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Planet of the Bravest 3

Chapter 3: Woman's wrath

Queen Hippolyta and her daughter Diana looked at their fellow woman. An Amazon traitor in the Queen's eyes. But Diana saw something that a few years ago she thought she'd never see, an evil woman. The female Sentry had dark empty eyes and showed no fear as she raised the smoking cannon on her left wrist. Wonder Woman held her shield ready while the Queen gathered with members of her army. Despite the arrival of this new Sentry, the fight between the Amazons, the Korwraith and the League members continued. Hawkgirl swung her mace into Artemis's sword, throwing the warrior woman back. Vixen leapt at the Korwraith, ready to use the weight of a hippo to pin him down. But the Korwraith proved to be stronger; he easily caught Vixen and threw her onto a tree. His eyes glowed fiercely as arrows bounced off of his skin.

"GNIKCERW LLAB!" Zatanna yelled creating a light ball that knocked some of the Amazons aside.

Batgirl threw a ball into the air. When the ball exploded it released a net that covered the Korwraith. He yelled, throwing the net off and pushing Batgirl back. Zatanna tried to bind the Korwraith with magical ropes. But the creature ripped the robes apart. He pounced at the mage, but Zatanna fired a blast from her hand, throwing the Korwraith back. Vixen ran on all fours, pouncing at the Korwraith with her claws ready. She tried to slash the Korwraith's back, but her nails broke when they made contact with his skin. Batgirl quickly threw several explosive batarangs, knocking the Korwraith back by two steps.

"Don't let the male get away, he must be punished for hurting our sisters" An Amazon soldier said.

"There are so many ways that can be misinterpreted" Batgirl muttered, throwing another batarang at the Korwraith.

The bat shaped blade exploded when it touched the Korwraith's chest. Vixen then moved in with the strength of the gorilla, punching the Korwraith across the chest. Zatanna waved her hands around and chanted the necessary spells, to form a wall between the Korwraith and the amazons. However one of the Amazons removed a hammer from her back. The hammer was twice the size of her body, but she lifted it with little effort and smashed down the magical wall. Artemis and Hawkgirl slammed their weapons together, running and flying across the beach. Hawkgirl landed and drew the dagger from her belt. She deflected a strike from Artemis's blade and tripped the woman up with her mace. Then she removed a lasso from her waist.

"I'm no Wonder Woman, but I'm just as good as her when it comes to knots" Hawkgirl said.

Artemis kicked sand towards Hawkgirl. But the sand merely stained her helmet, not reaching her eyes. Hawkgirl tackled Artemis to the ground, kicking her sword aside. She blocked Artemis's punch, trapping her wrist in a knot. Then she pulled Artemis's arm back and wrapped the rope along her waist.

"No one, man or woman binds me!" Artemis growled.

"Struck a nerve have I?"

Hawkgirl tripped Artemis up again and bound her wrists together. Despite Artemis's struggling, Hawkgirl wrapped the line of rope across Artemis's left leg, tying three of her limbs together. Artemis yelled as Hawkgirl flew away, smiling at her victory. Diana looked down at her younger sister, while Starfire knelt at her friend's side.

"She's running a fever, I think that woman is using a microwave weapon" Starfire said.

"I matters not, SHE WILL PAY WITH HER LIFE!" The Queen yelled.

"Mother wait!"

Queen Hippolyta jumped from her place, swinging her sword downwards towards the female Sentry. But the Sentry merely grabbed the blade, stopping it inches from her helmet.

"Primitive weaponry, but charmed with an unknown energy…energy classified as magic" The Sentry said robotically.

"This blade has been charmed by Hera herself, it has cut down many men, but now it will cut down a traitor" Hippolyta explained.

"Blessing is ineffective and illogical, gods do not exist"


The Amazon soldiers ran forward, firing arrows and throwing their spears at the Sentry. But the projectiles bounced off of her armour, causing her to chuckle slightly.

"Pathetic, that's all you are" She said.

She aimed her cannon, firing a blast that threw several of the Amazons back. Hippolyta rolled out of the way of the blast, swinging her blade towards the Sentry's neck. She aimed and slid a blade out of wrist, thrusting it towards the Queen. But Hippolyta blocked the blade and swung her sword downwards again. The Sentry blocked the Queen's blade and flew backwards.

"Coward" Hippolyta said.

"Intelligence actually, something your society obviously lacks if it sticks to such primitive methods of combat" The Sentry said.

"You will burn for this betrayal"

"Betrayal, I'm not part of your society fool"

The Sentry deflected the path of Hippolyta's sword. Diana widened her eyes as the Sentry pressed her cannon against her mother's chest.

