Chapter 1

Bella's POV

"Dio mio! Cosa è successo?!" (My God! What happened?!)

I yelled when I woke up, coughing with Dan, Dean and Damon. Their friggin' dorm was on fire!!

"Dobbiamo uscire ora! (We have to get out now!)" Damon shouted as he started pulling on my arm to get out.

"Dobbiamo avere le nostre cose! (We have to get our things!)" Dan yelled as he got out three huge suitcases.

Despite the fire, he was right. They'd have nothing if they don't get their stuff. The guys started yanking their drawers out and shaking the contents into their suitcases like crazy and I started to help them as well. In three minutes, we were done and we were rushing out of the burning building, barely making it out before the doorway crumbled to the ground.

We all ran half way to our cars and turned to take a look at the school. Shit. The main building and the east wing dormitory of St. Dominique d'Italia was on fire like the marshmallows we were roasting last night.

I blinked a couple of times. Shit!

"The marshmallows!!" I yelled at them. They understood English as perfectly as I understood Italian. We were fluent in both.

Their eyes widened and we ran hysterically to our cars. We knew we were dead if they found out we had anything to do with it. Our reputation may just improve, but our futures would be ruined!

"Chiamate mi! (Call me!)" We all shouted at each other as we got into our cars. We started to drive off into different directions as we heard the sound of sirens comings. Shit, shit, shit!

We knew what we had to do. We had to leave Italy and go into hiding. For some reason, every time something happens to the school or to someplace even just remotely near us, the police always suspect us four to have something to do with it.

Okay, I admit, 60% of the time, it is us. But come on! Nothing this big ever happened to us before. Well I guess what do you expect when your best friends are three guys who basically rule their school even when they were just in freshmen?! Not to mention they practically live for challenges, pranks, dares and 'adventures'.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. Well that's what I get but I wouldn't have it any other way.

So now, here I was, racing like a maniac on crack along the streets of Rome, hangover—instantly gone, replaced by adrenaline, trying to lose the polizia who were right behind me.

It wasn't really our fault. Well, okay maybe it was. But we didn't do it on purpose!

St. Dominique d'Italia is an all-boys boarding school in Rome, which I was accidentally accepted to two years ago as a sophomore. They had this berserk rule of 'no refund', so since my mum paid in full for the whole year, I was stuck there until the end of the year with no one else other than sexually frustrated Italian men.

It was a good thing, Damon, my ultimo best friend of the three, was my room mate and he introduced me to his best friends, Dan and Dean, and the rest followed on. I know, their names are weird, almost alike.

They were like the kings of the school, heck, they were even called 'the kings', i re in Italian. The 'populars' as what you call them in America. Even just as sophomores when I arrived, they ruled the school like it was theirs and no one dare messed with them, not even the upper-class men.

The four of us became inseparable and eventually, people started recognizing me as La regina Isabella (Isabella the queen). The three protected me from other guys who were 'too friendly' and treated me like a little sister.

I moved out of St. Dominique d'Italia after my year was up and transferred to their sister school, St. Theresa d'Italia for my junior year. It was only a fifteen minute drive away so we still made it a point to meet up every day after class. Now, the senior year just started a few weeks ago and after vacationing with them in Switzerland, we were back to the old routine of meeting up after classes.

So today, the reason why I'm driving my midnight blue Ferrari around like my life depended on it was because yesterday was Damon's birthday.

I re (Dan, Dean & Damon) snuck me inside their school at night and into their dorm to celebrate. It was a very private party, just the four of us.

There was pizza and alcohol and soon enough, we were all drunk out of our minds. Dean made a suggestion of making a bonfire inside the room because it would be 'cool' and we could 'roast marshmallows'. I scoffed remembering that.

Like I said, we were all pretty much drunk out of our common senses so we agreed. Somewhere in between singing the Italian version of 99 bottles of milk on the wall and roasting the damn marshmallows, we fell asleep... or more likely passed out.

When we woke up, there we were in our own hell of fire, leading now to us just barely escaping the police. I mean, I escaped them, I don't know about the others.

I needed to head back to my dorm and grab my stuff before I went anywhere else. It's unfair really, if one of us gets suspected of something, then the other three are automatically suspected as well. We were like tied together.

So instead of the usual 15 minute drive from St. Dominique to St. Theresa, it took me 45 minutes, swerving and driving around alternate routes to lose the police's trail on me. Luckily, my effort paid off.

Well, since their school would be out for a year, with all the investigation and repairs and such, leaving the country wasn't a big deal at all. It would only suck since we probably wouldn't see each other for a whole year until they return to St. Dominique again for college.

I'll probably return at the same time they do since there is no way Italy would be any fun at all without them.

I swerved into the parking lot of St. Theresa and took out my car cover from the trunk. This wasn't the first time we had to run from the cops and all four of us had 'disguises' for our cars.

We had custom made, 4 of a kind car covers which, when slipped over the car, makes it look like it changed into a different colour.

My car cover colour was apple green. I slipped it over the car, and pressed on the sides, making the plastic sides on the cover stick on to the car.

When everything seemed in place, I took a step back to take a better look. I grinned. This never fails to make me smile. The cover clung to my car like it was second skin—like my car was actually apple green in colour.

There were holes on it for all the glass parts of the car so no worries then.

