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Here it is my first DC based fic and my reimagining of the DC universe. The main character will be an OC but other focus characters will be Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman. Well hope everyone enjoys the first part, more action will come in the future.

Planet of the Bravest

Prologue: The Trinity and the arrival

On one planet it is the year 1981, yet on another it is the year of destruction. A planet had reached the pinnacle of its technological power and scientific wisdom. This planet was believed to be a Utopia, free of disease and crime. But this planets step towards advancement proved to be its undoing. Soon, the planet would be destroyed; leaving nothing but rocks as the evidence that it existed. And yet even some small hope remains. The people of this planet were very similar in appearance to the humans of Earth. They shared the same emotions, a black haired man walked with his wife through their diamond palace; they walked towards the last hope of their child's safety.

"If only the council listened to you Jor-El, this disaster could have been averted" The beautiful blonde haired woman stated, clutching the baby in her arms.

"Alas, their wisdom has proven to be nothing by arrogance…Lara please give him to me before it is too late" Jor-El said.

Lara kissed her sons forehead before giving him to her husband. Jor-El looked at his son Kal-El. Long ago, Jor-El had gone to the planet Earth and had learned of two humans Martha and Jonathan Kent. Both were kind and wise, and wanted a child more than anything. He trusted them to raise the last son of Krypton into a great man. Though he knew that the humans would give him a different name, Jor-El made sure his son would never forget where he came from. First was the crystal that would activate the fortress Jor-El had built on Earth. That Fortress would be Kal-El's place of solitude, a place where he could learn of his parents and his birthplace. Secondly was a symbol that Jor-El had come to love. He put the child into the rocket he had prepared, covering his son with a red blanket. Stamped to this blanket was a yellow shield, with an S shape at its centre. It was the Kryptonian symbol for hope.

The two parents watched their son's rocket take off, and then turned to one another. They bought their lips together, sharing their final moment before their world was lost. The rocket flew towards the blue planet of Earth and landed precisely where Jor-El wanted it to land. John and Martha Kent ran out to their fields where the rocket had landed, whilst other meteorites hit the small town of Smallville. Martha gasped as John walked out of the crater holding this child. That was the beginning of the story of the Last son of Krypton.

Eight years later, on the same planet where Krypton's last son now resided began another's story. The city of Gotham was a wasteland, crime filled the streets and the cops and politicians did nothing but accept bribes or turn a blind eye to the poverty and crime. But there were those who didn't turn their backs, the people who lived in luxury with their billion dollar companies. They could have turned their backs but didn't. One such man now sat with his wife and child, watching an opera performance. Thomas Wayne smiled as his son fidgeted in his seat. The Black haired boy really didn't like the rich life style, he would constantly try to explore the world outside of Wayne Manor, driving their faithful butler Alfred crazy with concern. Thomas turned his eyes back to the opera, smiling as the dancers began their performance.

Bruce really did try his best to remain focused on the opera, it was only when the dancers came up that he actually paid attention. They were all dressed in black, moving their arms around and crowding round one another. Other people thought they were impressive, but to Bruce they reminded him too much of the bats. Quite recently, young Bruce had fallen into a well. He still remembered the bats screeching in his ears, crowding around him. His father told him that he frightened them, but he couldn't of. Little Bruce Wayne wasn't a frightening person. Damn not only was opera boring but the dancers were like bats.

"Dad…can we go?" Bruce asked, tugging on his fathers arm.

"What's wrong Bruce?" Thomas asked, noticing the panic in his son's voice.

"Please dad I just want to go"

Thomas nodded his head and rose from his seat. The Wayne's walked out of the theatre's back entrance.

"Thomas, why did we have to go, Mr Luthor told us that the ending was magnificent to watch" Martha Wayne said.

"I'm sorry Martha I just needed some air" Thomas lied. "A little opera goes a long way doesn't it Bruce?" He asked his son with a wink.

"Still do we have to go back to the mansion right away, we only go out for your visits to the hospital"

"Hmmm, how about we go to that Zorro film"

Bruce smiled and cheered at his father's suggestion. Husband and wife smiled and clutched their son's hands as they walked through the alleyway. They were inches from the edge, until a shabby man walked towards them. Bruce widened his eyes as the man drew a gun from his pocket.

"Give me your money and Jewellery fast!" He growled.

"All right…just take it easy okay" Thomas said, remaining calm whilst Bruce clung to his coat.

Thomas reached into his pocket, removing his wallet. He put the brown leather wallet into the thief's hand, remaining calm as he did it. The thief looked at the pearls on Martha's neck with a predatory stare.

"I SAID JEWELLERY TOO!!!" He yelled, clutching Martha's throat.

