Cant Tell You

RPF: Mitchie/Mikayla

Summary: Mikayla's thoughts on Mitchie going to Miley with her problems.
Disclaimer: Does it LOOK like I own these people? Thought not. If I did, they'd have come out already lol. So please don't sue I'm just bored.
Authors Note: sorry its a little scattered I forgot where I was going with this lol

Mikayla POV

She doesn't understand that she really hurts me sometimes. We're besties, practically sisters! All I wanted was to be the best friend possible for her, to repay her for all the things she's done for me. Yes she'd give her life for me, she bends over backwards to get me whatever I need, Mitchie's proved that time and again. Mitchie has literally saved my life on more than one occasion. But sometimes… the saying is true, I guess, that we hurt the ones we love most.

When she is hurting all I want to do is take her pain away but she refuses to talk to me. Pushing me away in favor of taking to someone else. Mitchie claims she doesn't want to bother me with her problems but I wish she could see that it wouldn't I'd be happy to hear them. She's always there for me I wish she'd let me do the same for her. It hurts when Mitchie feels like she has to mother me. But it' always been like that since we were kids.

Even when Mitchie was getting bullied in school she rarely told me about it. She'd just show up at my house crying. Mitchie would never tell me what was wrong and when she finally did, she just sketched over it trying to pretend as though nothing was wrong. She didn't want me to worry. I asked her one time why she didn't want me to worry. Her response? That she wasn't worth worrying about. I'd never been so heartbroken. I can't stand that Mitchie thinks so little of herself. How could she possibly believe that she wasn't worth my concern?

Doesn't she know she's my whole world? Mitchie is all I ever think about. Of course I can't tell her that, no matter how badly I want to. See, Mitchie thinks I'm straight. Well no, okay, she knows I've said I'm straight. However I know she, like everyone else, questions me on that. They have good reason to. I'm about as straight as a freaking rainbow. But I can't tell Mitchie this either. We have our careers to think about. Mitchie just doesn't understand how hurtful people can be out there.

I know that Mitchie has been in love with me practically since the day we met. Always taking care of me, making sure I'm okay and that I'm doing the best that I can in everything I do. I never meant to fall for her too, but as the song 'Head Over Feet' comes to mind here. After everything this girl has done for me how could I not fall for her? I'll admit it, if only to myself, I am completely and utterly in love with my best friend Mitchie Torres.

That's why I can't tell her that I feel the exact same way. Pretty much everyone can see it including some of the fans, so I always try to be careful with that. I don't want my best friend to accidentally slip and out herself. I can already see the hateful parents going on and on about what a horrible role model she would be.

It would make her the happiest person on the planet for like, five seconds before everything else would crash down around us. It hurts me that the one thing that's separating us is the one thing I can't tell her. I see it in her eyes. When my gaze lingers on her body a bit too long, she looks at me with this adorably confused face but lately I've been noticing a more knowing look from her. Almost like she knows I was just checking her out. She knows and its killing her that I won't admit it. So she pushes me away.

Now Mitchie goes to Miley Stewart with her problems. What does Miley have that I don't? Sure Miley says she returns Mitchie feelings, but Miley doesn't really love her. Not like I do. I could give her everything she ever wanted if I just told her. But I can't. Mitchie might not really care about her career but I do. She loves to sing and act, and the last thing I want is for the Mouse to fire her from doing what she loves. I couldn't live with myself knowing I was responsible for killing Mitchie's dreams.

It kills me inside to see her pained expression as she tells me she has to go for a drive. How when I ask her what's wrong she just puts on a smile and replies 'nothing' before bolting out the door. Mitchie knows I want to help her but she just runs off to Miley. I'm so sick of Miley freaking Stewart. I mean seriously, the girl is the next Britney Spears, and Lord knows we don't need another one of those.

Mitchie just doesn't understand I can't tell her no matter how badly I want to just run into her arms and kiss her soft full lips. She will keep pushing me away until I tell her. There's no way around it unless I come out and admit it (pun intended). So I guess I'll just have to put up with Miley. If losing Mitchie is what I have to go through to protect her, then so be it. Whether she knows it or not, I will take care of her. It's the least I can do after everything she's done for me. I will always be there to keep her safe. Always.