La Bullied Bella No More

Chapter 8: Edward's POV


Okay, so yesterday went absolutely fan-fucking-tastic with Bella. Pffft, not. After our little hissing fit, she completely ignored me like I wasn't even there! And who the hell is Jensen?! Lucky bastard, gets to be in the fantasies of Bella. What I wouldn't give to be the star in her—"Hey Edward!"

I was shook out of my mental ranting by Jasper's call. I looked over to my right from where I was leaning against my car before class to see my best mate and my sister walking towards me. Alice and I may be siblings but we often rode seperately. I go in my silver Volvo while she goes in her canary yellow, attention-grabbing Porsche.

"What's up, man?" I nodded at him, acknowledged Alice and continued to stare at the parking lot entrance.

She came up beside me, hooked her arm through mine and leaned her head on my arm since she was too short to reach my shoulders. Jasper came to stop on her other side to stare at the entrance as well.

"Whatcha waiting for Eddie?" Alice asked me in that annoying sing-song voice she always used when she wanted to... well, annoy me.

I shoved her playfully and tried to ruffle her hair but she dodged me neatly, sticking her tongue out at me.

I rolled my eyes at her but chose to answer anyway. "I'm not waiting for anyone, Alice," I lied. "And don't call me Eddie."

"Sure, you're not," she said back sarcastically.

Just then, Emmett's jeep came speeding in through the parking lot with... no, it can't be. It was!

Jasper and I took one look at each other and went into hysterics.

Oh, god. This was awesome, absolutely priceless. Emmett's enormous, terrifying jeep had Debussy's Beau Soir blasting on full volume from its speakers.

They parked a couple of cars away from us and it was pretty obvious that Em wanted to scream bloody murder and run away from where he was.

Jazz and I were still cackling like a couple of hyenas on laughing gas when Emmett almost simultaneously shut off his engine and came out of the driver's side with his head down, speed walking towards the building, looking like a dog with its tail in between his legs.

Two doors opened the next minute with high-pitched giggles. Curious, Jasper and I stopped for a moment, which then Alice started giggling herself.

We looked around and saw Rosalie and Bella holding on to each other for support, trying to walk over to us. Although she was laughing so ridiculously hard, she was still so stunning that I was afraid someone would notice my ogling her. She was wearing a black, silk shirt underneath a white, lace-trimmed, form-fitting hoodie; dark jeans and beige, flat boots with fur on the hem that reached just above her ankles. Simple yet elegant.

Alice not so surprisingly decided to join and skipped over to the two. Yes, skipped.

Jazz and I followed and by the time we got there, the laughter died down. It was a good thing actually; I thought we might have to go to the nurse because our sides would be hurting too much.

"Oh my gosh, that was awesome! I've never seen Emmett so ashamed in all the time I've known him!" Alice gushed to the two girls, giggling along with them.

Bella made a show and puffed her chest once, pretending to look tough. "Well, what can I say? I have a gift of putting men in their place," she said, smirking.

"Hoo, I've never laughed so hard in my laugh, ha, ha, hoo, haaaah," Rose wheezed, breathing in and out exaggeratedly.

"That was awesome, Bells!" Jasper said, high-fiving her.

"You know Debussy?" I squeezed in. She did imply that it was her idea, right?

She looked over at me, her smirk, smile, laugh, any feature showing a positive reaction—gone. Great.

"Yes," she replied very, very curtly and walked away into the building.

Well, I can tell that this day would be yet fan-fucking-tastic too.

When lunch rolled in, I was a little bit excited. Okay, a lot excited. I was hoping that I'd get to sit next to her again; to try to fix or at least make it up to her somehow.

Yet, of course, as I've said this day was going to be perfect, note sarcasm; so when I got there... they weren't there. When I meant they, I mean Emmett, Jasper, Rose, Alice and Bella.

"Where're they?" I asked Austin, standing behind him with my tray still in my hand.

"Oh, they went to sit over there," he pointed to the table near the windows that nobody normally sat on.

"Hmm, thanks, man," I said and patted his back blindly, seeing as I never took my eyes away from the new table.