"NOO!" She yelled, watching the blast throw her mother into the pillar of a temple.

Amazon soldiers looked at their fallen queen and then at the invader. They sounded their war horns, drawing their comrade's attention away from the Korwraith and the other Justice League members. The women ran to the courtyard, knocking their bows back and pointing their spears towards the Sentry. Diana kept her eyes fixed on her mother. Slowly her hands trembled and formed fists. Her teeth grinded together and her nails dug into the palms of her hands.


The female Sentry sighed as she began hovering off of the ground. She opened the vents of her microwave cannon, allowing the weapon to cool. Amazon warriors were now match for her, after all a spear against a nuke was a foolish notion. Wonder Woman flew over the Amazon soldiers and pulled her fist back. The Sentry raised her arm, smirking beneath her helmet. This was going to be fun!

Donna moaned as she curled amongst her covers. Living the life of the princess's younger sister was a privilege for some, but hell for Donna. Fortunately Artemis was too busy training Diana, so Donna didn't have to suffer the wrath of Artemis's wake up calls. Her suffering came in another form. She'd reached Diana's phase of curiosity, not just of the outside world but also of boys in particular. A smile crossed her face as she dreamt of the kind of men her mother didn't teach her about. As both a mother and a Queen Hippolyta had brainwashed her people with a twisted truth. That man was evil and mustn't be trusted. But Donna and Diana knew that somewhere beyond the island there were men whom could be respected.

"Hmmm, so red is your natural colour" Donna whispered.

"Donna what are you doing?"

The young girl suddenly awoke from her sleep, blushing furiously as her mother crossed her arms.

"Diana is training with Artemis, which means you must now divert your attention to your studies" Hippolyta said.

"Five more minutes mother" Donna said.

"No Donna, come, there's much for you to learn today" The Queen said as she threw the bed covers aside.

After Donna dressed, she followed her mother towards the temple of Hera. She was the goddess whom gifted the Amazons with this immortal and peaceful society. The other gods watched over the island, ensuring they were protected. Apollo gave them light, days of constant sunlight and nights of peaceful stars. Poseidon gifted them with fish and kept the seas forever calm, yet outside the island he ensured no ship of man would reach the Amazons. Hephaestus gave the Amazons weapons and armour of great power, enough to defend the island from any foe. Artemis released an assortment of wild life on the island and forever ensured that the Amazons would not starve. Hera however gave the Amazons their immortality and forever watched over them. Zeus once claimed to gift the Amazonian people with peace and for a time the society of women opened their arms to men.

"However one fateful day, we learned of man's true nature" Hippolyta said to her child.

Donna held onto every word that Hippolyta spoke with a mix of interest and conflict. Thousands of years before her children's birth, Hippolyta welcomed the son of Zeus Hercules to their island. Hercules was on a quest of redemption, he had to complete numerous trials in order to be forgiven for the murder of his children. Hippolyta welcomed Hercules and his men, promising to give him her most treasured item, a golden girdle that Hercules was to present to a king's daughter.

"We welcomed him Donna, we welcomed all men, but they repaid our kindness with arrogance, with savagery and lies, but worst of them all was Hercules, he bound us all and forced us to serve him…even love him" Hippolyta explained.

Donna gasped, gripping the side of the table in both anger and shock. Hippolyta looked out at her kingdom, for a thousand years her sisters and children still bared the grudge created by one mans disgusting lust.

"Slaves to men, we prayed to the gods and begged them to save us, Aphrodite promised to save us if we renounced men from our society, we were too happy to oblige and now our society is greater than any that lies outside these walls, there is no war yet we always stand ready to fight, our wisdom and beauty has pushed us to create art and music the likes of which no man could inspire, we are gifted Donna and we must thank the gods everyday for what they have given us"

At the time Donna couldn't bring herself to nod, to accept her mother's words. Now Donna weakly watched her Amazon sisters battle this female Sentry. The armoured woman was more of a fighter than Alex seemed to be. She wasn't afraid to get her armour bloody. Her arms moved swiftly, slamming against the Amazon soldiers. Rockets ignited on her back and she flew upwards. The Amazon archers fired their flaming arrows, which bounced off of the Sentry's armour.

"Donna are you all right?" Starfire asked.

"My insides hurt" Donna said weakly.

Hawkgirl flew after the Sentry, splitting the handle of her mace. She threw the wired mace towards the Sentry, whom flew downwards. Hawkgirl pulled the mace back into her arms and dived towards the Sentry. Batgirl ran and jumped across the temple rooftops, throwing a volley of explosives. The explosions altered the Sentry's path and she flew down into the streets. Zatanna was waiting, ready to conjure a spell.

"PME!" She yelled.

