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Planet of the Bravest

Chapter 9: A Korwraith!

Batman had planned for the current situation as best he could. Geoforce was the only member of his Outsiders that was available, despite his weakness when away from the ground he would still be of use. Nihlus was pinned to the wall by the bat jets nose cone, Batman had his finger on the jets thrusters control in case Nihlus had super strength he could use to push the jet away, this also accounted for any healing factor he might have. Plus the Justice League and Titans had enough numbers to overcome Nihlus. The former Sentry's gauntlet glowed as he clicked the button.

'More plans,' Batman thought, narrowing his eyes.

The Titans and League members turned to their left as they heard the wall click. After several more clicking sounds lines appeared on the wall, then the wall opened, like an elevator door two sections of the wall slid to the side. Geoforce and Black Lightning raised their hands while Green Lantern began wiping at the yellow paint across his uniform. Superman stepped in front of the group, ready to take anything that would rush out of that door. Alex ignited his beam blades, standing between Kid Flash and Martian Manhunter. Shuffling his feet, Nightwing twirled his sticks in his hands as Hawkman gripped his mace. Wonder Woman narrowed her eyes, pulling the two sides of her lasso and silently praying to Hera.

"Hera give me the strength and wisdom to defeat our opponent, guide my fists and my heart to a righteous path and protect my friends with your blessings…"

"Don't bother!" Batman interrupted, raising a blinking batarang.

The members of the Justice League widened their eyes as they recognised the being that walked out of the wall. Before they had seen hundreds of them swarming into armies. But when they saw this one they realised that what they were fighting was truly real. Batman threw his Batarang, hitting the creature in the head. The explosion was small, enough to blow some one's head off or knock back a super powered opponent. This did neither as the creature moved through the smoke. Its eyes were empty, devoid of any life. The creature's skin was a brown tar like substance and it moved slowly. One thing that the heroes took notice of was the fact that the creature standing before them towered over them.

"This…this Korwraith, what have you done to it?" J'onn asked.

"Regrettably I have had to modify it, I inserted DNA from that Giganta woman in order to turn the peaceful citizen into the ultimate weapon, unfeeling and quick to execute," Nihlus said.

The Leaguer's blinked and widened their eyes as the Korwraith appeared in front of Superman. One punch sent the man of steel flying into the wall, crashing through two rooms.

"QUICKLY ATTACK NOW!" Batman yelled, sliding down the glass of his cockpit.

The Dark Knight pushed his control sticks forward, igniting the bat jets thrusters. Nihlus growled as the nose cone dug deeper into his chest. Suddenly the Korwraith grew until it was bigger than the jet. It grabbed the end of the jet, making no sound as it pulled on the jets other side. Wonder Woman immediately took charge, flying straight towards the Korwraith with J'onn and Hawkman at her side.

"Rhino!" Vixen said, touching the amulet across her neck.

Vixen's feet dug into the ground as the silhouette of a rhino appeared around her. Beast Boy changed into a rhino and ran with Vixen straight towards the side of the Korwraith. Just when they were inches from slamming into the beast, a tentacle shot out of the Korwraith's gut and slapped Vixen and Beast Boy so hard that they were thrown against the wall.

"Damn that things stronger than it looks," Zatanna said.

"And it has no insides for me to attack," Atom said.

"Hold on guys, this Nihlus guy made one mistake when thinking of my weakness," Green lantern grunted, closing his eyes as he held out his ring. "He assumed I was a rookie lantern!"

With those words, green energy shot out of the ring, wiping away the paint and charging Lantern's costume with energy. His eyes glowed for a moment before he took flight. Throwing his arm out, Green lantern shot a giant fist from his ring, punching the Korwraith in the chest and throwing it off the bat jet. Batman pushed his jet forward, smashing it and Nihlus through multiple rooms of the airship. Cyborg widened his eyes as he watched the bat jet crash out of the side of the airship, flames and smoke rising from its wings and nose cone.

"Guys, Rikai says we need to hit it with everything we've got, we need to kill it," Alex said.

"Whose Rikai?" Speedy asked.

"Forget it Alex we don't kill," Superman said, flying out of the room he was smashed into.

The Korwraith swung its fist forward and through the loop of Wonder Woman's lasso. She tied the rope around the creature's wrist and pulled its arm aside, giving Hawkman and J'onn the openings they needed. The Martian slammed his fist into the Korwraith's head and Hawkman crashed his mace against the creature's chest. Superman gathered air into his lungs, and then blew a gust of air so powerful that it sent the Korwraith crashing against the wall. Powergirl flew through the holes that Batman had made and outside into the battle between Starfire and the silver androids.

