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'Bang, bang, bang.'

What the fuck is that? Not lifting my head off the pillow I slowly listen to the sounds filling my apartment, slamming, banging and a hoover? Who is fucking hoovering? Wait, who is in my fucking apartment?

Sitting up I quickly look around the room to see if I can use anything on the intruder. I can handle myself pretty well, I work out and can pack a punch when need be, but still. 'Man the fuck up.' I told myself getting off the bed and opening the door to the hall. My eyes fixed upon a short black-haired woman with her back towards me hoovering. Hoovering in my fucking apartment, she doesn't even live here. How the hell did she get in here?

"Alice!" I snap at her, she spins round smiling.

"Hey Jazz, did I wake you?" No, of course you didn't. I'm used to this shit all the time. Of course you fucking woke me dumb-ass.

"Yeah, just what are you doing?" I asked her walking passed her and into the kitchen to get something to drink. Fuck. My head is killing me and my mouth feels like I've licked the fucking pavement. I didn't lick the pavement again, did I? Okay think back to last night. What did you do last night? The bar....drink....dance.....more drink.....even more drinking........no, I think I'm good.

"Silly, you have that new roommate coming by today to check the place out. I wanted to make sure everything was presentable." Turning the hoover back on she continued hoovering.

Fuck. I had forgotten about that. It had smacked me in the face hard the day I found out that Emmett was moving out and in with Rosalie, his long term girlfriend.


"Yo Jazz, you got a minute?" Emmett walked into my room while I was busy trying to go through the pile upon pile of crap my students had sent me for their history essay. Did any of them learn anything or did they just think they could copy a book and pass it off as their own?

"Yeah sure, what's up?" Moving myself away from the continual crap that faced me on my laptop.

"Err, you know I love you man and everything. I've had a blast, and you know with me and Rose...." He trailed off. Oh please no don't tell me what I think I you're going to tell me.

"I'm moving out and in with her." Relief washed over me, for a second I thought he was going to tell me that he was moving out. Wait.....what.....no.....

I sat there frozen on the spot. I always knew that one day one of us would go and move out but this apartment hadn't come cheap, in fact it was costing a small fortune to keep. It was one of the most desirable spots in town, people were on a waiting list to get their hands on one of these babies. Just a short walk from the town and all the local hot spots, the clubs, the restaurants, the designer shops, it was perfect. Not to mention the space these babies came with, my bedroom was two and half times the size of the one at my mom's. The living room had these great big patio doors which opened outward onto a nice sized balcony. Oh god, I loved this place.

"Jazz...Jazz...oh shit, he's gone into shock" I heard Emmett's voice sounding concerned and a little pleading.

"No I'm...wow....you're moving out?" I got out the words. I didn't think about it, I just opened my mouth and let them roll out. We had been living here for two years, six months into the new move Emmett met Rosalie. Who was....once you got to know her...alright. Shit. I can't afford this place on my own.

"I know, dude. I'm sorry, but me and Rose... and well you love this place more than I do.... I'm not going just yet. I'll give you some time to find someone else to move in before I go if you like." So thoughtful but I'm not a baby.

Emmett and I had known each other for years, since we were fourteen. We met in high school and have been friends ever since. There is a group of us who all grew up together and we still have that same close bond we used to have back then.

But finding someone new... As in they don't know me, I don't know them. God, this is going to be a nightmare.

"It's fine Em, you can move out right away. You don't have to wait around." I told him truthfully, and it was true. He could go right away. I would still be faced with the whole I don't know this person from shit and for all I know...

Stop it! Right now! I told myself before letting my mind get carried away.

"Thanks dude, I'm sure you'll find someone. You never know, you could just meet your dream guy" Emmett chuckled while I cringed. That was another thing, what if this person had a problem with gays? I know it's not taboo anymore but some people are really stuck in their ways and don't like it. I'm so comfortable here in my own home. I'm proud to be what I am, I've never shied away from being gay. I came out when I was sixteen and I've never looked back. Everyone I know has been fine with it and Emmett thinks nothing of walking around in just his boxers in front of me, or if I bring a guy home. What about the new person?

