Chapter 23: Here Comes the Bride (Please read important, exceedingly long A/N at top)

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Seek Ye First (In the setting of Pachelbel's Canon) by Karen Lafferty, arr. By Gail Smith, Maranatha Music, 1972.

I had a great deal of trouble finding a recording of this piano score on You Tube. One is "Medley in C with Jeremy", requiesctcat's channel, a duet for piano and organ. The other is "Seek Ye First-Pachelbel Canon", simsic's channel, the original solo piano piece that I was looking for, but it's not the best recording. There is a partial free download available for MP3s if you google oldtimechristianmusicdotcom/Linda Mckechnie/ Seek Ye First/Pachelbel. Lovely arrangement.

If you find a better recording, please let me know. If I could play piano better, I'd record it myself. Sigh.

'Like a Virgin', Madonna (because a cliche this Emmett-y begs to be used to death)

'River Flows In You', Yiruma (Processional)

'It's Your Day', Yiruma (Signing of the Register)

'Comme au Premier Jour', Andre Gagnon (Recessional)

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At ten of three, Rosalie got Em and Jazz to start herding people toward the house. A few minutes later, Mr. Weber came up and put his hand around my arm. "Ready to do this, Edward?"

"You bet, sir. Let's go." Finally! Thank God! I led the way, with a spring in my step.

(Chapter 20)

Edward's pov

There was a great deal of murmuring and thinking going on as I entered the house. A lot of remarks broke through the idle chitchat.

Jeez, he's so gorgeous. He bulges in all the right places. Wonder if I should object? Jessica. Who else?

I hope this ceremony is short. I wanna get to the good stuff. Renee looks slinky in that dress. Hope the dance music is good. Phil.

Congratulations, my dear. We've been rooting for you so long. You and Bella deserve every happiness. Esme.

"Thank you," I mouthed at her.

I guess the best man won. But I can still dream. I wonder what she's wearing under the dress... Mike. Grr.

I guess the best man won, but I can still dream. At least my date is hotter than Mike's. Tyler.

I guess the best man won. I am so lonely. Maybe I should call Lauren. Nah. She has VD. Conner.

Come on now! This was getting ridiculous. I'd better not mess up my marriage, or the lineup would start forming again. Mike caught my eye. I smiled at him, smugly. His answering smile looked almost genuine. Well, if I can't have her, at least he's a pretty nice guy. Holy crow! Give Mike a cookie.

I wonder when I get to fuck Tanya again. Maybe we can sneak upstairs later. I hear women get horny at weddings. I'm going to break out the toys and- Eric.

I hastily blocked his thoughts. Heaven help me, I would have to tell my family to break them up, somehow. What if they got serious and he ended up related to us? Eternity with cousin Eric the necrophiliac bum-humping pervert. Ick. Of course, if she turned him, it might not last. She wouldn't feel cold to him then.

I can't wait to see Angela in her dress. She is so lovely. I'm glad I asked her out after Edward expressed interest in her. Angela belongs with me, and Bella and Edward are so right together. So if I hadn't asked Ang out, this wedding might not be happening. Bella and Edward owe me. Ben smiled at me proprietorially. I swallowed a laugh. He still didn't know that I'd set him up to ask Angela out. She was such a sweet little angel. I'd wanted her to be happy, since she was always so good to Bella. And it seemed I was right. She loved him.

"I wonder if Bella will use any of my suggestions," mused Tanya.

"Dearest, it won't matter. He loves her so. He won't care if she's skilled," said Eleazar kindly.

Esme had hung lengths of neutral linen fabric over the long glass windows, and there were candles lit in translucent globes around the room. The Bride's Candle and Groom's Candle stood, lit upon the altar, with the Unity Candle waiting in the middle for our sparks to join. The room was dim and soft and romantic. Perfect for my Bella.

All the guests were seated, except Renee. Seth was videotaping from the side of the room, wriggling with joy like the pup he was. Rosalie was at my piano, playing Pachelbel's Canon in D+.

Wait, that wasn't how it went. I turned and watched her, confused. A new theme was weaving in and out of the Pachelbel. How did she slip that past me? Suddenly, I recognized the tune:

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God

and His righteousness

and all these things shall be added unto you

Allelu, alleluia.

Ask and it shall be given unto you

Seek and ye shall find

Knock and the door shall be opened unto you

Allelu, alleluia.

One of Carlisle's favourites, that I hadn't avoided learning in my bitter days because he sang it so often around the house. I turned to him and raised my brows. He shook his head at me in disbelief and then smiled with pleasure. The hymn wove in and out with the Pachelbel.

