Chapter 1:

Hinata sat outside at lunch watching the other kids talk and chatter with their friends; as usual she pays them no more then a glance, completely ignoring the guys. She sits down at a table with a group of girls her usual group of friends: Temari, Minnano, Shino, Tenten, Sora, Riku, and Gaara. Gaara and Shino were the only guys Hinata wouldn't ignore or try to strangle.

Everyone was talking Hinata just sat there, daydreaming, but is interrupted by a boy just sitting down at their table. Hinata ignores him, not in the mood to make death threats. Sora seemed to know the boy and begins to talk to him, Hinata pays them no interest.

"You okay? You're quieter then usual." Gaara suddenly asks her.

"I'm fine", was Hinata's short and sweet reply. Gaara shrugs knowing she wasn't going to give him more of an answer. Hinata bored takes out a sketchbook, looking around she focuses on Shino who sat right in front of her and wouldn't notice her staring and drawing him.

She took out her favorite pencil and began to sketch, getting all the details right; the structure of his face, his eyes hidden beneath his sunglasses, the shape of his lips. Unknown to her someone was looking over her shoulder, watching her draw.

In fact she was just finishing it when she suddenly realizes the warm air on her neck, wasn't air but someone breathing. Stiffening up she looks over her shoulder to see the boy, he smiled, she glared right back at him.

"Hi my name's Inuyasha." He says softly.

He was unusual even for Konaha. Long silverish white hair and unusual gold colored eyes, Hinata would daresay he was absolutely beautiful. She wanted to draw him! She wanted to draw this beautiful person.

"Hinata." She finally says. "Could I draw you!" she suddenly blurts out. Inuyasha seems shocked for a minute before hesitantly smiling and nodding. He sits down across from her and Hinata turns to a clean drawing page and quickly begins to draw. Anxious to get the drawing done before lunch was over. Inuyasha couldn't help but smile as he watched her pencil scratch furiously across her paper.

"You're being nice and unruddish for once." Sora comments.

"Keh." Inuyasha retorts.

"Suppose I spoke too soon."

"Why wouldn't I let this wrench draw me?"

"Wrench!" Hinata growls absorbing bits of their conversation and pausing her drawing, "you you mutt!" She storms off, leaving a bemused Sora and shocked Inuyasha.

"I tried to warn you, Inu. But no you had to be rude to sweet little Hina!" Sora laughs.

"Sweet!" Inuyasha gulps. "More like the devil's daughter!"

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