Should I tell whoever it is that I'm gay right away in case they don't want the room? Or should I keep it to myself and find out about them first?

What the fuck Jasper, you're thinking of hiding? Snap the fuck out of it.

"Yo Jazz, are you sure you're alright? You spaced out on me twice there." Emmett asked.

"Yeah I'm just thinking." I answered

"Whoever it is will be fine with you being you and if they're not, then they can leave." Emmett said.

"I know, but telling people I'm gay at work is different form telling someone who could be living with you. What if they think I'm going to be wanking all over them or....." I said worried.

"Jasper, dude seriously chill out. Stop your little diva moment for a minute and get back to reality. Just let them know and leave it there. I'm sure they won't give a fuck, hell I don't." Emmett said.

"Thanks" True, he really didn't and he was right, my 'diva moments' as he called them were me acting like a child and over thinking shit.

"So when are you moving out?" I asked him.

"A few weeks. I need to get things sorted first." Emmett told me.

End flashback

That was two months ago, Emmett left three weeks ago. I was going to put the add up, but finals were coming up and I was rushed with students trying to cram in all the things they should of being paying attention over the last year. Why do I do my job I ask myself some days?

Three days ago I placed an ad and got five calls within the first half hour of it being up. I was meeting guy number 5 today. The first four had been nothing short of wrong. One was an ex-student of mine, so not him. One was so far off his face I wondered if he had just walked in here thinking this was where his next party was taking place, again another no. One was old and sounded too much like my dad, with his rules of needing everything turned off and peaceful by ten pm to get his sleep. He never got to see the room. The last one was....well the best out of the others, so far. Not really what I wanted to share my home with, I told him I was gay and he was really into me. He said "That's great, do you wear woman's clothes? I do, I sometimes like to go out in them too." He then went on to show me pictures of when he was dressed as 'Victoria'. Please remove yourself from the property, the words screamed around my head. I didn't have a problem with anyone doing whatever turned them on, I couldn't really judge but I drew the line there.

I was hoping, no, praying to all gods out there that this last one was going to be normal or somewhat normal.

Taking my coffee and slumping down on the sofa I looked out over the bright sunlit sky, bored. I was bored. I knew moving would only result in Alice making me do something. Not that I can't clean, I could and kept things clean in the apartment. However, if I could get someone else to do it for me I would.

I could open the laptop and look at my planner for the next term of school, which was about to start again in three days time, but I just couldn't get myself into gear to do that. Screw it, I'll watch some day time crap for a while. I have... three hours till the next possible roommate showed up, plenty of time.

"Jazz" I heard my name being called followed by the front door slamming shut. I would have to talk to my friends about this. I didn't mind but the new person could.

"I'm in here Jake." I called turning off the TV. Thing was we all had keys to each others homes. We didn't think anything of it, we all trusted each other. And the door would be dead bolted if I didn't want anyone in because I was busy.

"Give me that now!" Alice screamed at I can only guess Jake. "Don't you dare eat it, I've just vacuumed."

"Woman I'm staving here. Yo Jazz, help me out here." Jake said.

Getting up I walked into the kitchen. Jake was holding a plate above his head. He was what 6'5? Maybe a little more and Alice was well 4 ft nothing, jumping up and down trying to get the plate off him. She was fighting a losing battle, but so was Jake. He couldn't eat, the moment he moved that plate Alice would tear it clean out of his hands.

"Guys, come on." I tried to calm the situation down a little but it fell on deaf ears.

"I won't make a mess. I promise." Jake crossed his heart with his other hand. It was a sight to see someone of Jake's size acting like a child in front of someone who was smaller than most of the kids I taught for a living. But the little pixie could be fucking scary when she got going.

"How long has she been here?" Jake sat down next to me defeated from Alice.

"God knows, I got woken up by her hoovering and that was about half an hour ago. Where's Bella?" I asked him.

