Chapter 1

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Patrick Jane sighed complacently as he neared the building he would be living and studying in for the next few years. He knew he wouldn't have any problems making friends, he never did. It was just something that came natural to him, that and his charm. The teachers would love him, he knew it. Since he was twelve he noticed that the opposite sex had taken a liking to him. It was odd at first but that was before he got used to girls asking him out and staring after him when he walked by. He wouldn't describe himself as egotistical, arrogant, maybe. It wasn't his fault he was aware of his good looks. Most would think he'd have limited amount of male friends because of jealousy or something of that sort but that was far from the truth. Back in high school he had countless male friends. He laughed inwardly, maybe that was just because of the girls following him around.

His father had brought him up well though. He never lied to get girls, never used them. He was quite the opposite: a true gentleman, a ladies' man. He smiled brightly before trudging up to the entrance of Queen's College and headed to get registered for his dorm number.

He walked up to the woman behind the counter and flashed his signature smile. "Good morning," he greeted her cheerily. The woman raised an eyebrow but couldn't help the blush from creeping to her cheeks. Patrick's smile changed to a smirk. She was about thirty with normal weight and height. Not bad, he thought. "Name?" she asked him, collecting herself.

"Uh, Patrick Jane." She murmured his name whilst looking through her book. "Ah, here it is. Mr. Jane to a room 305." She handed him the key and directed him to his destination. "Do you happen to know if my roommates have already arrived?"

"Let me seeā€¦ no, not as yet. Have a good day Patrick," she smiled warmly at him. He returned the smile and nodded, "Will do." He was glad they hadn't arrived as yet. It would give him time to get settled. He didn't quite like the idea of sharing a room with two other guys but he decided it could be fun.

Grace Van Pelt sighed. This was not going to be good day. She had been dreading this day since she received her acceptance report. Of course she was thrilled to get in the school she wanted but that didn't help the adrenalin from pounded in her head. She was normally a shy girl. Some would say she was a rather "girly-girl" but she couldn't disagree, at least not entirely. Having a dad who was a foot-ball coach didn't help the pressure at all. She tried to be "one of the guys" and toughen up a bit but that wasn't her. At least the only positive thing she could see coming from her presence here was that it meant she wouldn't be back home.

Grabbing her bad off the ground where she'd rest it, she began walking up to the building. Hanging her head downwards in an attempt to avoid any conversation with anyone, she failed to notice the individual walking towards her until she was on the ground. Her books were scattered everywhere and she could feel a bruise on her knee.

"I'm sorry," she apologized to the guy beside her who was getting her books together. He raised his head to smile at her and she suddenly felt like something out of a typical teen movie. "It's okay," he said as he got the last of her stuff and helped her to her feet. Grace couldn't help but notice his amazing hair and his boyish, cute face. He had dark, short, spiky hair. His face was well toned and masculine yet boyish. She smiled shyly at his sudden awkwardness around her.

"I'm Grace by the way." She held out her hand. "Grace, pretty name." He blushed suddenly almost as if he hadn't meant to say it out loud, "Wayne Rigsby." He took her hand in his.

"It was nice to meet you Wayne, and again sorry," she said walking into the building. Wayne stood there looking after her in adoration before reality came to him and he followed her in.

Teresa Lisbon and Kimball Cho walked side by side towards their new school. They had always been best friends since kindergarten; he was like the big brother she never had since she was the eldest of her siblings. And so they were ecstatic when they found out they both got accepted to the same college. For Teresa, it was one step closer to becoming an adult and having a career so she could take care of her brothers and get them away from her abusive drunk of a father. Cho knew all about Teresa's father and the death of her mother when she was just eleven. He knew which days were difficult for her and when to lay off. Teresa turned to Cho and smiled, she was happy he was there with her. It hadn't been easy growing up. Her child-hood hadn't been like most, the typical dating, partying and hanging out with friends. Hers consisted of studying endless hours of the night, cleaning and cooking for her brothers and absolutely no dating. Boys were too much of a distraction, and she'd work way too hard to get where she was now. She was close; she just had to climb one more step. Just one more.

She sighed sadly; she really did miss her brothers. It would just be a matter of a few months before her first school holiday and she would get to see them again. Cho placed a hand on her shoulder and led her to the registration desk. Teresa smiled, yep, she was lucky to have him.

305. That was Cho's dorm number. He was aware that he would be sharing the room with two other guys. Oh well. They headed up the stairs in search of their rooms. Teresa was staying in 412, which was the floor above Cho's. They came to a stop in front of the door marked 305. Cho politely knocked on the door and waited for it to open.

"Well I should go," Teresa said to Cho. He nodded as the door opened behind him but neither paid attention, "I'll see later, okay?" He leaned in to give her a hug, both unaware of the blond watching silently. He caught a glimpse of the girl his roommate was hugging and tried not to choke. She was beautiful. The word did her injustice, she was like an angel. She had shoulder-length, straight, black hair with bangs around her forehead that framed her face perfectly. He managed to catch her eyes as she pulled away from the Asian and walked away down the hall. She had the most intense green eyes he'd ever seen. After she left, the guy finally turned around and acknowledged his presence.

"Hey. I'm Cho," he said reaching out his hand.

"Patrick," he replied taking his hand. "That your girlfriend?" Patrick asked Cho, referring to Teresa. Cho looked skeptical at first before he got what he was talking about, "What? No. She's just a child-hood friend, man." He moved away from Patrick and walked in his room. Patrick remained at the door staring in the direction which Teresa had vanished. A mischievous smirk played at his lips. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

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