My Renesmee/The Choice

Chapter 39: The end is only the beginning! (Renesmee's POV)

Six months had passed since that miraculous day when I held our child for the first time and was reunited with my aunt Rosalie. That frightening night in the woods trying to escape the clutches of Nahuel was all but forgotten.

Jake and I were walking along the sand of First Beach in La Push, joyously swinging our little EJ between us with our arms. We had just returned from our much-overdue honeymoon to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, my mother's home state. I had always wanted to go there as a child, and I was finally able to behold firsthand one of the great natural wonders of the world. The heat however had proven to be a little too much for Jake, and the air conditioner in our hotel room worked tirelessly in overtime.

EJ was now talking and running and playing; he was the light of my life. He was very similar to me when I was his age, able to learn quickly and pick up vocabulary with ease. He was about the maturity of a two-year-old toddler, and my grandfather Carlisle predicted that he would bloom into an adult in about ten or so years.

As far as we knew, EJ couldn't phase just yet; we realized it when he had his first temper tantrum about four months after his birth. Since he was male and part vampire, he was also venomous, and Jake had to be extra cautious around him. I was immune to his venom however, which allowed me to breastfeed him shortly after he was born. Since EJ and Jake could communicate with each other through their thoughts, Jake had warned him not to bite either one of us just as a precaution. We doubted he actually would though.

Our little EJ also was extremely powerful. He was able to heal instantly after being cut or hurt, just by touching the scrape or tear with his palms. Grandpa Carlisle told me that he believed EJ's healing powers came from Jake's ability to heal quickly as well. EJ's ability to heal through touch possibly stemmed from my power of communicating my thoughts through touch.

EJ never cried except when he was hungry or wet. He slept soundly throughout the night, and he held a particular fondness for human food, which was a blessing to Jake. He loved feeding him and rocking him to sleep at night. It was one of the most poignant moments of my life, watching Jake adoringly cradle our child in his arms. I couldn't have asked for a better father for my little one. But I should have known—he was always there for me.

As we strolled along the beach, EJ suddenly broke free from our arms and dashed his tiny feet across the wet sand. My motherly instincts kicked in, and I immediately held out my hands in alarm.

"He's okay. He's seen a shell he likes." Jake told me, now closing the space between us and taking my left palm into his.

"Your mind reading is kinda gettin' on my nerves a little." I jokingly confessed as we followed our toddler, who was now waddling down the beach and carrying a shiny, black shell in his tiny hand.

"Oh, come on, Nes. Don't be jealous!" Jake let go of my hand and draped his arm about my shoulders.

"I'm not jealous. I'm annoyed." I grinned at him. "You two are going to drive me crazy!"

"Now, you know what it's like to be Edward." Jake playfully tickled me across my stomach and then kissed my temple. "You know, with you and your mom's shield."

"I guess it's payback." I replied, watching EJ as the tide gently kissed his little toes.

Jake and I suddenly came upon a large, driftwood tree trunk lying across the sand. I mounted it and walked across the slippery surface with ease like a balance beam and then leapt to the sand, taking a seat on top of the dead tree. Jake positioned his warm body next to mine on the log. I leaned against him, and his arms wound around me as we observed EJ running in and out of the salty water coming ashore. He was laughing and muttering to himself; we both giggled at our child's utter contentment. We were a family, and nothing could take that away from us.

Then, suddenly, EJ tripped and tumbled to the moistened dirt. My heart immediately sunk. His body lay sprawled on the ground for only a second—he quickly pulled himself back up onto his bare feet. Instantly, he was running and laughing and playing once more.

"Don't worry. He's okay." Jake grabbed my right palm and brought it to his lips. "That kid's resilient, you know. He's gonna make a fine wolf one of these days."

"Yes, I know. He might give his dad a run for his money!" I told Jake, my eyes smiling at him.

"We'll see about that!" Jake affectionately cupped his hands around my face and sweetly brought his lips to mine. My body pulsated with a current of pure bliss as he held me in his arms.

I love you, Jake. I pulled free from his lips and sighed, closing my eyes and feeling the exhilarating heat of his palms comfort me. "I have something to ask you."

"I love you, too, Nes." He kissed the top of my head. "I'm all ears."

"Is there any room left in the pack still?" I opened my eyes, and my lips shaped into my crooked grin.

"What do you mean?" He pulled away and looked at me, his expression puzzled. Then, his smile widened. "You're not . . ."

"Yes." I simply said.

Practically jumping off the fallen tree, Jake swung me around in his arms and vigorously kissed me again. We were about to have another addition to our family, and he took the news exactly as I suspected.

"Hoping for another EJ?" I cleverly questioned him when he parted his lips from mine.

"Actually, I'm hoping for a Sarah Rose this time." He placed my feet on the ground and gazed longingly into my brown eyes.

"A Sarah and a Rose, maybe?" I asked, and I knew he understood my question. Twins did run in his family. "Grandpa Carlisle said he could hear two heartbeats."

And with that, Jake swept me back into his arms, twirling me around several times and returning his lips to mine. Yes, our family was growing—just as in my dream those many months ago.