"Starfire!" Powergirl called out.

She flew like a missile into one of the androids, grabbing another by its neck and throwing it away from Starfire. Powergirl fired her heat vision while Starfire launched a star bolt, both young women attacking the android in front of them. They grinded their teeth together as the android flew closer towards them, its armour slowly melting. Powergirl then swung her fist straight through the androids brittle head.

"Alex, for now forget the League, we need to locate the device that was taken from our ship," Rikai said.

'Our ship,' Alex thought.

"Alex…the survival of all sentient life on Earth depends on us finding that device, quickly!"

Alex nodded his head before flying out of the room. The Korwraith swung its arm towards Superman, who flew around it and slammed his fist into the Korwraith's face. Outside, Wonder Girl dodged a hail of missile and gunfire while Cyborg swooped downwards, bombarding the airship with the T-jet's cannons. Nihlus aimed his pistol at the bat jets cockpit, firing a shot that pierced through the glass and past Batman's head. Batman calmly increased speed, knocking over several androids as he flew the jet head first towards the airship.

"A kamikaze attack?" Starfire asked.

"I don't think Batman's that crazy," Power girl said.

The two young women watched as the jet flew closer and closer towards the airship.

"Okay maybe he is that crazy!" Power Girl gasped.

Suddenly, the glass cover of the cockpit flew off and Batman ejected out of the cockpit. He spread his cape out, using it as a glider as he drifted away from the jet. Nihlus merely grunted before the jet slammed into the airship. The explosion shook the ship itself, sending Speedy and Kid Flash stumbling across the floor. Hawkman swung his mace at the Korwraith's head and Kid Flash repeatedly hit the creature's legs. The attacks did little to affect the Korwraith as it grabbed J'onn and slammed him against the wall.

"Maybe we should be following the kid's advice on this one," Green Arrow said, shooting the Korwraith in the back with a volley of arrows.

He knocked another arrow back, releasing his trick buzz saw arrow. The arrow grinded against the Korwraith's shoulder before shattering to pieces, Black Canary tackled Green Arrow as the Korwraith swung its legs round.

"Thanks for the save pretty bird," Green Arrow said.

"Don't call me that!" Canary muttered.

"Sniahc parw!" Zatanna called out.

With a wave of her hands, Zatanna summoned a series of chains that wrapped themselves around the Korwraith. Geoforce then thrust his hands forward, firing a blast of molten lava on the creature's chest. Black Lightning and Green Lantern followed through with electricity and green energy respectively, knocking the creature onto its back. Superman burst through the ceiling, flying so fast that he was in the Earths atmosphere in minutes.

"QUICKLY DON'T LET IT MOVE!" Wonder Woman yelled, wrapping her lasso around the creature's neck.

J'onn's arms expanded and stretched, wrapping themselves around the Korwraith's legs and shoulders. Vixen sat on the Korwraith's arm, the silhouette of a hippo around her, granting her the animal's weight.

Superman then flew downwards, moving faster than a speeding bullet as he crashed through the roof of the airship and into the Korwraith's chest. Much to the shock of the League and Titan members a mouth opened on the Korwraith's face and released an ear-piecing scream.

"Oh my god!" Beast Boy moaned.

"I thought this thing was supposed to be emotionless" Nightwing said.

Superman looked at the tar like creature and at the dent in its body he had made. If he had flown any faster then he would have killed the creature, and that was something he wasn't going to do even against something that was supposedly emotionless. But hearing the agony of the Korwraith bought confusion to the other League members and guilt to Superman. Alex heard the scream from a distance but kept on flying forward until he reached a vault of some kind. Rikai told him to plunge his beam blade into the heart of the door and without hesitation Alex followed the AI's advice, tearing through the locks of the vault with his wrist blades. Stepping into the room, Alex looked at the device floating in the middle of the dome shaped room.

"What is that thing?" Alex asked.

The device was a red crystal, encased within a cylinder glass casing. It was dull and gave off no light and was small enough to fit in the average adult male hand.

"Though not central to the operating of the ship, this control module was designed based on Kryptonian technology and is the key to activating the weapon that will save the galaxy from the Korwraiths," Rikai explained.

