This is only an extremely short one-shot, and I have absolutely no intention of adding more to it. Please don't ask me to.

This is my outlet for my current strong enforcer dislike; this is what I believe--no, I know--he was really thinking. Fruza won't convince me otherwise. Haters, don't hate on the couple; what are you doing in the Liason section of the fanfic world anyway? Haters hating on the fic itself, bash away.


He watched as another man took her in his arms; as another man claimed those lush lips. When he had comforted her earlier, she had felt so right being in his arms. His body screamed for her to stay there, to never leave again. His heart exclaimed that he hadn't been able to save his little boy from landing in the hospital, that it wasn't even his fault that his son had landed there in the first place. His heart demanded for him to claim his family, to forget all about the danger.

But he couldn't do it. Just because it had been the fault of an out-of-control vehicle this time didn't mean that next time it wouldn't be his enemies again. And he couldn't handle it if anything happened to his family. Elizabeth, Jake, Cam; they were his family, and he would be damned if he let anything happen to them. He was already yelling at himself for Jake's accident, and it hadn't even been because of him. But next time it would be, and he wasn't willing to risk their lives.

He missed her body against him; her warmth, hearing her screaming his name, hearing her moan. He longed to hold his son; desired to play cars with Cameron. But he didn't. He couldn't. He just stood there, emotionless, with a hint of confusion on his features, pretending that seeing her kiss another man didn't affect him in the slightest. Pretending that he had moved on.

But he hadn't. Watching her with him, watching the Prince with his Elizabeth made him shut down. Devoid of all emotion, he returned to the whiny brunette, returned to his meaningless fling. All that mattered was that his family was safe. That was all that mattered; or so he tried to remind himself over and over. She thought they were getting back together, and he knew that they would. But even though his body would be into it and he would allow her to believe that he loved her again, even though he would take as much sex as he could, it would always be just that. Just sex. His heart wouldn't be into it. He had never made love with anyone other than his Elizabeth, and he never would.

She might not be his, but he was hers. Forever.