Moving On

It is so easy to move away from problems that we face. It is so easy to step aside and pretend that they are not there. I guess you can say I've never had the luxury of doing that and so I haven't, always having to face problems head on, but it is quite interesting and tempting to try to take a step aside and remain unscathed. i suppose that's why two very different beings come into contact with each teach each other different things? I don't know. We've only "met" I guess you can say but already I'm learning to rather than understanding others trying to comprehend them instead. I'm pretty sure that's the case with us now...i wonder what I'm teaching him?


Too soon to love, right? But then what is this feeling? Can't be love right? No way. But I feel something. Something deep and strong. And it is so different from my other friendships. But I am a foreigner to love...can this be love?

Hi! Just two very short drabbles using Lucille's POV, but I guess in my way it was a strange way to say hello to ya'll! I've missed this website so very much but I've had no internet and now no laptop...(by the way I'm in the search of one if you have any model recommendations that'd be great!) and so yeah...but hello! haha yeah I guess that's it...there was more I wanted to say after such a long hiatus, but nothing comes to mind now...blah...oh well! Just a greet to let ya'll know i am still alive and I want to update but I'll see...haha wish me luck? ^^