Thomas punched the man across the face, grabbing his wrist. Bruce stepped back, watching the confrontation with anticipation and concern for his father. Just as Thomas applied another punch to the thugs face, Bruce widened his eyes as the thief drew another gun from his pocket. Bruce memorised the scene he saw, for it would haunt him for the rest of his life. Two gunshots echoed down the infamous crime alley. As the criminal ran away, Bruce crawled towards his parent's fallen forms. Tears ran down his eyes as he looked at the two bodies. Martha had been shot in the head, whilst Thomas was shot in the gut. Thomas Wayne clutched his son's hand as he uttered his final words.

"Bruce…. don't be…afraid!"

It was that same year on the island of Themyscira that a young woman's story began. Diana was an Amazon, a race of immortal women raised as warriors on their paradise island. It was an island of order and wisdom, no crime or poverty. The Amazons believed that the presence of men was a corruption that led to selfishness and war. Young Diana had the appearance of a twenty-year-old woman. But she had actually lived for a hundred years, and in those hundreds of years men had always fascinated her. It wasn't the evil of men, but rather the good. Their bravery and strength, she began to grow distant from her people's teachings.

"Princess you must focus on your enemy's movements more" Diana's instructor, the golden haired Artemis said.

For the nineteenth time Diana had bee knocked down by the older warrior. She was wearing usual training uniform, based on Greek armour. Removing her helmet, she waved her black hair around, enjoying the wind on her skin.

"Perhaps if you remained more focused on your training than your dreams of the outside world your mother would consider giving you the armour" Artemis said.

Diana swung her sword upwards, forcing Artemis to raise her shield. The princess of Themyscira threw her sword to the ground and ran at Artemis. She blocked a sword strike with her shield, and then ducked underneath another swing. Diana span her legs round, tripping Artemis onto the sand. Artemis tried to get up off the floor, but Diana wrapper her legs around her chest, and then grabbed her hands, twisting them and pushing them into her head. Diana contained a smile as she pushed Artemis's head into the sand. One part of being a warrior was maintaining discipline.

The Princess's hears twitched as she heard a clapping sound behind her. She turned her head round, to see her mother walking down the steps of Athena's temple. The Queen of Themyscira had an approving look on her face.

"Impressive Diana, where did you learn of such a technique?" She asked.

"Well mother, I saw a group of male monks use it in a friendly competition" Diana inwardly cursed herself, hoping her mother couldn't see behind her lie.

They weren't monks and the sport of wrestling was certainly not friendly. Nor did her mother really approve of Diana's visits into "mans world". But slowly the woman was beginning to see the positive effect that the outside world culture could have on her daughter. Despite Artemis's claims Diana was growing into a skilled warrior. The only question on the queen's mind was whether Diana was wise and noble enough to live up to her people.

"Diana…let me show you something"

Diana followed her mother into Athena's temple. In front of Athena's magnificent statue was the armour of the Amazonian kingdom. A red chest plate with a gold W symbol at its edge, a silver tiara and silver bracelets. And perhaps the greatest weapon of the Amazons, a golden lasso.

"There may come a day my daughter when you have to wear this armour…just remember our ideals when you do wear it, remember that mans world can corrupt your mind just as much as it can increase your skill"

The princess bowed as her mother left, then her eyes looked towards the armour. Her mother, though wise and strong was wrong. It wasn't just man that was corrupt, surely women were no different from men when it came to the concepts of greed and honour. Perhaps there would come a day when Diana wore this armour, but she wouldn't wear it just for women, she would wear it for whoever needed her strength. Her curiosity and love of the outside world would be what would drive her to defend it.

Many years would go by, and Earth would face many threats. But those threats would be overcome by the effort of its brave heroes. In the present year, an alien craft flew towards the Earth. Its hull was covered in battle scars and irreparable damage. The rockets pilot leant back in his seat, typing into his computer. His people had recovered small details of the planets history, like the rise of a figure known as Superman and a team called the Justice League. The alien wore a suit of bulky red armour, with a grey faceplate and red eyes. His silver hands typed rapidly, transferring some of the ships power to cooling systems as he entered the planets atmosphere.

"Computer…what is the Korwraith's ETA?" He asked weakly.

"Roughly fourteen Earth days, I am sorry but with my current data I am afraid I can not calculate their exact arrival" The computer said.

"Very well…the people of Earth must be warned, where are we landing?" The alien asked.

"A place the Earth meat bags call "the big apple" though why they refer to it as a fruit when it clearly does not resemble one is unknown sir"

"We must find someone…someone brave enough to help defend this planet"

"Very well sir, upon crash landing in the times of square I will begin scanning for a meat bag that is capable sir"

The alien smiled, he would miss his computers humour. Right now he needed to hold back death just a little longer, until he warned this planet of the coming invaders as well as find a human capable of inheriting his will.

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