"Uh-huh," he said back, uninterested.

I was about to turn around when... gah!... Lauren... grr. Need I say more?

"Eddie, you can sit over here with us. We definitely wouldn't mind," Lauren screeched-purred at me from a few tables over. I looked around and saw her there, furiously batting her eyelashes like she had a severe condition of twitching... with both eyes.

"Yeah, Eddie," I looked beside her and great! Jessica. Ugh. Fuck, could this day get any better?

"Don't call me Eddie," I told them and I turned around, ignoring their protests.

I walked over to the table and sat on the only chair left, beside Rosalie and right in front of Bella.

"Hey guys, why are we all the way here?" I asked them in general.

Bella paid me absolutely no attention, as if I wasn't ever there and continued picking a bagel with her fingers and eating them.

Emmett chose to answer as he shrugged his massive shoulder and turned to look at me.

"Don yu thek we juz needuh teble ov ar ow?" Yeah, great, because I just perfectly understood that.

Rose rolled her eyes and snapped, "Don't talk with your mouth open, idiot. It's disgusting and nobody can understand a word you'd say." Amen to that Rose.

"He said, 'Don't you think we just need a table of our own?'" Bella replied in a 'duh' tone with a roll of her eyes.

We just looked at her strangely then turned back to Em who was making weird noises. It turned out to be that he was trying to swallow the mountain of food he stuffed his mouth with.

"See! Belly understood me!" He said smugly and raised his hand to high five his sister.

Bella rolled her eyes but returned it anyway; a smirk gracing her features.

We continued to talk like normal, saying that since we were a tight-knit group anyway (unfortunately with the exemption of Bella and I being tight-knit), they decided that it was just right to get our table of our own. It wasn't like anybody was going to miss us so much since they often had no idea what we were talking about, being inside jokes.

I started to sulk when the bell rung, signalling that it was time to get our butts up from lunch and continue the torture named school. What was worse was that Bella was my partner... and it just so happens that she hates my guts, so again, another perfect addition to my perfect day!

I walked behind Bella a few steps behind and sat beside her when we got to our table. Five minutes later, Mr. Johnson arrived and started lecturing. Man, I must say that this guy is starting to become one of my favourite teachers. He does nothing but talk and talk and lecture about compounds and reactions—enthusiastically, I might add, even if no one pays him attention.

I tried controlling myself but apparently my resolve isn't very sturdy when I'm beside a woman who I've tried and failed to stop hating my guts since I was ridiculously attracted to her. Man, when you lay it out like that, I sound really screwed.

I peeked over my left shoulder and found her peeking too. Too bad it wasn't at me but at my notes.

I was about to ask her what she was looking for in my notes when she decided to voice it out herself. Hallelujah.

"Hey, is it alright if I borrow your notes for just a night, Edward?" She asked sweetly, like we were the best of friends. She even pulled out her lower lip in a gesture of desperation and batted her eyelashes, all the while leaning forward to me. Oh god save me, she's trying to kill me.

"Sure," I answered quickly... a little too quickly; then shoved my notes over to her.

I was rewarded by one of her heart-stopping grins as she beamed at me, stowing my notebook away in her bag.

We didn't talk again for the rest of the class but she kept stealing glances at me then smiles and blushes after. How did I know? Well, because I was doing the exact same thing... except for the blushing part of course, psshh. Edward Cullen doesn't blush PERIOD.

By the time the bell rung, I was about to push my luck and ask Bella if I could walk her to her next class but she zoomed out of her chair and out of the classroom before I was even able to open my mouth without so much as a second glance at me.

What the hell?


I thought today was at least going to be microscopic better than yesterday but hell! It was worse, if that was even possible! I mean, what the fuck is this woman doing to me?! I've never felt so frustrated and confused about anyone before. Girls? Pft. They throw themselves at me and if I'm interested, I just pick. Friends? Got the best bunch, no problem there. Family? My friends are practically my family. It's Bella. It's really her that's screwing with my head and complicating things with me.

I came in late since I didn't get much sleep so before anything even started, I was already pissed because that meant I wasn't going to see her until lunch came around. When it did finally come, I sat in our newly claimed table and found that Bella was still not there.

