My Renesmee/The Choice

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer is the genius behind Twilight. I like to think I own Jacob, but I don't. Enjoy this little look into Edward & Renesmee's relationship.

Chapter 1: First Sight (Edward's POV)

The day you were born was one of the best and worst days of my existence. Your mother was dying, and I could hear the faint drumming of her heartbeat as life slowly slipped away from her. I could not bear the thought of losing her after all we had been through together, after we had fought so hard to be together in spite of the monster I was. I could not bear the heartache and rage I would feel to lose her over something that I had done to her, something I once believed to be impossible. I had given her you, a tiny being who she wanted with all her heart and soul. She was willing to die so that you might live.

I knew in the first moment I held you in my arms and softly whispered your sweet name that I could not let her go. I had to save her even if it meant exchanging her fragile, human life for an immortal one.

After doing all that I could to save her, I called downstairs to Jacob, whose thoughts were unreadable and incoherent at the time, and asked him to stay by your mother's side while I went to Rosalie. She had taken you away from the bloody nightmare that we had all just endured. I found her quickly; she was rocking you gently on the large sofa in the living room.

Rosalie's eyes met mine, and I could read only a single, emotional thought.

Edward, she's . . .

For the first time in the many years I had known her, Rosalie was lost for words.
Then, after a few seconds, she spoke.

"Do you want to hold your daughter?"

My daughter. How my heart thrilled at those two words.

I cautiously sauntered over to the sofa, not able to take my eyes off of you. I could hear the loud thrumming of your heart and smell the sweetest scent, both human and immortal, as it penetrated every fiber of my being. With the most grace I had ever seen her display, Rosalie held you up and placed you softly into my cold, stone arms. The warmth of your tiny body was exhilarating, and I saw your eyes focus on me immediately. Those haunting, angelic brown eyes—your mother's eyes—peered up at me in wonder, and you were the most beautiful creature I had ever beheld.

A surge of emotions flooded through my immortal being—a mixture of love, joy, hope, fear, and most of all completeness. I had become a father, and I knew I would never be the same again.

Suddenly, you did something I never expected a newborn babe to do. You lifted your sweet palm and pressed it tenderly to my right cheek. Your every thought of your mother, Rosalie, and even Jacob, raced through my mind, and I knew in that moment that you felt the same way about me.

Rosalie gently put her arm about my shoulders and gave me a light squeeze—the most affection she had ever shown me.

Thank you, Edward. It was her only thought, and she gave us both a smile. Her pale visage looked as if it could have been filled with tears as she turned and swiftly exited the room.

I looked back down and smiled at you with my crooked grin. My daughter, my beautiful daughter—the creature I had loathed and did not want to ever see the light of day—was now in my arms. You were perfect, pure, and true. I closed my eyes, savoring this life-changing moment, sealing it within the chambers of my mind.

God was real. I had been skeptical until that moment. I believed myself to be a monster, who did not deserve to exist, who did not deserve anything but eternal damnation. But God was real. He had given me your mother, my Bella, the one thing I have never deserved, and now you. You were worth every thing we had endured.

My beautiful, sweet one. My Renesmee.