Alex took a running start before launching himself towards the crystal. Suddenly, Nihlus burst through the wall, grabbing Alex by his neck. He dragged Alex across the floor, and then slammed him against the wall, pressing the gun to his head.

"Do you think simple spur of the moment plans can stop me?" Nihlus asked.

"Plans, I'm just making this stuff up as I go along," Alex muttered.

"Such a waste, the Sentry chose you of all people, what a disgrace we have become," Nihlus said, his hand gripping the trigger.

Alex and Nihlus's ears twitched as they heard a familiar whirling sound. Nihlus swung around, grunting as an explosive batarang flew against his head. He aimed his pistol, stopping his finger from pulling the trigger as a batarang flew into the barrel. Throwing the gun aside, Nihlus fired a blast at Alex. But Alex dived to the side, dodging the silver blast as it made a crater in the wall. Batman ran from his hiding spot, throwing five tiny black spheres at Nihlus's feet. Smoke erupted from the spheres, practically covering the room.

"A sneak attack, or perhaps you're trying to distract me Batman, either way it's done you no good" Nihlus said, clicking the buttons on his gauntlet.

Lights travelled along the lines across his armour until they reached the palm of his right hand. Suddenly, a gust of air flew from Nihlus's hand and blew the smoke aside. Nihlus looked to the crystal, seeing Batman's cloaked form on the crystals security field. He immediately fired a blast straight into Batman's back. Nihlus watched as the cloaked figure slowly burned. Then he narrowed his eyes, suspicious over the lack of screaming.

"A distraction!" Nihlus said.

Batman ran behind Nihlus, having discarded his cape to be used as a decoy, he reached into the pockets of his utility belt. Slamming his hands against Nihlus's back, Batman then dived to the left. The rockets on the pads he attached to Nihlus's back ignited, sending him flying against the wall. Then Batman took out two batarangs that were bigger than his other models, with glowing hot edges.

'Batarangs specifically designed to pierce through armour,' Batman thought before throwing the two projectiles.

The batarangs flew towards Nihlus's shoulders. But Nihlus turned around, batting the projectiles away with his hand and firing a blast towards Batman. Alex dived in the way, using the shield he made from the watchtower satellite. He pushed against the beam, looking to Batman. The Dark Knight knew what he had to do; reaching into his utility belt he removed a black rubber glove. Reaching through the electrical security field, he grabbed the crystal.

"NO!" Nihlus yelled.

"Cyborg do you read?" Batman asked, hiding behind Alex as he pushed the communicator built into his cowl.

"How did you get this frequency?" Cyborg asked.

"Your T-Jet should have tunneler missiles, I want you to fire two straight at the coordinates I'm sending you," Batman explained as he spoke the coordinates.

"Wait, how do you know what weapons we have?"


Hastily, Cyborg listened to the coordinates, armed the missiles and targeted the sections of the airship he had been asked to target.

"What are you going to shoot at?" Alex asked.

"When Nihlus was trapped on my jet I crashed through various parts of the ship, one important part in particular, the engine room," Batman said.

Cyborg fired the missiles, both of which flew towards separate parts of the ship. Alex widened his eyes as he felt the shield begin to melt. The drills attached to the missiles began to spin as they slammed against the parts of the ship they had been fired at. One drilled through into the engine room, slamming into one of the assortment of engines in the room. Nihlus widened his eyes as the monitors on his gauntlet displayed a failure in one of the engines.

"There are a hundred engines powering the turbines and rockets of this ship, when one is blown up the ensuing explosion blows up the other ten around it, with ten engines destroyed the ship begins to lose speed and gradually drift towards the ocean below," Batman explained.

"What about the other missile?" Alex asked.

Suddenly, the second missile pierced through the wall to the side of Nihlus. The missile slammed into his side, the drill grinding against his chest as it pushed him against the wall.

"Discretion is the better part of valour, follow me!" Batman said, running down the corridor.

Alex flew alongside him, knowing the brooding vigilante wouldn't want a lift. The Justice League members continued their battle with the Korwraith. Crimson Fox jumped over its fist, scratching it across the eyes. It stumbled backwards, clutching the mark on it's eye.

"It didn't go that deep," Crimson Fox muttered.

"It's like a child, crying over even the smallest graze," Atom pointed out.