"Yes, EJ." Jake broke free from my lips, and I noticed our little one standing at our feet. "He wants to go see Grandpa Edward. He's teaching him the piano today, he says. That's just great—my kid's going to be a fruitcake." Jake pursed his lips and rolled his eyes in disgust.

"Jake, let Dad teach him. He's only going to be young for a short time. You'll have plenty of time to macho him up later." I slipped out of Jake's arms and took our child into my embrace. EJ tenderly placed a wet kiss on my cheek and then touched my face with his right palm.

"Grandpa, now!" EJ impatiently squealed. He was even more spoiled than I was at his age. My dad was completely incorrigible when it came to his grandchild. Not to mention Grandpa Billy, Aunt Rosalie, Great-Grandpa Charlie, and the rest of our family.

"Ok, pumpkin. Let's go!" I carefully flung him onto my back, and Jake took my hand as we raced along the sandy beach toward our brand-new, red Volkswagen.

I didn't know what the future held for my children, my Jake, my family, or even myself. But all I knew in that moment was that I loved my two boys with all my being. I was utterly and completely happy. I had made the right choice.

And to think it all began with one ordinary, teenage girl and one lonely vampire as their eyes met across a crowded, high-school cafeteria . . .


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The True Alpha—The EJ Black Chronicles (Sequel to My Renesmee/The Choice)

By Dazzled~by~Jake

Chapter 1: Oh, God, It's My Birthday! (EJ's POV)

The name's Black. EJ Black. Today is my birthday, October 21. Technically, I'm only ten years old. However, I look about twenty-five. I'm quite unique--one of the only four of my kind. I'm what you might call a third-breed—a cross between a human, vampire, and werewolf. My mother, Nessie Cullen Black, is a half-human, half-vampire, and my father, Jacob Black, is a human shapeshifter or more specifically, a werewolf. My younger twin siblings, born only months after me, Sarah Rose and William "Billy" Ephraim, are about to reach full maturity in about seven months. My five-year-old sister, Bella Alice, is the light of my life; she's about the maturity of a ten-year-old child now. She is my baby sister, my heart, and everything to me. I would do anything to protect her or any of my siblings for that matter.

I haven't however been able to phase like my father just yet. My great-grandfather, Carlisle Cullen, thinks that today is my lucky day. I've been so sick lately, throwing up constantly. My dad seems to think I'm about to phase any second now. I must admit—I'm a little scared. And I don't want to be afraid. My dad has always taught me to be brave, but the thought of turning into a monster is something I fear more than anything. Fortunately, my father has already been through this, so he'll be there for me emotionally and physically.

Did I happen to mention that most of my family members are vampires? Very strange, I know. Like them, I am venomous. I could accidentally poison my father with my venom—not that I would. It's just something I've had to deal with my entire life. My father and I have a very special bond—we can communicate telepathically. Supposedly, only fully mature wolves are able to do it and only when they are in wolf form. I also can heal by just touching others—a power I've rarely had to use throughout my life being around mostly immortals. I've learned that my siblings and I don't fit into the mold of what is normal anymore. We are a new species. And even though it sounds pompous—we are superior to humans, vampires, and werewolves in many ways.

"EJ, pumpkin." My mom's voice summons me from my thoughts, knocking gently on my bedroom door. "It's time for the party. Aunt Alice has been working hard all day."

Damn, my mom insists on calling me "pumpkin" even though I'm fully grown. When will she ever learn; I'm not a baby anymore.

You're her baby, EJ. My dad must have heard me for his husky voice is now invading my brain. Let's go, now!

URGH! I reluctantly pry my rigid body from my bed, grasping my leather jacket from the wooden bedpost. I take a brief glance of myself in the mirror on the dresser and comb my hair back. Man, I look like my father, exactly like my father. We are practically the same physical age. My short, spiky black hair is just like his. My chocolate-brown skin is just the same as his. Our eyes however are distinctly different; mine are green, scary green, meadow green.

I throw the comb haphazardly onto my dresser and gaze across the room at my red, secondhand electric guitar. I like playing Aerosmith covers just for fun. I dreamed of starting my own band with my brother, Billy, but that dream died long ago when we discovered we were destined to take up after our father and become "protectors." I'm not sure Billy and I both want the destiny set out before us, but nevertheless it is bound to become a reality some day.

"EJ!" Bella Alice is now bursting through my bedroom door. I immediately scoop her into my arms, and she plants a tender, wet kiss on my left cheek. She is my heart indeed. "Happy birthday!"

"Thanks, lil sis." I return her gesture, flashing her my pearly, white teeth. I relish in her sweet scent, and my heart beams with love for this precious child in my arms. Her reddish-brown hair is all in curls, complete with a daisy tucked behind her ear. She is the spitting image of my mother. "You look beautiful!"

"EJ, Bella Alice, let's go!" My mom frustratingly calls to us from down the hall. As I carefully place her feet on the carpet, I take Bella Alice's hand, and she smiles at me with her gorgeous grin . . .