A/N: Slightly AU, Buffy and crew lost the battle at the end of 'Chosen'. Angel's thought's many, many years into the future.


The passage of time has long since lost any meaning to me. The day's are just a blur, merging into the decades and centuries seamlessly. Only the people around me change. They grow and age, they die and a new face takes their place. They are the reason why I keep fighting, their life meaning so much more to me then my own.

Yet, despite this. Not since before the world descended into hell have I called any of them friend. Not since Wesley had died, yelling defiantly as he emptied his semi-automatic into a demon's chest, even as it tore him apart. Not since Cordelia had perished, screaming hysterically, madness claiming her, as vision after vision tore through her body, making her feel the pain and terror of every single human soul as the world was sucked into hell.

Not since she had died for the third and final time.

Despite all the years that have gone by I can still remember the last time I saw her. It was a brief meeting; in a large mausoleum in Sunny Hill Cemetery. She had held a gleaming red scythe in her small hands, her wide hazel eyes had been bright and warm and full of fire. She had smiled at me and pulled me into a passionate kiss, poring her heart and soul into our brief connection.

Then she had turned me away

She had told me she needed me for something more, to be the second front if she failed. I hadn't expected her to fail. I hadn't expected her to lose. But she had, and the world had gone to hell in just hours. The screams of the dying plaguing my dreams for a lot longer then that.

But that was a long, long time ago now. So many years gone, a distant century, just a second in the time that I have roamed this earth.

The world has long since ceased to fight against the darkness. The demons ruled now, roaming the earth as they once did at the beginning of time. The human's are the ones that have to hide now. Most of the population are enslaved, in massive compounds in the middle of the demonic cities. The few that are free, including myself and mine, are forced to live as rebels, moving from place to place, hiding in caves deep in the earth, or in fields of dead wood.

There is hardly any food, what animals we manage to find are nothing but skin and bone, and hardly worth killing. Some of the demon's are edible, and when i say edible i mean like dirt, it's not particular tasty, but as least it's not going to kill you. I kill the demon's i can, suck them dry and then haul the carcass back to the rest of the group.

Many of the plants are dead, fresh water is scarse now, river's and streams polluted with filth. The few trees that are still growing keep my human's alive. The sky is dark, the sun only appearing for a few hours a day.

Sometimes I wondered why I kept fighting the good fight, why I continued to try and keep them safe. But then I remember the look in her eyes as she turned me away and I know I cannot give up. I made her a promise. I would fight the good fight.

I would keep helping the helpless

And I would keep doing it until I was dust.

A/N: It's a bleak, dark future for Angel if Buffy had truly lost. Another idea that I would love to do a full-length fic for!

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