OH MY GOODNESS!!!! it's been forever since I wrote anything.. I put it down to HUGE amounts of writers block and HUGE amounts of stress from work which nearly landed me in hospital due to the condition of my lower abdomin!!! YAY!!! BUT i'm back. I'm trying to write through the writers block so be kind and bear with me.

Chapter 1

"Ever get the feeling we've done this before? Kinda like Ground Hog Day. You know the same day just repeating itself over and over again."

"What are you talking about Tony?" Ziva snapped at her partner.

"You know with Bill Murray and Andie…"

"Yes Tony I am aware of the movie, however I do not see how it relates right now. I do not see a beaver around here anywhere."

"A BEAVER?" He shook his head in shame and decided to ignore it. "No, I just mean I feel like we've done this before."

"It is part of our job to investigate the murders of several marine petty officer."

"No. I am talking about the under cover mission. You and me, shacking up… playing house. We've been married before if I recall correctly."

Tony's mind flashed back to their undercover mission where they were forced to impersonate married assassins. He remembered the way she drew his attention away from the TV guide in the hotel room and onto her smouldering eyes, how he'd been mesmerised and followed her closer to the bed, that inviting look on her face, the passionate kiss that followed. His hands clasping her face as he kissed her. He remembered the feeling of her silky emerald green dress brushing against his skin as it fell from her body, but most of all he remembered what had happened next. Seeing her body, it was imprinted on his brain forever. He had seen a lot of hot bodies in his time, but none of them had compared to hers. She knew how to use it too, she knew how to stand, how to look at him, how to do that perfectly suggestive smile.

They were headed again undercover. Ziva loved going undercover, it was full of action, pretending to be someone she wasn't, and being on the front line. It regularly ended up with her in some dangerous situation, but she didn't mind, she preferred it when that happened, she loved nothing more then getting her heart beat up and kicking the hell out of the bad guys. Having her partner there always helped in these situations. Tony may not have her discipline or crazy ninja skills, but he was excellent at ad-libbing, disguising her lack of understanding when it came to American culture and keeping her calm. He was her best friend, and she was slowly learning to trust him again with her life.

Tony glided into the room, he always loved to catch the looks of the men around him when he had Ziva on his arm. He didn't really get it. He knew she had a kicking body and he could see how a guy could find her sexy, but it was Ziva. She could kick all their asses, including his! Being the show pony that he was, he didn't mind all the men in the room being envious of him.

They walked with their arms linked, Ziva in her little black cocktail dress and Tony looking fine in his black suit which he matched with a skinny black tie. They took note of everyone in the room, sauntering through the crowd. As a waiter past them with a half a dozen of the glasses on his silver tray, they both picked up a glass of champagne .

"11 O'clock" Ziva subtly whispered to Tony. He turned his head, pretending to admire the art on the walls. He didn't have a clue why this gallery opening was such a big deal, he didn't know who would spend that amount of money on something so… abstract, and not even the good abstract.

"Arh, well hello there Mr Mullens. Shall we my dear?" again Ziva linked her arm in his and they travelled across the floor pretending to admire the art as they went. They were pros, and Gibbs knew it. He hadn't seen two partners pull of this sort of assignment so well since he and Jenny. He stood in MTAC watching there every move through the glasses cams they both wore. They were nearing Mullens who stood pondering the meaning of a blood red canvas with two magenta smears on it.

"Now this is a piece darling. It's amazing, with the depth and intrigue behind it." Ziva said as they stood next to Mullens trying to impress him.

"I don't know dear, I mean it's no Kandinsky"

"but this artist has transcended from the Kandinsky phase, this shows far more maturity and depth then a Kandinsky copy cat."
"Maturity and depth?" Tony scoffed.

"It takes a great person to be able to produce this and see it for what it really means."

"I don't know," the lady accompanying Mullens intervened, "I tend to agree with your husband, I mean, how do you become an artist when anyone could produce this?" the lady accompanying Mullens intervened.

"Thank you," Tony replied, "I don't see why she insists of calling all of this art."

"My Henry here is just the same, he tries to see more meaning then there really is."

"Perhaps anyone couldproduce work like this, but only a true artist would have enough faith in the meaning and symbolism behind it to allow others to critique it, and perhaps our minds are more open and deal more readily with abstract chaos." Mullens stated, He looking deep into Ziva's chocolaty brown eyes, he took her hand and kissed it. Ziva looked at Tony as he did. "I'm Henry Mullens, and this is my good friend, Audrey." He lingered over Ziva's hand for a second, and then turned and shock Tony's hand.

"Tommy Randle," he offered as his name, "and this is my wife Lena."

"Are you involved in the art world Lena?" he asked.

"Yes, I am an art buyer. I was very interested in seeing this show." She said, sliding him her business card.

"Arh so you have a keen eye for what passes as good art then."

"Unlike my husband, I have an appreciation for all art, and though he mightn't think so I do not like what ever I am told to like."


"I'm going on record here Boss... I don't like this plan."

"Yeah? Why is that DiNozzo?"

"I've got a funny feeling about Mullens."

"about Mullens... ha... I thought for sure that any feeling you had would have been directed somewhere very different." Gibbs speculated.

Mullens had used the business card Ziva had supplied him with to contact her regarding the possible acquisition of some art. He had asked her to come and see his apartment so she could get a feel for what he might need, assess the lighting and get a general feel of the room. Tony didn't like this. Mullens may have had a reputation for being a drug lord and a murderer but what worried him more was that he was also know as a vicious womaniser. He hated the thought of anyone trying to take advantage of his partner. The intel they had gathered on Mullens was sparse, but they knew he was a man who liked the finer things in life, and didn't mind paying for it. He paid for everything in cash, leaving no credit traces, but frequented an exclusive jewellery store in DC. They also knew he enjoyed a challenge, married women being one such challenge he enjoyed the most.

They also knew that he was not the man they were really looking for. He was the cover. He never had any muscle around him, and they needed to find out who was really reasonable for the drug dealing and murders.