Red vs Blue: The Renegade Kings

Across The Universe

"HAHAHAHA! You fools have fallen right into my hands! Only now do you realise the folly of your follies! Prepare for an oblivion, for which there is no preparation! HAHAHA!"

The soldier was dressed in light purple armour, standing atop one of the many icy cliffs of Sidewinder. If hadn't guessed form the insane laughter and overuse of evil terms – this guy was a psychopath.

O'Malley knew his plan was perfect, flawless in fact; the only obstacle that he; the twisted A.I, had to overcome was the group of united idiots below him, it was going to be a walk in a park.

"O'Malley! The Reds and Blues are working together now! You can't hope to beat us!" the maroon coloured soldier by the name of Simons declared.

It had been a struggle, since each hated each others gut, but the residents of Blood Gulch had put aside their differences and planned on blowing the insane A.I to dust, no sweat.

"HAHA! You fools! My metallic friend is the only ally I need! Lopez; activate weather control routine!" O'Malley instructed to his comrade, the Spanish Robot by the name of Lopez.

"O-Kay" he said robotically, as his body began to glow a pale blue colour, before all of a sudden lightning began to burst off of his body, a surrounding him appeared bright yellow symbols that continue to generate the power that was locked inside him.

"Are those runic symbols a sign of some ancient technology?" Simmons thought aloud.

"No, I used to draw them on my finder during stuffy hall, I always wanted to use them for something; aren't they cool" the purple soldier said, adopting a more carefree voice.

This was Doc, the soldier who was being suppressed by O'Malley's influence over his body and mind.

"Shut up!" O'Malley snapped at his other half.

"Oh Sampson's back hair! They found our secret weapon! I developed a weather controlling device, but I was missing one critical piece of technology to make it work!" the bright red soldier; Sarge, yelled out in shock.

"HAHA! Yes! And now that I've located those batteries; the universe will be MINE!" O'Malley laughed triumphantly.

"You serious? You couldn't even find batteries!" the cyan soldier, Tucker yelled out at the Red in annoyance.

"Only at Gas Stations, but they're just so darn expensive over there!" Sarge sighed in defeat.

"Hey! What's going on!" the group turned around to see a soldier in light blue armour approach them – this was Church, the other leader of the Blood Gulch group.

"Do you want the long version or the short version? Basically, you got a fifty megaton bomb in your gut-" Sarge began to explain.

"Ten sir!" Simmons objected, but no-one really paid that much attention to him anyway.

"-And Lopez is about to kill us all!" Sarge yelled out.

This day really wasn't working out for any of the guys at Blood Gulch…

"That doesn't make any sense – what's the long version?" Church asked.

"That was the long version, the short version is; we're boned!" Tucker summarised, just as a soldier dressed in orange armour, Grif joined the group after his escape with Church.

"Hey Grif, are you okay?" Simmons asked.

"I've done hard time Simmons …I'm not the man you used to know" Grif sighed, like he had just experienced a tragedy.

"Hard time? We were only separated for five hours!" Simmons objected to his statement.

"Time moves slower on the inside Simmons, it felt like seven of eight hours to me" Grif shrugged.


The sound of an explosion hit their eardrums as a rocket collided with the icy floor; they looked up to see O'Malley…with a rocket launcher.

"You foolish fools with never defeat me! You're far too busy being foolish! Oblivion is at hand!" he yelled as the group separated and took cover anywhere they could.

"Sarge! I have an idea, but I'm going to need you to distract him!" Simmons called over to his commander.

"Will do!" he called back, before turning around to face Grif, who was cowering under the same rock he was.

"Grif; I've never believed in you! Not even for a moment! But now is the chance for you to prove yourself to me!" he said patriotically.

"What can I do Sarge?" Grif asked, ready for anything.

"I need you to run right at O'Malley!" Sarge instructed.

"And shank him with my shin?" Grif asked.

"No, when he blows you up with the rocket, try and see if you can get you dismembered limbs of guts into the barrels of the rocket launcher!" Sarge explained.

"…You're kidding" Grif asked blankly.

"It's a remote chance I know…but it's worth a shot!" Sarge nodded his head determinedly; however Grif wasn't too fond of the idea.


