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My hand gently runs over Kagami's own beautiful hand. It is small and delicate and I hesitate in fear of hurting her. I circle her palm and turn her hand over. Her pale, thin fingers rest on the edge of the bed. I am not normally so gentle with her, but I don't know how to act anymore. I'm in absolute shock.

I stare at her lifeless form as it lies before me. Her head is tilted to the side, her eyes shut in an expression that hints at pain. The sheets are spread uncomfortably around her to make room for her various bandages. Purple hair is spread across the bed, some clinging to her face but most of it falling just over her arm.

"Kagami," I whisper. She can't hear me, but it is calming to speak my mind. My heart aches to see her this way. I want to help her, I want to make everything okay, but I can't do anything useful. All I can do is sit by her side and hope that she will be okay.

Sounds of car wheels screeching echo through my mind. I see a blur of blue and purple before my eyes. A hand - possibly Kagami's - pushes me out of the way. Someone jumps in the way, where I once was, to protect me. A scream escapes my mouth. The sound, the sight, the horror of the scene melts into one nightmare. I can't escape it. I begin to quiver as I return to the reality of the hospital room.

I grip Kagami's hand to steady my own. It's soft and smooth, untainted by household chores. My hands are more childlike, with rougher skin as a result of constantly playing video games. Kagami moves slightly in her sleep. I freeze. Wake up...Kagami...please wake up... but Kagami resumes her motionless state. Her face clouded with pain and fine beads of sweat.

I don't usually bargain. I don't usually beg. Today, however, I promise to give everything up just to see Kagami live. I am desperate. She's my best friend. I love her.

The thought returns again and lingers with a new emphasis. I love her... I glance again at the bed. Kagami's fine figure does not take up much space yet she still radiates beauty. I drift back to what I wanted to tell her before the accident. Tears well in my eyes as I fight the urge to cry. I lay my head beside hers as I try to keep calm. Kagami's gentle but shallow breaths touch my cheek as I turn to face her. I never noticed how long her eyelashes were or how soft her face was.

She sacrificed herself for me...but why?

I reach over to stroke her long hair. 'Kagami, please, please be alright.' In my confusion and sorrow, I kiss her gently. I press my lips into hers, and softly melt into her warmth. There is a slight sense of excitement, but it does not replace my concern for her.

I pull away as I hear frantic footsteps approach the room.