"Hmm, we're missing somebody. Where's your sister, Em?" I asked, trying to sound nonchalant and very proudly, succeeding. No weird stares: check. No one choking from surprise: check. Most importantly, no Emmett eyeing me suspiciously: CHECK. I even did a double take on Alice to see if she was hiding a smirk or whatever, but none.

He didn't even look up from his pile of food when he answered, "She went to the library to finish up some work or something like that." Then he proceeded to gobble down a chicken leg.

That's when I paid attention to the food on the table. No way. I looked from the pieces of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and lasagne to my mushy mac and cheese and back again.

"What the hell? Does the lunch lady hate me or something?" I complained-slash-yelled as I shoved my tray aside and grabbed a chicken leg.

Of course, my ever-awesome friends laughed at my expression heartily.

"Bella made these! She's an awesome cook!" Alice chirped from across me while taking a dainty bite of lasagne.

"She made all of these?" My eyes widening after I swallowed a bite. Shit, this roasted chicken tastes amazing!

"Yeah, we've all insisted to pitch in some money for the food she uses to cook, even if it took us forever to convince her!" Rose said, sounding exasperated towards the end making Jasper snicker and Emmett to roll his eyes.

"Stubborn girl," I heard him mutter.

"And where was I when this all happened?" I asked them, raising an eyebrow in irritation. Thanks for making me a part of this, grr.

My dearest, grr, most adorable sister smiled innocently at me and said, "Last night I was on the phone with Rose and her. We were talking about random stuff then for who knows how, we ended up ranting about how unappetizing the food was here and that we might even get a better deal out of eating air than this stuff. Then, this morning, with the help of Jazzy here," she said, hooking her arms around his and looking up at him with googly eyes, barf, "and Emmett," she continued, rolling her eyes then at him; earning a shit-eating grin in return, "we were able to break her!" She finished, singing the last lines.

"Oh," I said, looking down. Sound nonchalant. Sound nonchalant. Sound nonchalant. I looked up again and saw Alice semi-smirking at me. Grrrr. Leave me alone little evil pixie.

I rolled my eyes at her and saw Jasper gave me a questioning look. I just rolled my eyes at him too, hahaha.

The bell rang for class and I darted out and into class.

Of course, she was already there. She didn't even look up at me when I sat next to her. She was just there, doodling some circles around in her notebook.

I looked at my side of the table and saw my notebook in front of me. There was a square yellow Post-It in the center of the cover with the word 'Thanks!' written in beautiful calligraphy.

"So, did you find my notes useful?" I turned to her, hoping for a conversation.

But Bella, she never does the predictable so instead of answering me, she just ignored me, again. Honestly, this is getting a little old after following her around hopelessly.

I was about to face front again when she smiled and decided to humour me.

"Yes, they were very helpful. Thanks a lot, Edward!" She beamed at me brightly that I couldn't help but give her a grin of my own.

The teacher came in then, halting any extension of the conversation.

I actually paid attention in class, seeing as it was an effective distraction from peeking again at my neighbour like I did yesterday.

Although I thought we were finally okay, she rushed out of class when the bell rung.

I dumped all my things in my bag hastily, not caring if I ruin them. Today was Wednesday and that meant Lauren's going to attempt, yet again, to ask me out. Damn! That blonde fake bimbo can't take a hint! I wonder if Alice and Rose would be upset if I ask Emmett to beat up a girl...

"Eeeeedddieee!" Shit. Stupid mental planning. I should've thought of that when I was outside the classroom and not while I was still with the banshee in the same room. Oh god. I could be risking being locked in here with her...

I was about to make a run for it when she popped out right in front of me, immediately stopping me.

"Errr, hi, Lauren," I mumbled and tried to side step around her but she mirrored my actions. Shit. Fucking shit!

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone." The Barbie knock-off purred, leaning dangerously close to me while running her hands up and down my chest. Shit, now I have to burn my shirt. "Oh, and don't worry, I can't wait too," she winked and stepped away from me.

