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Chapter 11 – Goodbye ^^

"Uhm… sure. I'll go next." Ino said and got a paper as well. "Kiss the one you love… NANI?"

"Oh yeah. That one was my idea." Hinata said and grinned evilly.

"I'm not doing this." The blond made the paper into a small ball and threw it away.

"Ino, just do it." Shikamaru grumbled and rolled his eyes. She felt hesitation and everyone noticed that, but finally she crawled to the middle of the circle and looked around, wanting to see everyone's reaction. Little did she know that all of them, except for one, knew who she was in love with. This was going to be interesting. She turned around and glanced at her prey. In one swift motion only ninja could see, she leaned forward and kissed Kiba right on the lips. It wasn't too much though, only enough to satisfy their friends. Kiba for one was shocked, but his face soon turned into a happy one.

"Well, well. It's the first time I find out that a hot girl is in love with me."

"Shut it!" Ino yelled with a big blush masking her creamy skin.

Soon, they all got their turns and found out that it was time to end the weekend-long party. Together, they all walked towards the main gate of the Hyuuga household.

"We had a great time… even after all those embarrassing moments." Chouji admitted, obviously meaning Naruto's little talk with Hiashi-sama. The blond sweat dropped and grinned nervously.

"We should do this more often." He said changing the subject. They all bid their goodbyes and Hinata took the opportunity to go take a walk with Naruto. The whole gang except Neji walked away from the house, happy as ever.

"Huh?" Ino looked around and everyone stopped to look at her curiously. "Where's Tenten?" She asked. It was true. Everyone was there, except for Tenten.

"So, it was a good idea, wasn't it?" The brunette asked as she let herself be led by Neji into his room. She soon threw herself onto his bed and he followed suit.

"Meh." He shrugged his shoulders and combed his hair with his hand. "It could have been worse." Tenten grinned.

"You liked it."

"Not really."

"Yes you did."

"OKAY, I liked it… a bit."

"You're such an ice-cube, Hyuuga Neji."

"Thank you." Tenten rolled her eyes at his reply, but that's when she got an idea.

"How about I give you your true birthday gift?" She asked and rolled over him, joining their lips.

"Oh, well. She must have gone the other way." Hinata said and shrugged it off.

"Well, we reached my house." Naruto said and ran off, grabbing his girlfriend's hand. "Bye!" They heard some of their friends laugh and could imagine others rolling their eyes or shaking their heads, but one thing was sure: they were all happy. Naruto closed the door behind Hinata.

"This party changed our lives didn't it?" He asked happily, even though the answer was clear to everyone. He watched as Hinata's lips slowly formed a smile.

"I guess it did."

"You're a genius." He then walked towards her and did what both of them wanted. He kissed her lips, slowly caressing them with his own. That kiss meant more than any other kiss they ever had, because it sealed the deal. The kiss was a promise of true love and loyalty and a deal of never letting each other go, even with little things in between. They held tight for years and years and right now, as they kissed, they blessed the other just for their mere existence.

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