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I will be alternating pov's between Angel and Buffy, it will be quiet obvious so I won't be telling you at the start of each chapter. And all of these fics take place during the series in either Los Angeles or Sunnydale.


It was a bright sunny day as I pulled up outside the high school, my windows were blackened with paint, a necessity, considering my reaction to sunlight.

I wind down the window, and look out, careful to stay out of any direct rays of sunshine. It would really not do getting turned to dust so early after finding my purpose.

She is beautiful, a goddess, a slayer

Her entire being called to me, I had to follow. I had to keep her safe.

As I watch a plump middle aged man walks up to her and starts to talk to her. I watch as so many emotions flicker across her face, first surprise, then suspicion… then curiosity.

She has her work cut out for her this slayer, so much smaller then the others. She is young and untrained. But she has fire and spirit, and a will that even the devil would find hard to break. She is the essence of everything that is good and pure.

I sigh softly and watch as she gets up and follows her watcher. I wind the window back up, put the car in gear and pull away from the curb. I have a long way to go, it's not going to be easy. But I'm determined to help her, to make her fight against the darkness just that little bit easier.

To make her life just that little bit more normal.

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