Power Girl crushed an android's head in her hand, and then blew two away with one blow from her lips. Wonder Girl landed on the airship, trying to shake Raven out of her unconsciousness. Cyborg continued to dodge cannon fire, intercepting some missiles with the jet's chaff grenades. The Korwraith continued to scream, cracking the very walls around it. Superman put his hands to his ears, concentrating on controlling his enhanced hearing.

"So much power in this one Korwraith" Atom said in astonishment.

"I'm not so much worried about the power but its emotion, these things are supposed to be empty but its crying like a baby," Wonder Woman said.

Batman and Alex ran into the room, looking at the Korwraith in shock (mild shock in Batman's case).

"Something's wrong," Alex said.

"Alex…that Korwraith is impure, not only has it been infused with DNA from other super humans but it appears to have been flawed when the original species it was made from was converted…I think Nihlus used Koran technology to convert someone…possibly a human into that enhanced Korwraith," Rikai explained.

"Nihlus made that thing himself?" Alex asked.

"Tell me what the AI's thinking," Batman said.

"Rikai thinks that that Korwraith isn't a Koran made one but one that Nihlus himself created, possibly from a human he's captured."

"J'onn try reading that creature's mind."

"I'll try" The Martian said.

Phasing through the Korwraith's fist, J'onn placed a hand on the creature's forehead. Closing his eyes, J'onn reached into the mind of this creature. The sudden flurry, or rather the lack of a flurry of images caused J'onn to let out an anguished cry as tears streamed down the Korwraith's face.

"J'ONN!" Wonder Woman yelled.

The Amazonian grabbed the Martian's cape, flying him towards where Alex and Batman were.

"What did you see?" Batman asked.

"The Korwraith was a human male, but not just any human…"

The Martian's speech was interrupted by the sudden arrival of Nihlus. He fired multiple shots from his gun, all of which were blocked by Wonder Woman's bracelets. She lunged forward, aiming a fist at his face. But Nihlus caught her hand, his glowing eyes intensifying as Diana glared at him.

"J'onn what is it?" Alex asked.

"Alex, the Korwraith it's a child…a baby boy."

Wonder Woman widened her eyes and Superman turned to them in shock. Batman grinded his teeth together while Superman's hands shook. The Korwraith swung itself around; clutching its head as it yelled out the first words it would ever speak.


The heroes stopped their attack as the Korwraith cried. It fell to the floor, rubbing its eyes. Superman narrowed his eyes into a glare as he looked at Nihlus. With a yell, Wonder Woman threw her lasso around Nihlus's neck. Tugging on the line, the Amazonian princess threw Nihlus towards Superman. The last son of Krypton put his hands together before swinging them into Nihlus's cheek and sending him flying through the roof. Nihlus stopped in midair, widening his eyes as Superman suddenly appeared behind him. Cupping his hands together, Superman hammered Nihlus's head and launched him into the ship's engine room. Nihlus rebounded off of one of the engines, sending a crack down his chest plate.

"Oh my god, I cant believe what he's done," Vixen said.

"A baby, seriously, are you sure you aren't wrong about this?" Atom asked J'onn.

"It's true, that creature was a baby," J'onn said.

"Is there anything that can be done for him?" Nightwing asked.

"If I could analyse him in my labs then…"

"No Batman, Rikai tells me that nothing can be done for him," Alex interrupted.

"But we have to try," said Zatanna.

"Do you think that the Solarians didn't try to restore their infected, they failed, the only thing we can do now is put that thing out of its misery, it's the right thing to do and you know it," Alex explained.

Batman grinded his teeth together before punching Alex across his cheek, much to the League and Titan's respective shock and concern Alex fell to the ground. Blood dripped off of the knuckles of both Superman and Batman as the ship shook.

"We don't give up without trying and we certainly don't kill," Batman growled.

"What if it was you, wouldn't you want to be put out of your misery?" Alex asked.

"I would also count on my heroes to at least try to save me…we won't resort to such a thing as killing someone without trying every possible method."

Superman slammed his fists into Nihlus's head, grinding off pieces of his helmet. Nihlus fired a blast from the palm of his hand, which clashed with the beams of Superman's heat vision. The man of steel yelled, moving towards Nihlus while his heat vision intensified. Putting a hand on his wrist, Nihlus intensified his own blast, but widened his eyes as the man of steel matched him move for move.

"Justify this Nihlus, justify using someone so young," Superman said.

"You above everyone should know of humanity's corruption," Nihlus said.