The electricity running over Zatanna's fingers flew forth, slamming into the Sentry. She slid across the sand, the lights on her armour fading as she reached Zatanna's feet. Wonder Woman flew over one of the buildings, landing beside Zatanna and looking down at the female Sentry.

"Who are you?" Wonder Woman asked.

There was a moment of silence before the armour rebooted. The Sentry hovered off of the ground, electricity flowing around her armour.

"An Electro magnetic pulse huh, very clever, adapting!" She said.

Her armour systems changed, EMP's would now be useless against her. She aimed the palm of her hand at Diana, ready to fire another blast.

"You may call me Andromeda!" The Female Sentry said.

Wonder Woman raised her arms, deflecting the laser beam with her bands. The Female Sentry, Andromeda looked up as her sensors warned her of danger. Two Amazon soldiers jumped towards her, wearing golden armour. One of them wielded a hammer, which she slammed into Andromeda's helmet. The force of the blow sent her stumbling back as the other Amazon drew a golden spear.

"Sterner weapons, infused with some form of energy, adapting!" Andromeda said.

Again her armour changed, but this time her microwave cannon folded, forming a thick metal shield. Andromeda shifted her armour, ensuring her right arm and the top portion of her face was covered by armour. She raised her shield, deflecting the golden spear and blocking the impact of the golden hammer. Both Amazon warriors drew their swords and slammed them into Andromeda's shield. Wonder Woman flew forward, ramming her shoulder into the shield and pushing Andromeda back.

"I see you are the strongest of them all, let me see if you last longer than your sister"

A blade slid out of Andromeda's left wrist and she thrust it towards Diana. Wonder Woman blocked the blade with her bands and unravelled her lasso. The lasso of truth was designed to reveal the truth in a person's mind, to force them to answer questions Diana had. She threw the rope, wrapping it around the Sentry's armour.

"Now, tell me why you are here?" Diana asked.

"To kill the Korwraith and drive the Amazon society to ruin" Andromeda said.

"Why would you want that?"

"That information will have to wait" Andromeda said, retracting her mouth plate and smiling.

Her lips were a dark colour, matching her purple skin. She grabbed Diana's rope, passing an electrical current through the fabric. Wonder Woman yelled as the electricity threw her into a building. Andromeda slid her mouth plate back over her lips and swung her shield, knocking the two Amazons aside. Zatanna fired a blast from her hand, freezing Andromeda's shield.


Andromeda's shield shattered and she integrated the ice into her armour's design. Purple crystal spikes protruded from her back while her armour took on a slimmer and shinier form. She pulled one of the ice spikes off of her back and smacked Zatanna across the head. The witch rolled across the floor, clutching her bleeding cheek. Andromeda raised the spike, but stopped as her sensors alerted her of danger again. She swung her spear around, clashing it with Hawkgirl's mace. Hawkgirl released a bird like roar as she slammed her mace into Andromeda's chin, throwing the Sentry through the wall of a building.

"Zatanna" Hawkgirl said, kneeling by her friend's side.

The woman had several ice needles latched onto her scratched chin. Vixen carried on her pursuit of the Korwraith. But when she heard Zatanna's cries of pain she dashed towards the city. The Korwraith looked back at his path, narrowing his eyes as he watched Vixen run back to the Amazon city. He growled before running away again.

Boodikka was laying waste to some areas of the Koran ship. The revelation of what the Koran ship really was hadn't affected her at all. She tore pieces off the hull off, using her ring to increase her strength. Hal flew with Kilowog through the sections of the ship, disturbed by how quiet their area was. Alex's investigation was easy as well. He looked at his holographic gauntlet, bringing up the maps.

"This is wrong, everything's going too well" Alex said.

"A trap?" Kilowog asked.

"Definitely a trap" Hal said.

Boodikka blasted a group of Koran's away. Then she created a fist construct and knocked several Koran ships to the side.

"This isn't right, everyone should be right on us but they aren't, Rikai do Koran's ambush?" Alex asked.

"Of course, they may be leading us directly into the core of the ship so that they can ambush us all at once, Boodikka's laying waste to insignificant forces, every one of us is in danger, you need to finish the mission quickly" Rikai explained.

"Easier said than done" Hal said.

"Go quickly Alex, find what you need and go"

"I still don't understand, if this really is the Koran home world then we shouldn't be alive, the smart thing to do is unleash the Koran people on us, we'd be torn to shreds by their numbers" Alex explained.

"ENOUGH! THERE IS A BATTLE TO WIN! GO SENTRY AND WIN IT!" Boodikka yelled, throwing seven Koran's back.

