dart through the woods with our family. "I can't wait to see her!"

"Really?" My lips instantly morph into a smile.

My aunt Leah Clearwater was one of my best friends growing up. It is because of her that I'm even alive. Technically, we weren't related by blood; her mother married my Great-Grandpa Charlie shortly after my mom was born. Several years ago, Leah had ventured off to college in search of a different life for herself. My dad didn't seem too happy about it at the time; she was a member of his pack and the only female wolf. She "abandoned her duty," he said, as a protector. I couldn't blame her. She wanted a way out of La Push. This life was smothering her, and she only wanted to get married and have children of her own. She wanted to make something of herself. I still feel sorry for her in a way. I only wish I could have helped her.

"Yeah, Leah's back, EJ!" Billy annoyingly screams into my ear as he runs passed me, trying to show off. "You've always had a little crush on her!"

"Cut it out, Billy! As if you don't have a thing for her, too!" I jokingly reply, shaking off my thoughts of Leah. Yes, she is beautiful, but also twenty-something years older than me. Physically, however, we are practically the same maturity now. I love her like a sister, nothing more. Anyway, I am predestined for someone else—she is somewhere out there. I just haven't met her yet.

Don't worry, EJ. You'll find her. My dad tells me as he lovingly takes hold of my mother's left hand. I did.

My mom affectionately peers over at my dad and smiles from ear to ear. Then, she jumps onto his back and embraces him from behind. My parents are so in love. It makes me so happy to see them this way. They went through so much to be together. My dad was even there for my mom's birth. How many men can say that?

As we race steadily toward my great-grandparents' house, I notice that there is a huge banner adorning the front porch: "Happy Birthday, EJ!" Balloons in an array of many colors adorn the banisters on the porch, and I know my Aunt Alice is to blame.

My Grandpa Edward is the first to greet us as we arrive, running out to my mom with open arms. After dismounting my dad, my mom endearingly wraps her arms around him, and they share a long father-daughter moment. It's something I've grown used to over the years. They have a strong relationship comparable to none. It's quite beautiful.

My grandmother Bella and the rest of my vampire family appear on the front porch as my dad and Grandpa Edward shake hands and partake in a quick hug. Grandpa Edward gleefully sweeps Bella Alice into his arms, twirling her around, and then bumps fists with me. He can read my thoughts, too, you know, and he knows how I am with male affection. I'm not that into it. I guess I'm a little like my dad in that way.

Our family shares mutual hugs and salutations, and I notice my grandfather Billy is there as well. He smiles at me, and I run up the steps to greet him. He's been confined to a wheelchair as long as I can remember, and he's getting feebler with every passing day. My dad's pretty broken up about it. It races through his thoughts constantly. I only wish my healing powers could help him, but apparently and sadly enough they can't cure old age.

"Today's the big day." His hoarse voice barely is able to speak as I shake his wrinkled hand. He has a breathing tube strapped under his nose now.

"Yes, it is, Grandfather." I look around, trying to avoid letting him know how sad it makes me to see him like this. "Is Great-Grandpa Charlie here yet?"

"Not yet. He had an emergency call. But he should be here soon." My great-grandmother Esme butts into the conversation, giving me a gentle hug with her cold, thin arms. It's hard to believe she's my great-grandmother. She doesn't look a day over thirty, but it seems as though she gets lovelier every day.

"EJ, you have to see the living room!" Oh, God, it's Aunt Alice. She is so extremely irritating to be such a small creature. But nevertheless, I love her more than she knows. She's almost like a mythical pixie with her spiky hair and dancing gestures. "I've been working all week! I hope you like it!"

As I enter the living room, I notice there are classic rock band posters everywhere; they are covering the white walls, almost like wallpaper. I notice Aerosmith, my favorite, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, the Who, Nirvana, Metallica—I could go on and on. Aunt Alice is my favorite aunt ever!

"Alice, you have outdone yourself!" I exclaim, my mom's crooked grin widening on my face.

"Well, I had a little to do with it, too, EJ!" My Aunt Rosalie's freezing arms drape over my shoulders. I turn around to face her, and she grins at me. One of the most beautiful women in the world is standing in front of me, and to think she is alive because of me. Aunt Rosalie would have been dead if my mother hadn't thought that my healing powers would help her only a few days after my birth. I return her smile, blushing, and marvel at the party decorations once again.

Then, I notice it—a left-handed Fender Strat sitting beside my grandpa's grand piano, a large, red bow fixed upon the handle. As I saunter closer to it, I can now discern the black autograph clearly. It is none other than Jimi Hendrix's signature.

"Do you like it?" My Grandpa Edward's voice questions me, but I never take my eyes off the beautiful guitar in front of me.

"Yes." It is the only word I manage to utter in reply. Come to Daddy, I think as I take the guitar into my palms. How in the world did he get this? I wonder quietly to myself.

"I have my ways." I imagine his crooked grin smirking at me from behind as he speaks.

"EJ! It's Aunt Leah!" The warmth of Bella Alice's arms is about my shoulders, waking me from my daze.

I spin around, the Fender Strat still in my left hand, and observe my long-lost Quileute aunt. She is standing right in front of me, her long, black tresses flowing down her back. She is more breathtakingly stunning than I could have ever remembered. Our eyes meet, and my grandfather's present tumbles violently to the carpeted floor.

I forget the surrounding audience of our family members. I forget where I am. I forget why I'm here. There is only the gorgeous creature before me. There is only Leah.

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