"You have such a narrow minded view of things, humanity isn't just cowardly, it is brave as well!" Superman growled.

What happened next bought shock and pain to Nihlus's face. The red beams pierced through his hand and scratched his shoulder. Blood poured from Nihlus's wound, red blood that stained the floor. Batman grabbed Alex's neck, lifting him off the ground and pushing him towards Nightwing.

"Lantern, bind that Korwraith so we can take it back to the main land, Black Lightning and Geo-Force you go to the engine room and start destroying as many engines as you can, J'onn take Green Arrow, Atom, Crimson Fox and Zatanna to Cyborg's jet then help Vixen and Hawkman with the forces outside," Batman explained, going into his leadership mode.

"Kid Flash I want you to help Geoforce and Black Lightning trash the engine room, Beast Boy help Speedy get onto the jet," Nightwing said, following his old mentors lead.

There was another sudden shock that caused the League members to stumble.

"What was that?" Beast Boy asked.

"Reinforcements!" Alex said.

Outside, Wonder Girl widened her eyes as a white and red robot landed in front of her. Stripes armed his cannons, blowing up two missile launchers before they could fire. Starfire and Power Girl looked behind them, Cyclone was flying through the air with Star Girl at her side and a white jet behind them. The other members of the Justice Society looked at the airship with mild concern.

"All right guys, time for us to save the day," Mr Terrific said before launching a volley of missiles.

"BOOYAA!" Cyborg cheered, firing the T-jets assortment of weaponry.

Cyclone created a gust so powerful that it blew off one of the airships turbines. Stargirl swung her staff round, blasting several androids and clearing a path for Power Girl and Starfire. Power Girl flew through the ship like a missile and Starfire threw a flurry of star bolts, practically bombing the airship. There was a sudden explosion before Green lantern flew out of the ship, green energy wrapped around the giant Korwraith with Green Arrow and Zatanna floating on green platforms. J'onn carried Crimson Fox in his arms with Atom shrunk on his shoulder.

"Time to smash some stuff up," Kid Flash said, cracking his knuckles before dashing off.

Black Lightning and Geoforce ran into the engine room and began firing random blasts at the engines. Kid Flash dashed by, taking apart engines pieces by piece. Batman and Nightwing ran into the engine room, throwing explosive batarangs at the engines. Wonder Woman flew out of the airship and straight to Wonder Girl's side. Raven awoke from her sleep, her eyes flashing red as her shadow bird appeared around her. With a yell, Raven started to rip apart the ship with her magic. Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman nodded to one another, standing back to back as they unravelled their lassos. They tied the golden ropes around the turbines of the ship and pulled hard, pulling the ship downwards.

"Hera give me strength!" They said together.

Beast Boy took the form of a Pterodactyl with Speedy riding on his back. Green Arrow and Speedy both knocked back explosive arrow's, firing them onto the surface of the ship as they were taken to the T-Jet. J'onn phased through the jet with Crimson Fox and Atom, whilst Cyborg opened the hatch for Zatanna, Green Arrow and his old partner. The two archers were the first to get onto the jet.

"LOOK OUT!" Cyborg yelled.

One of Nihlus's androids flew straight towards Green Lantern, punching him so hard that he lost concentration. Zatanna screamed as she and the Korwraith began to fall towards the sea. Green Lantern tried to grab them, but the android kept up its attack, forcing him to defend with a green shield. Zatanna screamed as she fell towards the ocean, closing her eyes as she braced herself. However alls she felt was the wind blowing in her face. She opened her eyes and dropped her jaw.

"Sorryi'mlate!" Flash said without a moment to pause as he ran across the water.

"Fastest man alive my foot, don't ever disappear like that again Allen," Zatanna said.


As the airship got closer and closer towards the sea, tentacles suddenly began to shoot out of the water. They wrapped themselves around the turbines. A giant octopus swam up the surface of the sea, dragging the airship to its level. Standing on the Octopus's head was a blonde haired man, wearing an orange-scaled shirt and green trousers and gloves. He held a gold trident and his free arm was wrapped affectionately around the waist of a red haired woman wearing a gold tiara and a green-scaled suit.

"The surface dwellers always cause trouble Orin, perhaps you should join them!" The woman said.

"No Mera, I have other responsibilities, but that doesn't mean I cant help the people I respect once in a while," Orin, AKA Aquaman said as he commanded the octopus's and squid's around him to pull the ship under.

