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Chapter 2

"Wow, nice digs," Tony said, looking around as he Gibbs, McGee and Ziva walked through the Jeffersonian Institute. They were trailed by Ducky and Palmer who were wheeling the body in on a gurney. Booth, Brennan and Clarke weren't far behind them. "You know what movie this reminds me of?"

"A silent one," Gibbs replied in a warning tone.

"Exactly, boss," Tony replied, not wanting to cross Gibbs. "Be extra nice to Gibbs," Tony whispered as he fell back into step with Ziva and McGee. "He's got to play with others today. The man's gotta be feeling the pressure." Gibbs stopped walking, causing Tony, Ziva and McGee to come to an abrupt halt behind him. Gibbs turned around and Tony knew immediately that he had overheard him. Ducky and Palmer passed them with the body.

"Speaking of playing with others," Gibbs said. "You can stay with the Jeffersonian staff while they work on the body, Dinozzo. We should have someone from NCIS connected with all parts of the investigation. It's your lucky day." Tony looked crestfallen at the idea of being left out of the early stages of the investigation but he knew that further protest would lead to a worse punishment.

"In case the FBI mess up?" McGee asked.

"The FBI doesn't mess up," Booth said, annoyed as he, Brennan and Clarke passed the NCIS team.

"Oh no, I didn't mean…" McGee started to reply, but Booth kept walking. McGee blushed as his eyes briefly met those of Doctor Brennan. Ziva smiled a little, noticing this.

"Way to make an impression, McGee" Gibbs murmured, sipping his coffee as he turned and started walking again.

When they reached the forensics laboratory, the NCIS team were greeted by Cam.

"I'm Doctor Saroyan," she said extending her hand to the team who, in turn, shook it. "I'll be conducting the autopsy with Doctor Mallard. You can go through to Doctor Brennan's office where they'll be working on the investigation." Gibbs nodded in response.

"He's a man of few words," Tony whispered to Cam.

"Agent Dinozzo will be staying with your team," Gibbs said to Cam before walking to Brennan's office where, through the glass walls, he could see Brennan and Booth talking.

"It's actually Special Agent Dinozzo, but you can call me Tony," Tony said with a smile at Cam. Cam smiled back but remained guarded after the things that Booth had whispered in her ear about Tony as he'd walked past just a minute earlier.

Gibbs, McGee and Ziva walked into Brennan's office where Booth had stuck a gruesome photograph of the deceased's body on a white board next to two photographs of the recent murder victims which had also been found in navy uniforms.

"Any evidence to indicate foul play on the third body?" Gibbs asked Brennan.

"There was nothing to indicate the cause of death at the scene," Brennan replied. After the initial autopsy I'll have a closer look at the bones."

"It's pretty safe to assume that we're looking at another murder," Booth said. "Or else it's one hell of a coincidence."

"There's no such thing as coincidences" McGee and Ziva said in unison as Gibbs sipped his coffee.

"All three victims were found in different parts of the woods, all in navy uniforms adorned with war medals," Booth explained. "Bones here found that they died from blunt force trauma to the skull. So far we've been unable to identify the weapon responsible."

"Bones?" McGee asked.

"I work with bones," Brennan explained matter of factly.

"And you write amazing novels," McGee gushed.

"Yes, I know," Brennan replied.

"Anyway," Booth said, trying to get back on topic. "The lack of defensive injuries seemed to indicate that the first two victims were surprised by the attack or that-"

"They knew their attacker," Ziva said, finishing his sentence.

"Right," Booth said with a little smile at her, which Brennan couldn't help noticing.

"Gibbs! Gibbs!" Abby said excitedly running into Brennan's office, her platform shoes making loud noises against the hard floors of the Jeffersonian. "Look what I found!" Abby grinned.

"She's unusually happy for someone of the gothic subculture," Brennan said to Booth as she observed Abby.

"What've you got, Abs?" Gibbs asked as he leaned in to the pair of tweezers that Abby was holding."

"A hair?" McGee asked, wondering what the significance was.

"Not just any hair," Abby said, proudly. This was found on the uniform of the victim. It could lead us to the killer. The victim had blonde hair. This hair is as black as mine."

"You can't say definitively that the deceased is a murder victim," Brennan spoke up. "The autopsy hasn't even been completed yet."

"There's no such thing as coincidences," McGee and Ziva said again.