Before I could question her statement (and her sanity), she turned around and walked out, swaying her hips so much that I was, hoping that she'd dislocate them.


Alice, for some reason, rode with me today; so here we were now, both leaning against the hood of my car like we do every morning, waiting for everybody else to show up.

It wasn't long when Jasper came in his black Camry, the tamer car compared to his sleek, shiny, grey Mercedes. He was followed by Rosalie in her attention-seeking blood red BMW convertible.

"Hey honey. Hey Edward," he greeted the both of us, standing beside Alice and giving her a kiss and a nod at me.

"Hey Ali, Edward," Rose said, acknowledging us and coming to stand on my other side.

We started talking about just random stuff when we heard speeding wheels screeching in protest. We whipped our heads around just in time to see a blue Ferrari literally zoom in the lot and drift 180° to perfectly parallel park in one side of the lot.

By this time, every student in the parking lot had their jaws wide open, hanging in the air loosely in invitation to flies. The gang and I weren't exempted from that, unfortunately.

I think they even went lower and closer to the ground when Bella jumped out, quickly securing the alarm in her car and running towards us, sporting the biggest grin I've seen on her while managing to laugh too. Of course, how could I forget. She owned that car.

She was wearing a loose, grey shirt that reached her upper thighs; black leggings that clung to her like second-skin; very dark violet, flat, ankle boots and a purple cardigan. She was glorious.

When she was half-way to us, Emmett's jeep came in recklessly; almost running over a couple of guys and not-so-expertly parked it on the other side of his sister's car.

When Bella saw her brother jump out of his jeep, looking lived; she ran faster, not to mention laughed harder, and hid behind Rose and me.

"ISABELLA SWAN! YOU WILL NEVER PULL A STUNT LIKE THAT AGAIN! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!" Emmett roared viciously from across the parking lot. He looked so incredibly furious that I was afraid of him, even if he wasn't angry with me.

I looked behind me and saw Bella giggling. How could she giggle when there was a possibility that her life would be in danger from her own brother?

"STOP HIDING!" Emmett shouted when he reached us. The people around us were hurrying off inside... afraid of the big bear, no doubt.

I looked at my friends and saw Alice curiously looking from Bella to Em and back again; Jasper was silently snickering and Rose had her hands on her hips. Well, that right there was a sign that this was not going to be good.

"Stop yelling at your sister Emmett! She obviously knows what she's doing and she didn't run over anybody like you almost did! Jesus, Emmett! You just got her back and now you're shouting at her?" Rose screamed at him, throwing her hands around in the air wildly. Freaky car-lover, supermodel look-alike.

"Don't tell me what to do! She's my sister!" Emmett yelled back at her and I heard Alice gasp. Never in all the time they've been together have we heard Em yell at Rose.

Rose looked taken back for a while before scowling and taking a challenging step forward. Bella then decided to step out from behind us and move in between Rose and Emmett, who were now having a very intense glaring session.

"Hey, hey, hey, don't you two fight just because of me," she said looking between the two of them. Alice, Jazz and I, being the great, supportive friends we are, just watched them in interest.

"Emmett, apologize to Rose for yelling at her," she told her. Wow, some guts she must have for ordering a practically rabid from anger bear like that.

He looked at her disbelievingly. "Now," Bella ushered calmly.

Emmett stared at her for a while and Bella stared back. It was like they were having a silent conversation and after a few seconds, he turned his head up to look at Rose.

"Sorry, Rosie," he said, at least sounding sincere.

She gave back a tight smile. To anyone in the know, that meant that he was already forgiven. Weird, I know.

Bella took Emmett's hand and lead him away, telling us over her shoulder, "Go ahead, we'll see you inside."

We looked at each other and shrugged. Rose was still a little stiff while Alice and Jazz were laughing lightly.

"Wow, who would've known 'Emmett the Great' would submit to his little sister," Jasper snickered, making Rose stretch her arm out and smack him behind his head.


I laughed at him and ran into the building before he could smack me or anything.

Class was unusually fast and before I knew it, I was sitting in the cafeteria with the guys.

