Naruhina: Weekend-long Party

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By xLisaL

Chapter 1: Convincing the Hyuuga

1st of July, Neji's 19th birthday was in two days. For him, it was just an ordinary day, but for Tenten and Hinata it sure wasn't. They were in Neji's room at the Hyuuga complex, him sitting lazily on top of his bed, arms behind his head and the two girls stood in front of him, hands on their hips, clearly annoyed by his lack of fun. They were trying to convince him to throw a birthday party next Friday. In fact, they wanted it to be a Weekend-long Party.

"Neji-nee-san, p-please?" Hinata asked falling to her knees and praying.

"Nope." He turned the song on his stereo louder.

"C-come on. D-don't you want to s-spend your first days as a nineteen year-old young ad-dult with your friends?"

"Hinata-sama, since when do you even like parties?" Neji asked with his face completely blank and eyes emotionless, as always.

"She wants to spend time with Naruto, Mr. Obvious." Tenten reminded him, getting more annoyed by each second that past. She was the girl Neji's in love with. Well he wouldn't say in love, the furthest he admitted was that he had a small crush on her and that was only because Hinata eavesdropped on him while he was sleeping. One of his biggest flaws: Sleep-talking. But deep down inside he knew he was in love with his Ten-chan.

"I don't care Tenten. I don't feel like throwing a party." He replied with his monotone voice, one of the things that turned her on. Yes, it was emotionless and sometimes frustrating, but it was so goddamn HOT! In her opinion, at least.

"I guess I have no choice." Tenten announced, sighing in defeat.

"So you're finally giving up?"

"Tenten, YOU WOULDN'T!" Hinata yelled as loudly as she could. She quickly got up and started shaking her Best friend back and forth. "You can't give up, we ARE GOING to throw a party, even if it's the last thing we do!" She kept shaking the poor brunette. Obviously she hadn't caught her intentions.

"Whoa-whoa-whoa, s-s-s-stop s-s-s-shaking me!" She finally pulled back from Hinata. "You should know be by now, Hinata. There's no chance in hell of me giving up!"


"I was going straight to plan 'B'." She informed. Hinata flinched and Tenten turned back to Neji and sat down next to him. She started 'drawing' with her index finger on Neji's chest.

"Neji-kun…" She started. Neji completely froze in place. "You would never hurt my feelings would you?" She asked innocently. He gulped.

"O-of course not." He replied.

"Then you would do me the favor of throwing the party?"


"Please, Neji-kun?" She looked up at him giving the 'puppy-dog eyes'. He sighed.

"Fine!" Tenten started to jump in joy, while Hinata was in state of complete shock.


"I said 'fine', nee-chan, we'll throw the party." Neji repeated. Hinata let out a long, happy, loud shriek.

"Yes! WE DID IT!" She joined Tenten and they kept jumping around, at the end, sharing a big Hi5. Neji only sighed.

"I'll take care of the invitations!" Hinata announced running out the door.

"I'll make the party plans." Tenten said following the Hyuuga heiress, but then stopped at the exit. "Neji." She said turning around. "Remember, it's a weekend long party." She winked and ran out of the room.

"Damn puppy-dog eyes." Was the only thing Neji had to say.


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