1+3 RE-ACT

On an alternative night…….

Arawn slowly opened the door of his chamber and peeped inside. No one was there.

"Fuh, luckily." he thought, as he was feeling drowsy. He entered his chamber and shut the door tight. Then he went up to his bed and laid on it, and not long he fell into his deep sleep.

Later that night, Arawn was still sleeping soundly. Suddenly the door was being pushed open quietly, and a dark figure appeared by the side of the door.

"Heh heh heh." that mysterious figure gave out a sly laugh behind that foxy mask.


The next morning………….

"Mmmmphhh….." Arawn awaken. He realized there was something amiss about his bed that morning. He turned to his left and ……….


He froze in horror. Riannon was sleeping next to him. He startled, and then turned to his right…..


Octavia was cuddling near him, sleeping soundly. His eyes caught a glimpse of her bare shoulders. Could it be she wasn't wearing anything on her at the moment? There seemed to be another pair of legs dangling near her. Those legs belonged to Morgan. Apparently she fell off the bed while sleeping with Arawn as well, and then Octavia sneaked into her place instead.

"Mmphh… ahhh… Arawn…." Morgan mumbled in her sleep.

"What's …. what's going on?" Arawn's mind was getting confused. No wonder he felt his body a little weird that day. He tried to get up, but found it difficult to move his legs. He looked down at his legs below the blanket, and……


Yet another surprise. Llyr was sleeping on his legs. There was no more space on the bed, so she ended up sleeping with his legs as the pillow.

"Mmmm…" Llyr seemed to be having a sweet dream.

"What should I do? What should I do?" Arawn's mind was still confused.

"Arawn! Rise and Shine!" Arthur pushed open the door and entered. "What taking you………?"

He noticed the girls sleeping with Arawn on his bed. Arthur's face was filled with terror.

"OI oi, it's not what you think! IT's a… it's a…." Arawn panicked.

"Arawn! What's all this? How could you be so erotic and greedy?" Arthur exclaimed.

"Oi, I told you. It was a misunderstanding….. I mean…."

"They are your wives, but I cannot believe you're the greedy type!"


"Hurry up and get dressed up! We still have to go hunting." Arthur left the chamber. Before he slammed the door, "You better don't upset Riannon with your behavior, or I won't forgive you." he slammed the door shut.

"Oh man." Arawn could only groaned. He was already feeling down, like having a bad hair day. The four of his wives were still sound asleep.