Alex ran his hand over an area of the holographic map, highlighting a possibly point of entry. There was more going on here than was let on, but there was no time to find out what exactly.

Donna groaned as she tried to force herself onto her feet. Batgirl was right beside her, applying first aid to the wounded Amazon. Starfire was flying at the Sentry, letting loose a barrage of star bolts. Andromeda easily dodged the beams and flew towards Starfire. The Tameranean princess pulled her fist back, ready to punch Andromeda. But Andromeda ducked underneath the punch and swung her fist upwards, knocking Starfire back.

"She's hurting my friends" Donna said weakly.

"They can take care of themselves, you just get healed up" Batgirl said.

"What about my mother?" Donna asked.

"I'll check her, don't go anywhere"

Batgirl jumped onto the roof of an Amazon hut and ran towards where Hippolyta had landed. She looked down at the Queen, seeing blood coming out the woman's nose. Her attention was drawn to Wonder Woman as she jumped at the Sentry. Diana punched Andromeda across the face, chipping parts of her helmet, Andromeda flipped in midair, slamming her foot into Dian's wristbands. Wonder Woman blocked the kick, but still felt the sting of the attack. Vixen ran across the rooftops of the Amazon temples and jumped towards Andromeda. She used the weight of a Rhino and slammed into Andromeda's back. Andromeda was forced to the ground, where the Amazons were waiting.

"Take her sisters, now!" Wonder Woman ordered.

The Amazonian soldiers plunged their spears into Andromeda's chest armour. Batgirl widened her eyes while the Amazon women rapidly stabbed the fallen Sentry. Wonder Woman landed behind the crowd and Vixen began pushing the warriors off of Andromeda.

"Stop it, this isn't how we handle things" Vixen said.

"It may not be how we dispose of our foes in the city Mari, but this creature declared war on us" Diana said.

"Is that what your going to do to the Korwraith then?" Starfire asked.

"That's different"

"Excuses, Excuses!" Vixen said.

Batgirl focused her eyes on the Sentry Andromeda. She had spears sticking out of her chest and blood pouring through the holes of our armour. The scene disturbed Donna herself, she was so used to sparing her villains. But a part of her remembered that the Amazons were warriors. Batgirl stepped back a bit as she saw Andromeda's finger twitch. Then the woman's hand began shaking, squeezing into a fist. Vixen looked at the Sentry and quickly took the strength of a lion. Suddenly, Andromeda threw her foot into Vixen's chest, kicking the woman to the side. She got up off the floor, pulling the spears out of her armour.

"You…. you…SAVAGES!" She screamed.

Beam blades ignited on her fingernails as she hovered forward. She kneed and kicked the Amazon warriors without mercy, cutting into their arms and backs. Andromeda released energy waves from her hands, throwing several of the warriors back.

"Your all pathetic, clinging to your deities and false gods, after years of existence your still incapable of understand your neighbours…your all pathetic, you preach of the evil of men and yet look at me, I am a woman but I have done evil things do you think we as women are not capable of the same greed and actions that men partake in, your entire species is ignorant, you haven't achieved pace yet…but that will change, soon the Council will come and perfect this society" Andromeda explained.

"The Council, what are you talking about?" Wonder Woman asked.

"On whom still fights with a spear is incapable of understanding the structure and power of my masters, they will wipe away this pathetic society and from its ashes create a world that will be greater than any you could hope for"

"By killing the Korwraith, we're trying to capture him, to use him to create a cure for the Solarian's infected, you're not the only Sentry on Earth"

"Ah yes, the Red Sentry, it seems even in death he continues to mock the true purpose of the Sentries" Andromeda said.

"True Purpose of the Sentries, what does that mean?" Starfire asked.

"It means that the Sentry you know, that red fool whom claims to be a saviour is nothing but a mockery of what the Sentries really are"

Donna got up off the floor and stumbled towards the battle. Diana had had enough of Andromeda's lies and flew into battle. But Andromeda quickly slammed her knee into Diana's chest and used her beam claws to deflect Starfire's blasts. She swung her claws at Diana, cutting the side of her face and hair. Donna fell to the floor, still too weak from the microwave cannon. Andromeda folded her left arm into a cannon and fired several electric blasts into Starfire's chest.

"Kori!" Donna said weakly.

Andromeda floated over Diana and Kori, scraping her claws together.

"Our mission is to eliminate all unnecessary societies, including yours, farewell pathetic women of the Amazon!" Andromeda said as she thrust her hands forward.

Suddenly, Andromeda's claws stopped inches from Kori's face. Andromeda widened her eyes underneath her mask. Holding her wrists was her target, the imperfect Korwraith. He gripped the Sentry's hand tightly as he let out a roar that echoed through the island.

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