Jake had been dating Bella for about six months, this was round number four I think. They started in high school and have been on and off ever since.

"Hiding from the evil one for fear of shopping." Jake said in a dark voice.

"Dude keep the bedroom tone just there." I couldn't help but laugh thinking about when we all went camping and everyone had heard this dark tone coming from their tent, there 'role playing' could be a little weird.

"That was one time and it was years ago." Huffing he stood up. "What's this new guy like? Do you want me to hang around and make sure he's cool?" Jake asked me.

"Nah its cool. He can't be any worse than the freaks I've already seen." I answered.

"True. I'm out of here, later buddy." He said.

Jake wandered into the kitchen first and picked up a cookie walking towards the front door just near where Alice was.

"Bye Alice." He said stuffing as much as of the cookie in his mouth as he could. Alice's face hardened over looking set to kill as she watched Jake break crumbs on the floor before slamming the door shut. She turned and glared at me.

"I'm going for a shower Al." Heading into the shower I flicked the hot water giving it time to heat up before stepping in. I looked at myself in the mirror. My dirty blonde curls hung all over the place, my blue eyes stared back at me. I ran my hand down my chest feeling the muscles. How long had it been since someone touched me? My cock twitched. Too long.

I had spent years working on my body. I was nowhere near the size of Emmett or Jacob who where nothing short of huge, but I was lean and well defined. My muscles did show, paying for all my hard work I had put in at the gym. Sighing I got in the shower.

What did it matter? The only action I was getting was my morning wank. Speaking of which, my cock began to twitch and throb. Stepping under the now hot shower I began to stroke myself, running my fingers over the shaft and tip before grabbing hold of it. Moving my hand up and down slowly at first I ran my thumb over the tip every now and then. I began to pump a little faster letting my mind wander and coming up with different fantasies to get me off.

I soon found myself thrusting my hips into my hand as the build up began to get stronger. Gripping my hand tightly around my hardened cock I pumped faster and harder, a small groan escaping my lips as I began to feel my balls tighten. Placing my other hand on the wall for support I pumped and thrust harder and faster. I was panting hard as my mind raced with fantasies, my back arched and a groan left my lips a little too loudly as I shot stream after stream of hot cum on the shower wall.

Once my breathing had returned to normal I cleaned up both myself and the wall before stepping out. Pulling a towel out I wrapped it around my waist before looking at myself in the mirror. I ran a brush through my blonde curls and walked out of the bathroom. Alice was standing there, arms crossed, waiting.

"About bloody time. You do know how long you've got, don't you?" Alice said tapping her watch.

"Relax, I have shit loads of time before he gets here." I started to walk towards my bedroom.

"You don't, you have half an hour." Half an hour? Fuck. Where had the time gone? Surely I hadn't been in there all that time, had I? Crap.

I moved towards my bedroom door. Pushing it open I noticed clothes on my bed, I looked at Alice and raised an eyebrow at her "I thought you would look good in them. I've saved you time." She smiled and walked into the bathroom. She had saved me time, I didn't know what to put on with Alice around. I had managed to keep her clear of here when the last four turned up but this time she had attacked. I couldn't argue though as she cleaned my apartment for me. If I wasn't gay I would want to marry that woman.

I dressed quickly in the jeans and button down she had laid out. My hair had started to dry out and was forming into curls. Pulling my watch on I looked at the time. 11:50 am. Ten minutes to go. Walking out of the room I was met with Alice who ran her hands through my hair.

"What are you doing?" I asked her pointlessly I know, but still had to ask.

"There. I made it look better. Right, I want all the details tonight. I've put coffee on so offer him one, okay?" She started to pull at my shirt the way your mother does just before you meet a long lost family member or someone important. Fuck. Thank god she isn't staying.

"I will Al, bye bye." I gave her a little peck on the cheek and pushed her out the door. The apartment was shining. Alice had down her magic and made it look more like a show home rather than a home.

