Light of Love

Chapter 1: Acquaintance

'Ring! Ring!' The warning bell rang as the young curly haired teen rushed up the stairs past the bustling teens who chatted and laughed as they slowly made their way to their own classes. 'Come one! Come on! Oh, just great I had to wake up late today of all days!' Today, was the day her English Project was due and well, it wasn't recommended to come late and be all stressed out when such an important assignment was due.

She rushed past crowds of students and finally she reached her classroom. She nearly tripped inside the room, but luckily a tired looking man received the push. "Oh! I'm so sorry!" she apologized realizing what she had just done. The man turned around and gave her oh-its-you expression.

"Lucille," he commented, acknowledging his classmate. He hardly talked to her, but she was well-known in that class since she had the best grades in English.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to-" she was cut off as her classmate waved a hand at her signifying it was not a big deal.

"Oh, don't worry about it," he said as he walked over to his seat. Lucille, realizing the teacher was about to start class quickly walked over to her desk as well, which was near the windows that revealed the track field.

"Okay, class. Is everybody ready to present their projects!?" their over enthusiastic teacher asked. Everybody moaned in annoyance and then an awkward silence rose. Lucille remained in her seat shoveling notebooks and binders and whatnot into her book bag and then taking out stuff she thought was necessary.

"How about you Lucille?" their teacher asked. Lucille's eyes widened in shock and mumbled "Me...?" she was so lost and unaware of what was going on, she was still flushed from her earlier encounter with Stark, her classmate who she had bumped with.

"Yes! You always do a good job, so why don't you motivate the class by starting?" her teacher encouraged, Lucille just stared shock and unsure of what to do next. She shifted in her seat before getting up and retrieving the book they had been reading for the past month and her report from her desk.

As she made her way to the front of the room she fidgeted and pulled on the red bow on her neck, suddenly, the uniform to tight for her. She scanned the pages before her hoping to get an idea of what to say, but it all seemed so unfamiliar as if she was learning it for the first time. She gazed up at the person in the first seat, and there she found none other than her friend, Rukia Kuchiki, putting two-thumbs up, encouraging her as well.

"Uh, well, you see..." she tried to start, but a short chuckle coming from behind the room made her tense up even more. Her face turned a slight red and did her best to ignore the whole class and read her essay as quickly as possible.

After having read it at an imaginable short time, considering it was a three-long-paper, she walked back to her seat and slumped in it, hoping that she would just sink into the tiled floor. The rest of the class went up turn after turn, but she hardly could pay any attention. She felt like a total idiot, and just wanted the class to end.

After endless hours of torture the class seemed to be reaching its end and Lucille practically glued her eyes to the clock waiting for each minute to go by, ever nearing her wish. "Okay! I'm proud to say everybody did a good job, or at least tried," he teacher announced as she fixed her square glasses.

"But, this only means... You can begin your next assignment!" their teacher announced happily as the whole class nearly pounced her. Their teacher, trying to make things better announced it would be a group assignment, which some people were okay with it.

'Okay, I can deal with that. Rukia and me should finish ahead of time and then we'll have the rest of the time for ourselves,' Lucille thought quite happily. But her teacher's next words broke every little hope that sustained her. "But! You won't be picking your partners this time, I have already chosen them for you!" she said happily.

Lucille felt as if she was about to strangle her teacher, 'What on earth was she thinking!?' This was by far the worst day of her life. Luckily, the long awaited bell rang, but Lucille was too caught up in her misery to notice.

"The list is right there on the board, you can check on your way out," the teacher announced as some students walked out the door and the others rushed to the list on the board forming a rather large crowd. Lucille slowly packed her stuff hoping the crowd would lessen, but even after packing all her belongings the crowd remained.

Slowly, she neared the back of the crowd, but could not see a thing, thanks to her classmates hogging all the space. Luckily, some of the students unconsciously let her through and as she stood in front of the list, her finger going down the list until she read her name and then stopped to read her partner's. "Guess, we're partners," a familiar voice said from behind.

As she turned sideways to where she heard the voice she found Stark quite close to her, bending down to look at the list. Her face flushed with embarrassment, but controlled herself as best she could. Stark gazed down at her and waited for her response, probably unsure on what her take on this was. Lucille gave a sincere soft smile at him, "I guess we are," she responded, not too upset with him being her partner.

They slowly made their way out the crowd and walked outside the classroom. Lucille, lost in her thoughts began walking the way to her locker, unaware that Stark was still behind her. "So when do we meet?" her eyes widened as she realized his presence there.

"What do you mean?" she asked totally dumbfounded. Stark's gray eyes narrowed at her disbelievingly. The top student was absolutely clueless of their assignment. He stopped beside her, gazing unsure of what to say.

"Well, we have to do a report, together on this story," he responded as he lifted a small brown leather book in his hand. 'Oh! Of course! They were to begin the new story today, and that was what the project was probably about! I must have really been really out of it' she thought as she nodded her head recalling parts of the assignment.

"When are you free?" she asked, not wanting to impose any specific date without first consulting him. Yet she couldn't help but wonder what other activities this laid back classmate of hers could possibly be enrolled in.

"Well, I have to pick up my little sister on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and on Fridays," he informed. Her eyes widened in shock, she had no idea Stark would have a sibling, and tend to her. Her smile widened, she was glad that whoever his sister was had a good caring brother.

"I take her to the park after school, if you don't mind we could meet there," he finished. Lucille smiled sweetly and nodded, she didn't mind one bit.

"Alright, sure." she concluded as they settled on a specific date. She began walking down the hall once more slowly, waiting to see if Stark would follow.

"Oh, my locker is this way," Stark exclaimed pointing the opposite way. Lucille unaware smiled as she returned to her previous spot.

"Oh, well I guess I'll see you after school right?" she asked, making sure that he wouldn't forget their arrangement, after all it was Tuesday. Stark nodded in accord.

"Yeah," he responded before saying good-bye and walking their separate ways. As Lucille gradually reached her locker, she opened it and sighed. For some, odd reason she dreaded the assignment, after all Stark was one of those students who never did their work.

In moments Rukia jumped beside her. "So who's your partner?" she asked rather excited. Lucille's auburn eyes widened at Rukia before responding, "Stark" she replied simply as she took out a notebook from her locker.

"Really!? That stinks! That mean's you'll be doing all the work and not to mention he is so annoying," Rukia said as she crossed her arms, upset of who her friend's partner was. Lucille smiled shyly at her friend, she didn't understand why she seemed to dislike Stark, he was a pretty good guy.

"He isn't annoying, he's always quiet during class and-" Lucille said acknowledging Stark's good qualities.

"That's why!" Rukia shouted in Lucille's face. "He never talks and uh! I just can't stand him!" she exclaimed. Of course, her hyperactive friend disliked lazy people, they had to be out and about. Lucille chuckled as she closed her locker and began walking with Rukia to their next class.

'This is going to be a long day!' she thought as her small friend complained about all the bad things about Stark and how Lucille was going to have problems and whatnot.

Decided to cut this chapter short, so the next chapter will still be the same day, only in the afternoon. ^.^ This is my first Stark and OC fan fic. I thought of it on my way to school today, if i get at least some reviews I'll continure updating, if not I'll just leave it at that.