Um, hi guys. Sorry, but it's not an update.

Don't worry, though; I'll delete this wretched author's note and we can just forget it was here. ;D

Anyway, our laptop (the one with all my stories, etc.) crashed. Yes. I, being the little genius I am, had to fix it. Unfortunately, the hard drive crashed, so I had to reformat the whole thing, which is why all my stories are gone--poof. But don't worry! I, being the cheerful person I am, will get on with it, and all. I might have to borrow a friend's Microsoft thing-o to get Word and all that working again.

So, basically, all my photos and stuff are wiped out... And I have to start from scratch. Technology is a wonderful thing, just as long as it doesn't do random things I have no idea about.

I'm sorry if I haven't replied to your reviews, but I want to tell you guys that they all give me energy to write! And sorry to MunchBunch and cullensroc for not replying to your messages yet! I promise (okay, I won't, I'll just do it) I will get back on with this, and yeah... Gimme about a week or so, seeing as school ends in a week, and my dance concert's this Wednesday! *gasp*

Yeah, I took up too much of your time. Anyway, while you're waiting, there are heaps of really good fanfics you can read; you guys can check my favourites for it, if you want. ;]

I'm so sorry again!


I need sleep. xoxo