"Actually-" Brennan spoke up, but stopped when Booth shook his head at her. "But, Booth," Brennan said to him. "You can't solve a case by eliminating-"

"There are two things that I believe in," Abby said, interrupting Brennan. One: science." Brennan smiled at this. "Two: Gibbs' gut. And you will too."

"What war medals were found on the other two victims?" Gibbs asked Booth before Brennan could reply. Booth looked briefly at the case notes.

"The first victim was found with a navy cross and a joint service achievement medal and the second victim was found with a good conduct medal and a navy and Marine Corps commendation medal."

"And you think the first two victims were civilians?" Gibbs asked Booth.

"We haven't found matches in the missing persons databases but military records indicate that they weren't navy or Marine Corps." Gibbs turned to Abby.

"Go through the records and isolate anyone who has received those medals as well as a silver star and purple heart."

"You think someone from the navy did this?" Booth asked.

"It's the best lead we have so far," Gibbs replied.


Two hours later, Ducky sighed and removed his gloves.

"Nothing," he said to Cam. "Shall we complete further x-rays of the body now, Doctor Saroyan?"

"We prefer a different approach here, Doctor Mallard," Cam replied.

"X-ray vision?" Jimmy joked. No body laughed.

"We clean the bones and Doctor Brennan examines them. We've had an impressive track record this way."

"How do you clean the bones?" Tony asked, feeling ill after watching the complete autopsy.

"Flesh eating bugs or boiling the bones until the flesh melts off," Hodgins said approaching them. "That's where I come in."

"Lovely," Tony said, his stomach churning. "Glad I asked."

"Awesome," Abby said, following Hodgins. "Can I watch?"

"Yeah!" Hodgins replied, enthused that she was interested.

"I got the blood work back," Abby said, handing a piece of paper to Cam. "The victim had no alcohol or drugs in his system at the time of his death."

"I have something, guys!" Angela shouted out. Cam, Hodgins and Abby headed to her office and were followed by Booth, Brennan and the NCIS team. "Wow, there's a lot of you," she exclaimed as they filled her office. She spotted Tony trying to work his way to the front. "Wow," she said. "I mean, I'm Angela."

"Tony," Tony replied with a flirtatious smile.

"Nice to meet you, Tony," Angela said, smiling flirtatiously back. Cam noisily cleared her throat, hinting for Angela to get back to the job at hand.

"As I was saying," Angela said, trying to regain her composure. "I've finished a 3D rendering of the victim's face and this is what I've got." Angela stepped back so that everyone could see the face of the male on the monitor. She pressed a button and the face rotated. The victim had chiselled features, blonde hair and striking deep brown eyes. His skin was tanned and he looked to be aged in his early to mid thirties. "I have his face running through the missing person's data base and-" she was interrupted by a beeping sound coming from her computer.

"You have a hit," Tony said with a smile. Angela turned and smiled back at him.

"William Lippmann," Angela said, reading the match. "Aged 34, from DC. It says here that he's a lawyer."

"So basically it's gonna be a long list of people who'd want him dead," Tony said.

"We don't know that it was a murder yet," Brennan said once again, exasperated.

"So why was he wearing a navy uniform?" McGee asked.

"And wearing someone else's medals?" Ziva asked.

"I think we should call Sweets in," Booth said, pulling his cellphone out of his pocket.

"Who?" Tony asked.

"Our FBI psychologist and profiler," Booth answered as he dialled Sweets' number.

"Gibbs," Abby said as a beep sounded from where her laptop was set up. "The search on the medals is finished." Gibbs followed Abby to the laptop and everybody else followed. "One match," Abby announced. "Gunnery Sergeant Graham Walter." Her face fell. "He died in 2006. His medals were reported stolen by his widow almost a month ago during a home break in."

"I'll go talk to his widow," Booth said from the doorway.

"I'll go with you," Ziva spoke up quickly from behind him. Gibbs nodded.

"And we have a DNA match for the hair that we found on the victim's body," Abby said excitedly. Everybody crowded around as she clicked on a link. "He was convicted of driving under the influence three years ago." A man's face filled the screen. Brennan gasped. "His name is-" Abby started.

"Jacob Carey," Brennan spoke up. Her face had paled noticeably.

"Do you know him, Bones?" Booth asked, concerned.

"I was with him last night," Brennan said in disbelief. "We've been dating for about a month."