I paced the floor waiting. No point in sitting, the moment my butt touched the chair the doorbell would go so I stood waiting. At bang on midday the doorbell went. Okay Jasper here we go, the last one. Please don't be a freak, please don't be a freak, I chanted to myself as I opened the door. I was met by a tall bronze-haired man. His hair was all over the place but it somehow looked sexy as fuck. You could tell he worked out but hadn't overdone it, his strong shoulders slightly hunched forward. Then I saw them. I looked up and looked right into the greenest eyes I've ever seen, almost like a forest green. I could go and jump right in them now and swim for days. I was becoming aware that I was staring and I shook my head to shake any dirty little thoughts out. "I'm Edward Cullen. I'm here to see the room." He spoke. His voice sounded so musical, deep and husky. Fuck!

"Um....Yeah come in. I'm Jasper by the way, would you like a cup of coffee?" I watched him run his long fingers through that beautiful bronze hair. He looked nervous as hell as his eyes cast down to the floor.

"Yeah sure." His voice was so low now, like he had used up all his courage in just a few little words.

Pushing the door open I led him in to the kitchen. "Kitchen" I told him. What are you retarded now? Don't you teach history at the college? That requires some sort of intelligence, but here you go and state the obvious.

"Yeah." His voice low again. Not making eye contact, he kept shifting from foot to foot. He was just a little shorter than me, maybe all of an inch.

"Milk and sugar?" I asked him. I was feeling awkward now.

"Please, two sugars." He said.

I watched him out the corner of my eye look around the kitchen. He didn't really seem to look at that much detail, he obviously just wanted to put his eyes somewhere. I passed him the cup and led him to what would be his room and said "It's a great sized room, all of them are. You can fit a lot in here."

He looked around the room, his brow pulled together. He looked almost frustrated, maybe it was more concern and worry than frustration. "It's good." He spoke so low I almost missed it. I watched him take a sip of coffee and saw his hands shaking. God was I scaring him that much?

"I'll show you the rest of the apartment." I told him.

"It's fine. Shall we get down to business?" His voice was a little higher this time and I noticed for the first time how he conducted himself when he spoke. He was clearly educated.

"Sure." I said and walked into the living with him closely behind me. He looked so scared as he sat down, I could see his form shaking just slightly.

"A few questions. Do you smoke? Take drugs? Have any pets? And will it bother you that I'm gay?" I watched his face to try and see what reaction he was going to give me. His face never moved.

"First one, sometimes. Second, only the ones the doctor gives me. No pets. And no, it doesn't bother me." His voice had dropped again. Looking at him he seemed to be trying to compact his 6'2 frame into the smallest space he could. I could live with this, not a problem.

"Here is the list of the bills that would be split fifty/fifty." I passed him the sheet of paper and watched as he never looked at it but placed it in his pocket.

"The first month's rent would be due the day you moved in." I told him.

"That's fine." His voice sounded as if it was going to break. I wasn't freaked out by him, I was concerned. I wanted to hug him and ask him if he was okay, if something was on his mind. I felt safe having him in this apartment, even though he was a complete stranger to me.

"The room is yours. If you want to take it?" I asked him.

"Um...yeah.....that's fine......um when can I move in?" Edward asked me.

"Well whenever, I'll be back at school in three days. I teach history there so you can move in before then or while I'm at work. Whichever is easier for you." I answered.

"Tuesday would be good for me, if that's okay. If you would rather it be sooner..." Edward said.

Cutting him off I said "No, no, not at all. You'll have a key anyway so just move in when you're ready."

I passed him the contract that had been drawn up. It had the regular bullshit in it. He never read it, he just signed it. I noticed his signature was perfectly neat, in beautiful script hand writing. What the fuck? You're calling his handwriting beautiful? Are you that that desperate to get laid? In a word. Yes! "Right, well here's your key. I don't know if you drive but around the back of the building is the car park. Here's the code to get through the gates." As I passed it to him I noticed he wasn't shaking as much this time around.