Bella was the last to come in and sat beside me. Yes! She had a few Tupperware and some things wrapped in aluminium foil.

"Hey!" She greeted us cheekily, including me and I couldn't help but grin back. Damn, she makes me smile just like that.

"So Belly, will you finally end my torture and tell us what you have for us today?" Emmett asked, rubbing his palms together in obvious anticipation of food. Hmm, it looks like they've all sorted the tension out.

"I've got steak-grilled burgers for us and vegetarian burgers for Alice and Rose; oven baked fries and fruit salad for us girls," she told us proudly, setting the foil wrapped burgers in front of us.

"Thanks Bells," Rose and Alice chimed in together appreciatively.

I smiled fondly at them then turned to look at Bella after realizing something.

"You have a steak burger too?" I asked her quizzically.

"Yes," she told me. To prove herself, she unwrapped her burger, showing a small steak as its patty indeed and taking a huge bite out it.

I raised my eyebrows in amusement. Well, at she wasn't hostile or unfriendly.

We finished lunch and oh god! I have never been so appreciative of food made by anybody else other than my mother's before! The whole burger-fries tandem and even the fruit salad tasted like gourmet!

The bell rung and I was surprised when Bella ushered me to move faster to make it in class with her.

Well, all I have to say is that I have never loved Chemistry before today. Bella and I passed notes all during class and when the bell rung, she walked out of the classroom, turning around and giving me a small smile before fully stepping out.

One thing that she wrote in our notes stuck in my head and kept repeating itself over and over again.

Let's try to be friends.


Just like this morning my last few classes went on swiftly and quickly, not having anything eventful happening and now I was walking outside towards my car to supposedly wait for my sister.

"Porca puttana! Bastardo, non avrà abbastanza soldi per pagare per questo, è impacciato ragazzo idiota!"

I whipped my head to my right in utter surprise and saw Emmett holding back Bella who was trashing around wildly shouting furiously at Tyler who was looking terrified and being held by the shoulders by Jasper.

I jogged quickly to them and stood beside Jasper.

"What's happening, man?" I asked Jazz nervously. Bella actually looked like she would break free from Emmett's grip since his arms were slipping; and that's saying something.

"Tyler, being the idiot he is," he started, squeezing his shoulder threateningly, "brought a skateboard and decided to practice right by Bella's car. Now it has a huge scratch on the side. How he managed to do that kind of damage, is beyond me," he finished stiffly.

I looked around Tyler and well, hell. The Ferrari had a very long, not to mention a very ugly scratch running along the passenger door, peeling the paint off.

"Let me go Emmett."

I looked ahead and saw Bella standing deathly calm now in Em's grasp.

The guys seemed oblivious to the crowd forming around us but I wasn't and it definitely wasn't the flattering kind of attention.

"LET ME GO NOW!" Bella suddenly yelled; making us all flinch back and making Emmett drop his arms immediately as well as Jasper's grip on Tyler.

She took a few steps towards him, who was now embarrassingly shaking and poked him hard on the chest.

"Since you obviously don't have the money to pay for the damage you made; I'm going to let you go," she started in an eerily calm voice, making us all widen our eyes in surprise and Tyler visibly relaxing.

"But if you as so much go within 10 ft of my car again, I will hot wire your car and drive it off a cliff and don't you think I won't, because I can. Understand?" She finished, hissing the last word through clenched teeth.

I must admit, Bella looked absolutely terrifying and intimidating at that moment that I didn't blame Tyler when he nodded so vigorously, it would be possible that he'd break his neck.

She narrowed her eyes at him dangerously and turned around, getting her back pack and walking towards the picnic tables with Rose and Alice hot on her heels.

Emmett approached Tyler and he started shaking again. Heck, even I was shaking a bit.

"Relax man, I'm not going to beat you up," he assured him and Tyler relaxed.

"But I do have something to say. Bella's not the shy, little girl she was before. She's changed... so much. I'd watch it if I were you." With that, he turned around and headed towards the tables as well; Jasper and I following suit.

Bella was taking calming breaths when we arrived and as I sat down, she moved her head up to look at us.