With my car, disguised and all, I walked casually inside my school and headed straight for my dorm room.

I pulled out two huge suitcases and started packing everything I had inside them.

As I just finished packing my clothes, my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID, it was Damon.

"Ciao Damon," I greeted.

"Ciao Bella, where are you ora?" I rolled my eyes; he had a bad habit of mixing some Italian while speaking English.

"I'm in my dorm, packing. Do you guys know where you're going?" I said, moving on to the next suitcase, stuffing in my favourite books and pictures.

"Si, I am going to live with my sister in France an—"He started but I cut him off.

"Oh good! You've always wanted to practice your French!" I said, excitedly. He wouldn't shut up about how his French was pathetic and how he wouldn't get French chicks if he doesn't perfect it.

"Si e Dan will stay with his aunt in Germany e Dean will go off to stay with his uncle in Spain," he finished in his Italian accent.

"Wow! You better start driving there! Are you all on your way then?" I asked anxiously. I still don't know where to go.

"Yes, and where are you going?"

"I still don't know Dame," I said, biting my lip as I stuffed my toiletries and gadgets into my suitcase.

"You can come with me Miele," he said sweetly. I laughed out loud. He only uses his nickname for me when he wanted to persuade me into doing something; Miele, meaning honey.

"I don't know..." I trailed off, teasing him.

I was about to continue to tell him that that wasn't such a good idea and that I didn't want to impose when I saw the last thing left in my room that needed to be pack—a picture. A picture of me together with my brother and dad, back in our home in Forks.

"Damon, I know where I'm going," I said in a rush, a smile forming on my lips.

"Dove? (Where?)" He asked curiously.

"I'm going back to Forks, Washington," I stated simply, waiting for his reaction, bracing myself for it.

"You're WHAT?!?!?!?!" He yelled into the phone so loudly, I had to move the damn thing away from my ear.

I could hear him shouting profanities through the phone in Italian, basically telling me to stop being stupid and that it was the worst idea anyone has ever thought of.

"Damon!! SHUT UP!!" I screamed into the phone, practically shrieking. He stopped, at least. But I could hear him breathing heavily, 100% still pissed at me.

"Damon, please—" I started to reason with him, but the damn asshole won't let me.

"Bella! There are other places you can go!" He started, obviously panicking.


"You can come with me!"

"No, I—"

"You can go with Dan or Dean! None of them would mind! Where do you want to meet them?" He was trying to persuade me too much, his voice was getting harder and raspier by the second.

"NO! Listen, I—"damn it Damon!

"We can book you a hotel for all I care Bells, just---"he was getting desperate and I can't take it.

"SHUT UP!!" I yelled again.

"Damon, don't interrupt me when I explain okay?" I pleaded with him.

He only grunted in response. Damn, this would go much better if he were here to see my puppy dog eyes.

"Dame, it's the perfect and only place to go. I refuse to intrude and impose with any of you. I can't go to my mum in Phoenix, she's just too perceptive. She'll find out in less than 24 hours!! Besides, I miss my dad! Same goes with my brother. You know how sad I always get every time I get off the phone with Emmett. I haven't seen them in 4 years Damon!" I told him, feeling the tears in my eyes.

"I know, Emmett seems like a great brother and I know you miss your Dad. But Bells, miele, what about those idiots?! The very ones who were the reason why you left that town in the first place?" He asked, his voice, practically dripping with concern for me and hate for the 'idiots'.

Damon, along with Dan and Dean of course, knew all about my awful childhood in Forks where I was constantly bullied for three years straight. Let me just tell you this, if they even saw them, I bet they would actually commit murder for me, and that's saying something.

I sighed heavily. Ah yes, Edward Cullen and his sick posse of sheep.

"Well, Damon," I started, a smirk forming on my lips, "what can they possibly do now? I barely look the same when I was there. I've lived here in Italy for 3 freaking years and my best friends are insane psychopaths..."

"HEY!" he protested from the other line and I laughed at him.

"As I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me," I mocked him, chuckling as I imagined him, rolling his eyes at me, "they can't do anything to me. I mean, he can't do anything to me. After living with you guys two years ago and practically still living with you guys last year, plus having Emmett as my brother, I think I can handle myself," I finished, feeling a Grinch-like smile spread across my face.

"Well..."he paused, thinking of what to say, "I guess you can get revenge while you're there," he finished and I could hear the smile in his voice as well.

"See? I told you it was a good idea," I said, smugly.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever; just so you know, I'm rolling my eyes at you," I laughed at him out loud. God, I was going to miss him.

"Hey, can you call Dan and Dean? I still have to call my dad and tell him I'm coming," I said in a rush as I closed up my suitcases.

"Sure thing. Call us when you get there and keep in touch," he told me in a strict, brotherly like voice.

"Always," I said simply.



I snapped my phone shut and pulled—no, dragged my suitcases to the elevators and down to my now apple green Ferrari.

I tried desperately, with no success, to heave them into the trunk, falling flat on my butt several times with the bags of rocks almost crushing me; I had to ask a couple of passerby's to help me.

Well, not that that embarrassing episode was over, I hopped into my car and drove towards the airport.

I sighed, then smiled as I took out my phone from my pocket.

It's time to call Charlie.

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