Red vs Blue: The Renegade Kings

The Whereabouts of the Blues: Part 2

"Oh my aching head…Church, Church, my head hurts – make it go away" Caboose moaned as his eyes adjusted to the dark.

A wave of coldness instantly hit the blue soldier; the only difference was that it wasn't caused by the snow of Sidewinder, and instead by the pouring rain that was battering away at his armor.

The grit from the floor below him, the gray clouds that covered the stars above, and the rain that washed against the apartment complexes around him.

Even for someone of Caboose' intelligence, he knew that he wasn't on the freezing ice planet that he had been on a couple of seconds ago.

In fact…it looked a lot like a typical scene you would look at if you were still on Earth.

"…Did I fall from space?" the blue soldier asked himself as he tried to get up, but found that the pain coursing through his body had all but killed off all feeling below his neck.

"Where am I? Church? Church? Can you hear me? I am lying in the middle of a road! If you look really hard through a telescope, then you can see my little finger moving slightly! Help me!" the soldier called out, but his voice was drowned out by the rain from above.

"Oh darn…" he moaned as is head fell back against the road beneath him, letting the storm cover him. He had no idea of what had happened, but it had left him isolated.

He was alone, away from Church, away from the Blues and away from Blood Gulch.

"I'm lost…no one will find me" the soldier choked on his own words. He left like a lost puppy that had been blown through space due to his best friend exploding…

The gray suddenly turned to black. Caboose turned his head to his right to see a very peculiar figure looking over him. He was incredibly small, a quarter the size of him, and was dressed in entirely in black.

The figure that looked no older than a child stood in silence as he held the umbrella over Caboose's body.

"Who are you? Are you a friend of Church?" he asked.

He couldn't say for sure, but he was sure the figure was smiling.

"There's no mistaking it. Looks like the Ninth was right, I haven't seen such powerful dying will since the First" he spoke out.

Of course Caboose couldn't understand a word he was saying, as he was speaking in Italian.

"It's going to take a while, but I promise I'll turn you into the next Vongola Boss in under two years" he spoke out.

He then looked directly into Caboose's visor, that same smirk plastered across his face. He then changed his language to English, and fluently spoke.

"I am the Home Tutor Hitman, Reborn"

Tex was used to pain and waking up in strange situations, dating Church was proof of that.

But when she woke up in the middle of an alleyway, with a moon so bright that it was nearly blinding, she knew this time it was a on a whole new scale.

"Where the hell am I?" she thought as she stood up, gritting her teeth as he ones cracked, still sore from the impact of the fall.

What had happened? The last thing she remembered was hijacking a new body from the Reds. She had then proceeded to kick the crap out of the pink-armoured bitch (which turned out to be a guy) that had previous killed her for information.

Between his screams, he told her that the Reds and Blues had formed a temporary alliance and had gone after O'Malley through the teleporter. She was seconds' away form going in after them, but that that wave of light hit her and knocked her uncoinscious.

The next thing she knew – she was in the middle of what looked like a city in the dead of night.

"This isn't Blood Gulch"

Indeed, in fact, everywhere she looked held signs saying "Death City", which wasn't the most comforting feeling. Regardless, she knew that if there was the slightest chance that O'Malley was around – then she had to find him.

"I'll those idiots later" he thought aloud. Grabbing her thankfully undamaged pistol, she began her search.

In truth, she had grown quite attached to the Blues. Church, though an ex-lover, still made her feel a slight sense of warmth inside, which in the end she left to nostalgia. Tucker was nothing more than a self-proclaimed pimp, and his sudden desire to get with her had begun to severely get on her nerves.

Caboose…was an idiot, end of story.

She kept the information to herself, and thankfully Caboose was probably to stupid to realise it, but the fact remained that the time O'Malley had spent inside Caboose's mind would have almost certainly left an imprint of her past.

A.I were crafty little buggers, when one received an A.I that had previously been implanted within another they gained immediate knowledge of their predecessors actions, thoughts and emotions.

The thought that all of those precious secrets were swimming inside that soldier's empty head did not sit well with her.

Memories of Church, her past, the Freelancers, even the Director…

She'd have to make sure Caboose never got a hold of them, those were too precious to lose, and too dangerous for another to discover.

The sound steel clashing against one another immediately caught her attention, and she sprinted towards the sound, ready for combat.

Weaving through the dark streets, she eventually came to what appeared a long, descending road that cut right through the city. The sounds were now fiercer than ever, and the distinctive echoes of screams and war-cries could be heard.

"O'Malley…" she silently prayed to the God she didn't believe and leapt into the street.

What she saw wasn't O'Malley, but it didn't stop her from freezing in place, gun raised.

"What the hell….what is that thing?"