"There's a branch of Toni's here, right?" She asked us. "Where is it, in Port Angeles or in Seattle?"

For the nth time today, our eyes rounded like dinner plates and stared at her like she was insane. Hell, she was fucking insane! Toni's is a mechanic shop that charges so absurdly high prices for petty repairs that it wasn't even funny.

"Toni's is the most expensive mechanic repair shop in all of America!" Rosalie exclaimed, being the first of us to compose ourselves.

Bella looked at her exasperatedly and retorted, "But, they're good, right?"

Rose shrugged in half-agreement and half-protest, "Yeah, but—"

"Is it in Seattle or Port Angeles?" Bella interrupted her impatiently.

"Bell," Emmett started to argue to when his sister interrupted again.

"I know Toni okay? He's the second cousin of Dan and I can get my car fixed free of charge," she said sounding like it was the most ordinary thing in the world.

And again, for the nth time this day too, our jaws dropped as Alice and Rose simultaneously breathed, "Oh my god."

Toni's was in Seattle and Bella had to steal Rosalie's phone from her jeans' pocket to get the number since we were still sort of in shock. Sure we can afford to get our cars fixed there but it simply wasn't practical despite them being the best.

Bella continued to amaze me when we found out, thanks to Alice pleading her to put the phone on speaker, that not only does she know Toni himself, but she was on the VIP list... # 7 actually, ranking after the guy's family, and after her two other best friends, Dean and Damon I think. Not only that, but that VIP list applied to every branch of Toni's in the world. Hell.

After arranging her meeting with the head mechanic of Seattle branch, we all headed home.

I just can't believe Bella. It's like when I've finally figured something out about her, she suddenly contradicts it.

Well, I guess I'd have plenty of time to figure her out since we were now trying to be friends. Because of that, I couldn't stop the shit-eating grin I had on my face on the way home.

Bella's POV


This week has been going exactly as planned, except for that shit that happened with Tyler. Fuck, not to mention the staff of Toni's Seattle branch having the nerve to question me. I would have to talk to Toni about them.

I really did mean what I said to Edward when we passed notes during Chemistry; that we would try to be friends. Just because we would try, doesn't mean I can't have fun with him anymore. Cue evil Grinch grin.

Today was the execution phase of my week-long plan and I made sure to be friendly to Edward. I smiled at him and snuck glances at him which he happily returned.

Though, I must admit that this was bothering me a little. Sometimes I would catch myself looking at him willingly or smiling at him genuinely. Shit. I really hope that I'm just getting into this and not really truly liking him. I would be screwed ten times over if that happened, not to mention Edward might get beat up ten times over himself by my many brothers.

Finally, the moment I've been waiting for. Five minutes before Spanish with Rose ended, I rushed out of the classroom telling my teacher over my shoulder that I had to do some things in the bathroom. I think she got what I meant for her to think because she shot me a sympathetic look.

I quickly made my way over to Lauren's locker and pulled out the piece of paper I've spent half an hour last night to do.

I reread it for the last time, checking for any errors before I proceeded.

My dearest Lauren,

I hope that I have not fully offended you on rejecting you so many times in the past as I was afraid. Yes, I, Edward Cullen was afraid that I might loose control of my emotions when you are around me.

The truth is that I am hopelessly and unconditionally in love with you. I wouldn't want to be with anybody else but you. It would do me great pleasure if you would be my girlfriend. Though I am a bit unsure as to how I might affect your relationship with Jessica. Is she not your best friend?

I'm sorry my dearest but it has come to my attention that she has affections for me too. Who would you choose?

Give me your answer my declaring it in the cafeteria in front of everyone. If you choose to keep Jessica as your best friend over having me, yell: "Jessica is my best friend and no one can come between us!" Although, if you choose to have me as your boyfriend and accept that Jessica is only there to steal me away from you, yell: "I will accept your offer Edward! I will be your girlfriend! I AM YOURS AND ONLY YOURS!"

I will await your answer my fairest love.


I must've looked weird, seeing as I was sporting both a smug grin on how well I've copied Edward's penmanship from his notes and hiding a laugh as well on how the letter sounded just like Edward. He might not be so polite to people who annoys him but I've heard enough of his speech to know how he talks formally to teachers.

