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Chapter 10

Gibbs was going to kill him!

His thoughts then went to Aliza. He ran out of the room and burst into the spare bedroom, it was empty. He looked around the room, searching for any evidence of foul play. The bed had not been slept in. He felt the back of his head predicting the Gibbs slapping he was going to get. He sat on the bed, terrified he would lose her, scared of what it would mean if she was gone again. He rested his head in the palm on his hands, his elbows digging into his bare knees. Still slumped over, he removed his hands from his face, his focus ran along the natural grain of Ziva's wooden floorboards. Then he saw something. From under the bed he pulled Aliza's clothes, they had been tucked under there as if someone had not wanted it to be found. He pulled out his phone and pressed it to his ear. "Gibbs, Ziva's gone, and I'm pretty sure we were doublecrossed by another one of Eli's henchmen!"


Gibbs and McGee were at Ziva's place even sooner than Tony thought was possible. Gibbs asked him what happened, While McGee searched Aliza and Ziva's room to see if he could find anything that might help them work out what had happened. He took a photo of the jeans Tony had found under the bed. "Careless for a Mossad agent" he muttered to himself. He searched through the pockets. He found nothing but lint, until he checked the last pocket. In there, he pulled out a receipt. It was marked with today's date and with random items listed against their corresponding prices. He examined it for a few minutes and then placed it inside a fresh evidence bag.


"Gibbs, we should be out there, who knows where she is. She could be half way back to Israel by now!"

"Don't be stupid DiNozzo. She isn't going anywhere, she won't let that happen."

"Who knows what these Mossad bastards are capable of. We're not talking about Probie taking her on."

"Hey!" McGee protested from his desk.

"These goons have had the same training as her. There's probably more than just the two of them."

"You're forgetting one thing." Gibbs interjected with his calm and rational voice, the one he always used in the midst of chaos and drama. "She's not just an assassin anymore," he quoted her. "They all have the Mossad training, but she's got the heart and the brains of an NCIS agent now."

"GIBBS... GIBBS... GIBBS!" Abby screeched as she rapidly shuffled in her platforms into the room.

"What-cha got Abs?"

"did anyone see Aliza visit a 7-11 today?... I mean yesterday?" Gibbs looked at the boys as he knew between them that there wasn't a second of the day she had been without one of them.

"Not while she was with me." McGee stated barely looking up from his screen.

"No." Tony hastily stated as he walked towards the forensic scientist in an attempt to examine whatever it was in her hand carefully guarded by an evidence bag.

"This receipt McGee found, it's dated today."

"So what does that mean Abs?"

"While I'm not sure exactly what it means, what I do know is how much a bag of rice costs, and if this is real, she's been majorly overcharged."

"What are you talking about Abs?"

"I rang the store this receipt supposedly came from and found out the price of all these items, and not one of them matched the price on here." She stated, referring to the docket in her hand.

"Pull it up on the screen McGee," Gibbs ordered. With a few key strokes, a scanned copy of the receipt appeared on the large flat screen in the bull pen. All four NCIS employees huddled around to try and decipher what was going on. Listed on the docket were apples, rice, tapioca pudding, eggs and cat food.

"These are all completely random goods. Why would she want these? Why would she need cat food?"

"She doesn't DiNozzo. She's trying to tell us something." Gibbs scolded.

"Hey, check this out..." McGee interrupted after having concentrated so hard on the puzzle in front of him he'd completely ignored the bickering, as per normal. "If you look at all the items on the list and you use the first letter of each item, re-arrange them, you can make trace."

"It also spells caret." Tony pointed out. Everyone looked at him. "Not the kind you eat!"

"It's spelt C-A-R-A-T DiNozzo. Jeeze, buy a dictionary some time." McGee heckled, feeling only embarrassment for his co-workers dunce like qualities.

"I know that Probie." Tony replied snakily. "But I was referring to the kind spelt C-A-R-E-T." He saw the confused faces around him. "You know, like when you're proof reading and a word's been left out, and you draw a little upside down 'v' and then write the word above it. You know caret..." He tried to explain still confused by the looks that his three co-workers were giving him, "the name comes from the latin word carere meaning 'to lack' how am I the only one that knows about this? Didn't any of you ever go to primary school?" He laughed at a memory that flashed into his mind. "I tell you, Mrs Ramceed... we used to call her Mrs Rancid, she used to put those babies all over my work. Tommy and I would..."

"We're know what you're talking about DiNozzo, we're just stunned you know what they're called." Abby announced

"Oh, well there's a lot of things you don't know about me!" he said it in the way he usually phrased things to Ziva, with a hint of mystery, intrigue and seduction in his voice. It reminded him how much he needed her back, it didn't help that Gibbs head slapped him at the same time. "We need to get her back."

"Oh wow, oh wow." McGee scattered to his desk and grabbed a note book and pen. He started writing down numbers. "If you write down the items in order, as in the way you spell trace, and you look at the prices, it has enough digits to be a phone number. Boss, I think this is a message. I think she planted it there to help us find Ziva. She's on our side. She couldn't get out of her obligation to Mossad and so she left it there for us to get them both back."

"Run the number McGee," Gibbs ordered. Before he could even make it to his computer he froze dead in his tracks.

"NO." Could that word possibly have come from Tony's lips? McGee wondered, the word echoing through his head.