A real surprise, this message, coming from Rosalie. She eyed me meaningfully, smiling slightly. She had never expressed any faith of her own, and here she was telling me to keep mine. So, Bella and I had her blessing and her best wishes. I felt my eyes prick and I swallowed with difficulty, nodding to her. Rose nodded back and looked down at the keys.

My breath heaved in and out of my chest. Good thing vampires couldn't pass out from excitement. The anticipation was killing me, which was killing Jasper. He rolled his eyes at me as he led my future mother-in-law to her seat. I grinned at him, unabashed.

"Ooh, there's our new son!", whispered Renee jubilantly, nudging Phil. She waggled her fingers at me and I waggled mine back sheepishly.

Carlisle, Emmett and Jazz then joined me at the front. Tone it down, Edward! Jasper thought at me with annoyance. I shook my head at him, and he rolled his eyes again. My heart was about to burst, and he wanted me to calm down? Not today, brother. Thank God you and Bella are going far away for the honeymoon. I SO do not want to be around when you combust.

Emmett, naturally, was being Emmett. Not even the teasing could spoil my mood, however. "...Like a virgin, with your, uh... dead heart, next to mine...hmm, hmm, hmm..."

I stepped behind Carlisle, closer to Emmett and whacked him upside the head, too fast for the humans to see. The vampires in the crowd snickered. The humans looked at the vampires, perplexed. Emmett looked at me apologetically and I smirked at him.

Thank God we hadn't decided to let Emmett perform the ceremony. I could just picture it: Dearly beloved, we are gathered, here, to celebrate the mating of Edward and Bella. Seeing as he's a vampire and all, we really hope he won't scrag her on the honeymoon. She's such a gas.

Carlisle faced me and put his hands on my shoulders, and beamed into my shining eyes. He took my face in his hands and kissed me on both cheeks. Right in front of the humans! I kissed him back, then ducked my head bashfully. Time to complete our family, he thought proudly.

Mr. Weber stepped up beside me as the Pachelbel came to an end. My eyes flew to the top of the stairs as the Processional commenced. I could almost feel my heart pound. Perhaps I was hearing Bella's heartbeat and internalizing it. Thank you God! I lived to see this day. Mother? Are you watching from Up There? I'm marrying my eternal love.

The first cue sounded, and Angela came into view, smiling serenely and picking her way carefully down the stairs in her old-fashioned buckle pumps and vintage-length skirt. Skirts got shorter when I was a kid, because material was hard to procure during the Great War. I knew Alice would do Victorian or Edwardian. Hah.

Angela winked at Ben from behind her small, round bouquet of white flowers as she passed by, and he sat up straighter in his seat. He'd better appreciate that girl. He'd have me to deal with if he ever hurt her. Next to Ben, Beth Weber beamed and took pictures. Josh and Isaac nudged each other and whispered, smirking, when I kissed Angela's cheek as she reached the front.

Alice glided down the stairs like a ballerina, smiling radiantly. Her eyes were swimming with joy. The last time I had seen her so happy, had been the moment we got home from Italy and she saw Jasper. Alice really did love us, even if she was a naughty little pixie at times. Alice reached the front and came to kiss me. I thanked her for being my sister before releasing her to stand between Angela and me.

I shifted my weight from one foot to the other, and fidgeted. My father the Best Man grabbed the back of my jacket and held me in place. The pressure distracted me long enough to make me reconsider flying up the stairs to grab my mate and smother her in kisses. Watch it, Edward! Don't run to her, you'll blow our cover. Wait for her. She's coming to you. I held still, staring, holding my breath.

To me. To me, only to me. An instant seemed to last forever, and then a small, white shoe stepped daintily into view. An old-fashioned shoe, with a medium sized heel, high on the sides, with three leather straps crossing the top of the foot. Pearl buttons down the side to secure the straps. A vintage wedding shoe, similar to a Spectator Boot. Minxy.

She was coming to me. Coming into view. My Bella. My everything. There was nothing in the world but her. Nothing, nobody between her and me. She was coming to me. Just a second more, and I would see her...

Oh, God! God! Oh, God, thank You. Bella is so beautiful in her gown. Bella is made for me, only me. Let me lay myself down as a gift for her. God!

Come to me my Bella, my heart. Come to me, and let this soul sing again for the rest of his days. Have I been transfigured? I don't remember ever being so warm.

Love burst out of this cold body, and warmed every part of me. It radiated to Bella, and I felt it bounce back to me and make an infinity circle of fire between us. Our eyes locked together joyfully, and I feasted on her visage, triumphant.

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