Folding the letter in half, I slid it smoothly through the creaks of Lauren's locker just in time for the bell to sound off.

I made my way to my car and got the food I've made for today from a case to keep it warm and went into the cafeteria.

About ten minutes into our tacos and oven baked nachos, we heard a very distinct shrill shriek followed by clicking of heels.

Half a minute later the cafeteria doors burst over and there stood an overly frantic, crazed Lauren.

While everyone stared at her as if she wasn't mentally stable, I smashed my lips together and fought off laughing.

Her eyes roamed the room wildly and when they landed on Edward, she gave a horrific grin that you'd only see on witches during Halloween. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Edward gulp, his Adam's apple, bobbling.

"YES! OH YES EDDIE!" She screeched, running sloppily and slipping a few times on her heels to Edward and stopping right in front of him. Her fake, blonde air a bit messy, probably from running around and her blue eyes were deep with excitement.

Everyone watched her with comical, stunned expressions that I was actually surprised nobody burst out laughing yet.

She violently fumbled with a piece of paper in her hands... the letter; wildly searching for something.

When she finally found whatever it was, she grinned that grin again and grabbed Edward's face in between her hands.

"I WILL ACCEPT YOUR OFFER EDWARD! I WILL BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND! I AM YOURS AND ONLY YOURS!" She screeched on top of her lungs, making everyone in the cafeteria lean away from her into our chairs. She then smashed her face roughly to Edwards, kissing him like a hungry coyote, all the while Edward, futilely trying to push her off of him, but apparently, the harasser was strong.

I couldn't help it, I broke into hysterics the same time Emmett did. We really are siblings and thank God for that because if I was the only one laughing, he'd immediately suspect me to be behind it.

I clutched my sides as I saw Alice and Jasper's mouth wide open along with most of the other people in the room. Edward was finally able to push her off of him, making her stumble to the floor.

He stood up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand roughly, a disgusted expression on his face.

"What on earth are you talking about Lauren?!" He demanded, looking down at her. Rose, Em and I, along with other students who recovered from the heart-stopping shock and finally found this funny kept laughing while looking at them.

"The letter Eddie. I knew you were hiding your true feeling for me!" Lauren exclaimed, her eyes sparkling despite her being knocked to the ground.

"What letter?!"

She stood up and showed him the now crumpled paper that was the letter.

We stopped laughing, looking at him in interest as to what the letter might have said; me, feigning it, of course.

We watched as his eyes hastily roamed over the contents on the letter and too soon, they stopped, looked up, glared at Lauren then at everybody else in the cafeteria.

"I DIDN'T WRITE THIS!" He yelled, crumpling the paper into a ball and tossing it over his shoulder, almost hitting Jasper in the forehead.

"Say whatever you want to say, boyfriend," she purred. Oh god, she really has to stop doing that. Edward's nostrils were flaring and he shoved her hands away when they attempted to stroke his biceps. I was glad at what he did because the sight of her attempting to sensually caress his arms built something up inside of me. I didn't know what it was but I certainly didn't like it.

I started snickering again, and again, at the same time as Emmett. My good old brother.

"I did not write that letter, Lauren. I have no desire to be your boyfriend. Someone tricked you!" He obviously tried to tell her calmly but it still sounded like he was shouting.

"But Eddie," she tried to protest in that disturbing nasally sound but of course dear Eddie wouldn't allow her to torture our eardrums anymore.

"I do not love you Lauren!" Well that sounded a bit harsh. "It was a trick! I don't want to be your boyfriend! What I want is for you to leave me alone!" With that, he stomped angrily out of the cafeteria.

As soon as the doors closed, we all burst into loud and painful hysterics, seeing as not much later, we were wheezing, panting and clutching our sides.

Oh god. That was so rich! I definitely have to tell the kings about this; no doubt they'd be proud of me like a mother who'd see their newborn child break into a sprint.

What Bella was shouting meant: Holy shit! You bastard, you won't have enough money to pay for this, you clumsy idiotic boy!
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