I'm so excited!

I met my new doctor today. Apparently, I'm gaining a bit of notoriety within this quaint little asylum I call home. Today I met with the good doctor Crane. He asked a few questions about why I'm driving away all of his doctors. The man is just gorgeous! A bit too cold for me, but I'll warm him up, if I get the chance. He wasn't quite…happy with the flirting I was doing, though. Cold man. But his eyes! A boy like me could just die for his eyes. I would die to have those eyes. Mine are just green. Lovely enough, but not like the good doctor Crane's.

Ah, I've gotten off track. As I was saying, he asked me why I was chasing away all his doctors. I said that he needed more resilient ones that didn't put so much trust in a pretty face and a quiet voice. He nodded! If you could've seen me then, my babies! I was positively blushing. He didn't like that either, but didn't say anything so he wouldn't have to risk an answer from me. Then he looked at the door to make sure it was closed, for some reason, and then asked me if I wanted to see something of his, something in his briefcase apparently. I said yes, wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying because I was a bit distracted by that pretty boyish face of his, and he was reaching into his briefcase when that damnable secretary buzzed him and said that someone needed him. Damn that bitch!

Crane said that we'd have to talk about it later. I was very disappointed. But I do get to talk with him later, which means I get to see him again! Oh, I wonder what I should wear? Orange Arkham jumpsuit, or the orange Arkham jumpsuit with blood on it? Nasty shanking incident I was involved with there; I was the aggressor, unsurprisingly. Isolation again. I might as well live in the isolation room, which I do. But I do wonder what Dr. Crane wanted to show me? I suppose I'll find out later on. I hope he and I can get to know one another better; all girls love the assholes that treat them wrong, and I'm no different. Crane is the coldest of the cold, but he's so cute!

Even if he doesn't want to get together with me, I can always keep those lovely eyes of his. Maybe only one, if I still fancy him by the time I fall for another pretty face and decide that Crane is old news. Crane can still get around with just one eye; two is just greedy. I mean, I would be scandalized if I lost an eye, but it's different. I'm a woman, and women have to be beautiful. Shameless whores! We have to be shameless whores. Gorgeous shameless whores, but nonetheless, shameless whores.

Still, Jonathan should be happy that I'm being so generous! When I decide he's last year's model, I'll just pull out one eye and keep it for myself. If he starts being too much of a bother to deal with, though, I'll just take both of them as payment for whatever trouble he's given me. But until then, Jonny Crane is the only one for me. Until then. Goodnight, babies; the guards are becoming more militant in their patrolling, and I would just die if I lost this little tape. It's become a good companion for me. Goodnight!