"Thanks" He stood and walked to the door. I followed him.

"Well welcome to the apartment. I'm sure we will get along great." I offered my hand out. Apart from it being the polite thing to do I wanted to feel his skin on mine. Fuck you don't even know if he's gay. All this because of some green colored eyes and bronze hair?

"Yeah" He shook my hand. A warm fuzzy feeling ran up my arm and around my body, almost like getting a shock but not as strong. I was fixed holding his hand, staring into his eyes. He pulled his hand back and snapped his head away. "Goodbye. I guess I'll see you Tuesday." He shifted again looking uncomfortable.

"Err yeah. Tuesday it is." I watched as he walked back down the long corridor towards the lift. My apartment was on the sixth floor, right at the top of the building. No wonder it cost so much. When you looked out on the patio at night you could see half the city in lights. It was a beautiful site, romantic almost, well I found it romantic.

Closing the door behind me I picked up the discarded mugs. He had only drunk half his coffee. Did he not like it? Maybe he was more of a tea person? Should I buy some tea? I know there isn't any here apart from herbal tea that I drink every once in awhile. Yeah, I'll buy some. I want him to feel at home when he moves in. In fact I may as well go food shopping.

Picking up the phone I dialed Seth's number calling him. "Seth you free?" Seth was currently dating Alice. He was some sort of relation to Jacob, cousins or something, good guy.

"Yeah what's up?" Seth asked

"Nothing. I'm heading to the store. Want to come with me?" I asked him.

"Sure, be there in ten." He answered.

He only lived about five minutes away. Was there a reason for me calling Seth out of all my other friends? Hell yes. I could make him stand and look at what tea to buy and he wouldn't give a shit about it.

Standing there in the supermarket I was looking at all the different types of tea you can buy. Do they really need to sell all of these? Was there a difference in taste? I know they have about fifty different types of coffee but all in all it tasted the same. What was the difference between a circled tea bag and a pyramid one?

Seth was busy reading the label's picking what he thought would be the best one. We had been standing here for ten minutes already.

"Whitlock." I heard his voice boom down the aisle to where I was. Pushing his trolley in front of him, tagged by Rosalie was Emmett. He looked at Seth and then back at me, then back at Seth who was still picking tea. "Jazz what are you doing?" Emmett asked. Oh crap.

"I'm buying tea." Was my wonderful reply. I'm buying tea... No fucking shit Jasper.

"Dude you don't drink the stuff so why would you buy tea.....Oh wait is this because of the new roommate?" He asked me.

"I think he may drink tea so I thought I would pick some up while I was food shopping." Did I sound as sad as I thought I did? I'm a creature of habit, I don't like things to get all messed up and disturbed. When something is pulled out of its place I tend to go into overdrive trying to fix it. Of course this new guy moving in was throwing everything off balance. Which had led me to believe that I needed to buy tea just so he could drink it and not feel like he has to drink the coffee I placed in his mug.

"Right so you know he likes tea because?" Rosalie piped in.

"Because he didn't drink his coffee." Thanks Seth. Rosalie giggled while Emmett chuckled.

"Dude all of this because he didn't drink your coffee? You know you can be really weird sometimes." Emmett and everyone else had gotten use to my habits and knew that sometimes I had to be pulled back in before I went overboard.

"I know, but I thought....." I trailed off. What did you really think Jasper? You don't even know if he likes tea you just jumped ahead. For someone who carefully thinks things through you went right against the grain on this one.

Rosalie just randomly picked up the nearest pack of tea and thrown it in the trolley. She cut an end to the obsessive tea making choice and was now pushing out of the supermarket and towards the car, firing question after question at me. You had to love her; she was being caring right now wanting to know if I would be okay with a new roommate.

By the time I got home I was dead. I had been mentally drained by Rosalie who was now fully happy with what I had told her. Pulling a beer from the fridge I grabbed my laptop and sat down. I may as well start my term plan, I couldn't put it off any longer. Tuesday would soon be here.