Neither one had chance to put any plan into motion as they turned to see O'Malley standing right behind them with his rocket launcher aimed at them.

"Cover your ears guys, this thing is really loud!" Doc warned them, breaking away form O'Malley for a brief moment.

"This is it!" Grif wailed, expecting his impending death.

"Not so fast O'Malley! Maybe we can't stop you – but I know who can!" Simmons declared, all turned around to see a small patch of light open with the air.

"Wahoo! New level!" high pitched cheers could be heard as a group of soldiers ran out; these were the zealot soldiers, obsessed with one thing, and one thing only…

"Hey guys, do you want your flag back?" Simmons asked, they all turned to face him.

"He's the one that has it!" all eyes fell on O'Malley, who for the first time felt his plan had hit a major stumble.

"The crusade has begun! Our hour of glory is now at hand! Let all who would stand against us be washed in our divine might!"

There was the sound of thousands bullets shooting through the air as O'Malley was ambushed by the almost as psychotic soldiers swarmed around him, shooting wildly. His yells of defiance and painful shrieks could still be heard above the roar of the guns.

"Sarge, we still need to disarm Church's bomb!" Simmons yelled, running up to his commanding officer.

Unfortunately for Church, as the Red Team approached, he was struck by Lopez's bolt of lightning, causing him to yell out in pain.

"Hold on son! This will only take a second!" Sarge said as he set about getting to work.

"Don't you ever install anything above the waste!" Church yelled out in annoyance.

"Oh no! That last lightning bolt fuse the detonator! There's no way to turn this off!" Sarge shouted out in fearful realisation.

"Can't you do it manually?" Simmons asked.

"Impossible! I specifically designed it so I wouldn't be able to defuse it!" Sarge responded bitterly.

"Why?" Grif asked, just as annoyed.

"In case I fell into the wrong hands and was brainwashed to help the Blues!" Sarge explained his…unique reasoning.

"Nice thinking sir!" Simmons complimented.

"You just had to get one last ass-kiss in before we died, didn't you?" Grif snarled at his fellow soldier.

"Church…there's only one thing I can do" everyone turned to see Tucker holding up the rocket launcher – aimed directly at Church.

"Hey! What the hell!" the light blue soldier spluttered out.

"There's only twenty seconds left!" Simmons warned.

"If I blow you up before the bomb goes off, there's a least a small chance that the rest of us will live" Tucker explained.

"But the rocket will kill me!" Church yelled back, not very eager to be blown up by any means.

"Ten seconds left!" Simmons warned yet again.

"You're going to die anyway when the bomb goes off!" Grif argued, not wanting to die himself.

"What can I tell you pal; misery loves company" Church reasoned.

"Five seconds left!" Simmons warned for a third time.

"Sorry Church" Tucker sighed, preparing to fire.

"Man this blows! You guys suck!" Church insulted.


With a single bullet, the rocket launcher was knocked out of Tucker hands, all looked up to see a soldier in white armour with a sniper rifle at the ready – this was Wyoming, who had been assigned to kill Tucker.

"Sorry Private Tucker – I always get my mark! Say goodbye!" he snorted as he prepared dot fire again.

"Uh…guys, I hate to interrupt but…zero seconds" Simmons gulped as a loud beeping sound was heard from inside Church's armour.

"What? Oh, son of a-" Church couldn't even finish his curse before…


Now, in normal circumstances, a bomb that big would have killed everything and everyone, however…fate had a little something special in mind for all of them.

"Perish Kakarot! With the rest of your pathetic world!"

"I have given you my power, the power of a Shinigami…"

"A sound soul, lives in a sound mind, in a sound body"

"I'm gonna be King Of The Pirates!"

"That's my nindo! My ninja way! Believe it!"

"It's a lovely night…makes me want to have a bite to drink"

"Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could bring peace to the land"

"You are the tenth generation boss of the most powerful Mafia family in the world, the Vongola"

This is the time when not one, but eight universes, shall depend on the actions and consequences of the soldiers of Blood Gulch.

When the heroes of that time should vanish, only the eight soldiers shall be able to take their place as the Renegade Kings…