Words I Can Never Say

Chapter Two

Authors Note: Writing a One-Shot is impossible for me. I never like how it ends so I have to write another one. Thanks Kari for your inspiration lol its 3 am and I'm still writing. Theres also like a paragraph or two that was written by Kari (thanks girl!) so I thought I should give her credit. It inspired this second chapter, after all.

Mikayla's POV

Another typical day off for us. When I say typical, I don't really mean that. It's so rare for us to have a day off at the same time that there's never anything typical about it. Mitchie and I usually do something different every time but I guess when I say 'typical' I mean that we're just spending it together happily.

Today Mitchie decided to go to the local natatorium. Mitchie called in ahead of time and so we have the place all to ourselves. Originally I was happy just to go anywhere with Mitchie, but as I saw her in that sexy black bikini I found myself beginning to regret agreeing to this.

[ Mitchie's bikini ?show=celeb&ep=demi-lovato-bikini ]

At first we had fun, seeing who could hold their breath the longest, who could do a better dive, and who could make it to the other side of the pool faster. I tried to ignore the way the water made her toned body glisten. As the day wore on it became harder to ignore. Mitchie insisted we play tag and feeling her arms wrap gently around my waist from behind sent me into instant bliss. If she thought I'd been underwater too long Mitchie would push my body above the surface. She was always so gentle with me, even when we were playing around Mitchie always made sure she wouldn't hurt me.

There were times I could swear her touches lingered a bit too long. Then again, the girl did like me, I couldn't expect her to not look. Especially since I looked every chance I got. It felt so good, sending jolts of pleasure right between my thighs. God, and she called me a tease! Sometimes I swear she had to know what he was doing to me. Like Mitchie was testing me for a reaction. Of course I wasn't going to show any, but that didn't mean I didn't feel anything. But to Mitchie I had to put on a mask and pretend that I didn't.

Time went by faster than I expected it to, which was funny cuz for the longest I was feeling like everything was slowing down. Before I knew it, it was 4:30 p.m. and we needed to go hit the showers. For years Mitchie and I had showered together. No big. This time something was different. I was different. Everything I was feeling for this girl seemed to be about ready to burst forth and I was terrified of the things I'd say.. the things I'd do.

Mitchie proceeded to strip from her bikini and I found myself stuttering, "W-what are you doing?"

Mitchie glanced up at me for a second, confused. "Uhm... showering? What does it look like I'm doing?" She laughed. "Mik, sometimes I swear you're pretty 'special'."

"Right, duh. I meant.. why are you taking your bikini off?"

My best friend raised an eyebrow at my awkwardness before smirking like the Cheshire cat. Mitchie finished undressing and moved closer to me. If I could speak properly I'm sure I would have made some comment about the concept of personal bubble and how she should familiarize herself with it. Unfortunately I wasn't in my right mind and all I could do was stare at her gorgeous body.

"Why shouldn't I take it off? I want to shower and that requires me getting naked.. does it bother you, Mik?"

I watched as her lips moved slowly, I could barley hear what she was saying let alone tell if she was asking me a question or not. When she stopped speaking my eyes trailed up to hers. Those dark eyes I could fall into so easily were staring into mine. I trail my eyes across her face. Her expression is blank. I wish I knew what she was thinking. I know that I for one wanted to press my lips into hers right then and there. Wait..no. That was bad thinking. I couldn't do that. I couldn't give in. It would ruin everything.


I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts. "What?"

"I said.." She stepped closer.

"Does it.." Another step.

"Bother you.." One more.


By now Mitchie was standing so close to me, her stomach was touching mine causing butterflies to erupt in my stomach. Mitchie placed one hand on my arm, gently holding me in place, and the other on my cheek. Her eyes were dark with lust and her voice husky. All of this was playing havoc with my self control. I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I gave in. I needed to move away back peddle as fast as possible. Unfortunately, my legs weren't quite cooperating with my brain's demands. I remained motionless as my bestie moved closer, her face mere centimeters from my own. Mitchie's warm breath tickled my lips and I felt the last of my restraint disappear.

I leaned forward, closing the distance between our lips. It was everything I had ever dreamed of. The stuff of fairy tales and cheesy romance novels. Fireworks lit up behind my eyelids and the intensity of the butterflies multiplied tenfold. Mitchie's lips were so soft, smooth and full. So perfect. I never wanted the kiss to end.

The need for air separated us and we stared at each other breathing heavily. Mitchie wasn't going to speak first, I knew that. She'd made her case many times while I brushed her off as just a friend. Now was my time to speak, to say the words I can never say.

"Mitchie.. I love you."


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