Flash suddenly dropped Zatanna on the octopus, giving Aquaman a salute and grin before running up one of the Octopus's arms and into the airship. The fastest man alive ran into the engine room, dashing past Kid Flash and ramming Nihlus head on. Nihlus slid across the floor, pieces of his armour breaking off before he hit the wall, leaving a dent shaped like himself. Superman looked at flash in surprise as he grinned.

"So this is the bad guy huh, well are we gonna kick his ass or what?" Flash asked.

"It's over Nihlus, your surrounded and your ship is going down" Batman said.

Alex brought his arms together, blocking the impact of an explosion in the prison cells. He ignited his rockets, hovering off the floor as it began to break apart.

"Rikai what's happening?" Alex asked.

"It seems he breaking off pieces of the ship, sort of a self destruct mechanism" Rikai said.

"I've got to tell the League members that are still inside"

He flew through the corridors of the ship, dodging explosions and falling pieces of the ship. Outside of the ship, Wonder Woman took notice of the explosions coming from the ship and swooped down towards Aquaman and Mera.

"You two need to get out of here, the ship is about to explode" Wonder Woman said.

"All of you, retreat back to the depths from which I summoned you, we are returning to Atlantis" Aquaman said to the giant sea creatures he commanded.

"Thank you for the help" Zatanna said as Wonder Woman carried her away.

Green Lantern created a saw, cutting the android attacking him in half. Then he tried to fly towards the airship, only for an explosion to knock him back. Hawkman flew upwards, barely avoiding the heat from the explosions.

"NIGHTWINGS IN THERE!" Starfire yelled.

"Don't worry he'll be fine" Star Girl said.

Nihlus aimed his pistol at the heroes in front of him. He huffed before dropping the pistol. A sudden explosion knocked the heroes to the side. Superman grinded his teeth together, looking at the explosions flashing around them, explosions Nihlus used to cover his escape. Alex flew into the engine room, only for an explosion to knock him to the side.


Flames began to spread around the room and more debris began to fall. Flash and Kid Flash ran as fast as they could while Geoforce flew through the walls, carrying Black Lightning with him. Nightwing dived to his right as the spreading flames consumed the area he stood in. He reached into his belt for anything that he could use, only to hear a screeching sound above him. Raven tore open the ceiling with the talons of her shadow bird, offering Nightwing her hand. Without hesitation the Titan's leader grabbed Raven's hand, allowing her to carry him away from the exploding wreck. Alex waded through the flames, looking for any trace of Superman and Batman. He found Batman with several pieces of metal on top of his legs.

"Batman," Alex said.

"Alex, take the crystal and get out now" Batman said.

Suddenly, one of Nihlus's last androids wrapped its arms around Alex's neck. Alex struggled underneath the grip of the android, slamming himself against the wall in an attempt to shake it off. The android tightened its grip, leaving several dents in Alex's neck armour. Batman grinded his teeth together as he tried to force the debris off of him, this was one situation where he was entitled to panic but didn't. He never gave up hope and he never stopped trying to lift off the debris.

"You got any plans for this scenario Batman?" Superman asked, walking straight through the flames.

"You're it, lets get out of here," Batman said casually.

Superman threw off the debris on Batman's legs then fired his heat vision at the android strangling Alex. The android's head melted and its arms went dead, allowing Alex to escape its grip. Superman grabbed Batman's hand and began smashing his way out of the ship, followed closely by Alex. They flew out of the ship, where the other League members waited. Wonder Woman sighed in relief, watching as the ship exploded harmlessly behind the three men.

"BOOYA AGAIN!" Cyborg cheered, clapping his hand against Beast Boy's.

"NIGHTWING!" Starfire yelled, hugging the black haired man out of Raven's grip.

Batman remained calm as he reached into his utility belt, removing the crystal and throwing it to Alex. Catching the small crystal, Alex stared at the device as the heroes began their long journey back to the mainland. Looking to his left he nodded towards Superman and Batman.

"Well done kid, if not for your reinforcements this battle would have been even more difficult," Batman said.

"Great job Alex, what do you say we get home and started working on a way to save the world," Superman said, flashing a smile at the boy.

Alex looked at the crystal in his hand and then at the heroes flying beside him. And for once in a long time he smiled.

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Next is the final chapter of the story arc and the chapter where Alex will receive his codename. The "impure" Korwraith isn't dead and "he'll" appear in the future, hope everyone enjoyed the chapter!