Chapter 16

WARNING: Rated M for obvious reasons.

Tonight was a huge event for the Jane family. It was their annual Christmas Eve Bash where all relatives, friends and friends of friends were all invited. Teresa could never comprehend it but it seemed to be an important thing, since Scarlett was busy ordering everyone around.

"Teresa, Dear. Can you help place these potatoes on the table for me?" Scarlett, dressed in her black, wide-spread dress, asked her. She nodded, taking the bowl from the woman and walked into the dining room. Immediately, she was overcome with the excited chatter from the Jane family. Placing the bowl on the table, Teresa walked around it and took her seat near Patrick.

Dinner finished fast, as everyone vacated the dining room for the living room. Snacks were shared, drinks were drank, and before anyone knew it, it was 11pm.

"Thanks for coming Lilyann." Scarlett hugged the blonde woman and closed the door on her last guest. I guess that's it for the night. Thanks for helping out, Teresa." She smiled warmly at her and then made her way upstairs.

After she left, Teresa turned to Patrick, "We should head to bed too." She said, as they were the only ones left.

His lips crashed down upon hers, drawing a whimper from the brunette. Her own hands wound their way around his neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss. A groan emitted from Patrick, as her tongue grazed roughly against his. His hands moved from her hips to the hem of her blouse, pushing up slightly and sliding his hands up her back. Teresa shivered from his touch, his hands hot on her skin.

"Patrick," she whispered, breaking away from his lips.


"I – I – I've never," she sighed at his confused expression. "I've never had sex.. before."

And just as she feared, his hands stilled on her skin, retracting as if bitten. His eyes wide, apologetic. "I'm sorry. I didn't know, I –"

She silenced him with a finger to his lips, "No. I – I want to." And she did, she really did. She couldn't think of someone else she would want to give that part of her to. She loved him, knew she did for a while now, she accepted that. But saying it was something else. Teresa never was one to wear her heart on her sleeve. Ever since her mom died and her dad changed, she had always been careful of letting anyone in.

Patrick cupped her cheek, brushing his thumb over her lower lip. "You sure?"

Teresa smiled, grabbing his hands in hers, she nodded. "Yeah," she whispered. Her hands left his to clutch his jacket lapels between her fingers and pull his lips back to hers. It took him a little more than a fews seconds to respond, his hands cupping the back of her neck.

Teeth scraping, lips melding and tongues tasting, they stumbled to the bed, Teresa falling on her back and Patrick covering her with his body. His hands travelled from her neck to the buttons of her blouse. Teresa moaned when his fingers finally popped the last button on her blouse, his fingers brushing against her shoulders as he pushed it off her back and onto the floor. He broke the kiss, moving his mouth from hers to her exposed shoulder and nipped lightly whilst his hands made quick work on her bra. Letting the material fall to the ground, he pulled back to watch her. Her cheeks were both tinged a bright pink under his lust filled gaze.

"Patrick," she whined as she reached out to him. He grinned and allowed her to pull him back into a searing kiss. "Should I...?" She trailed off, guesturing to his still clothed body.

"No. It's okay, I can do it." he said, pulling away from her to pull his shirt over his head and push off his pants, leaving him in his shorts. Moving back over to her, Patrick attached his mouth to her neck, sucking on her pulse-point lightly. Teresa's hands, meanwhile, shakily meandered to his shoulders, pulling him closer. She was nervous, more than nervous: scared to death, but she had never been more sure of her decision to give herself to him.

Almost as if reading her mind, Patrick took her trembling hands in his and placed a feather light kiss on her knuckles, forcing her eyes to find his.

"Hey... Are you sure about this?"

Her green eyes bore into his, reassuring him with her dark pools before she nodded. He smiled, leaning down to kiss her forehead, then let his hands travel to her hips where her skirt lay in a mess on her knees. Keeping eye contact with her, he hooked her underwear with his fingers and pulled down, bringing her skirt with it.

He would never admit it, but Patrick was just as scared as she was. Granted he wasn't a virgin, although he wished he could have been to ease her worry. He didn't want her to regret anything she did with him, especially this. Was she simply worried of the action itself, or was she uncertain about everthing? Mainly, that was the reason he kept asking her if she was sure, she said she was and he was inclined to believe her, but was she really?

Drawing in a deep breath at the sight of her naked body beneath his, he mentally prayed that his body wouldn't get ahead of himself. Tonight was about her, about making this as comfortable and pleasurable as possible for her.

His eyes snapped back to hers to find her cheeks blazing red. Her arms drawing themselves across her chest.

He chuckled and leaned down so his lips barely brushed hers as he spoke. "You have nothing to be ashamed of, Tess." He then proceeded to uncross her arms from her chest, pulling her arms above her head as he did that previous morning. She began to protest when he silenced her with his mouth. Immediately, her protests turned to want as she pushed her mouth closer to his, needing to feel everything of him. Teresa closed her eyes while she losed herself in the heat of the kiss, her hands deciding to be bold and search out his boxers, pulling it off his hips. Patrick seemed to be surprised by her actions too, as he jumped when her fingers first made contact with his skin but he lifted himself off her so she could remove the material, anyways. After that was done, he returned to her body, finally bear of all clothing.

The heat of his skin on hers was immensely satisfying. She could feel herself becoming more turned on every second, the heat in her body rushing to settle in her lower belly. She wriggled underneath him, in an attempt to alleviate some of the pressure building up in her. It was strangely uncomfortable yet exciting.


"Hmm?" he murmured as his face was pressed into her neck, while his hands trailed over her already heated skin.

"I – I think I'm ready."

He broke away from her and searched her face for anything that would compel him to stop. After a while, he got off her, walking over to his discarded pant and pulled out his wallet, from which he produced a small, square, foiled packet. He reclaimed his position above her, watching her with his eyes as he ripped the packet and pulled out the thing. Grinning when she looked away while he placed it on him, he tugged her back to his chest when he was done.

Leaning down to kiss her lips gently, he once again inquired if she was sure. After receiving the same answer she had been giving him all night, he settled lower on her body, positioning himself, while his mouth sought out her ear.

Whispering, "I love you," in her ear for the first time, he didn't wait for her to respond as he decended his lips on hers for a languid kiss. But her eyes weren't closed like his were. Teresa was intently staring at him as they kissed. She couldn't bring herself to say those words to her, even though she knew in her heart she did love him back. It was just too hard for her at the moment. Pushing the thoughts to the back of her mind, she kissed him back, his hands in her hair, holding her head in place. She could feel him slowly moving to her entrance and moving ever so slowly into her.

Teresa groaned as he poked around her hymen. It was anything but pleasant and she was becoming restless when finally he broke through. Preparing herself for the worst, she felt a sharp sting, bringing tears prickling to her eyes. She felt him pause as he pulled away from her lips and looked at her. She nodded and he began slowly moving himself through.

She'd be lying if she said it didn't hurt, because it did. Her walls expanded as he made his way through her, muscles she didn't know she had, moving with her body to accompany him. A strangled cry left her lips when he finally made it all the way, well as far as he could go, and paused, waiting for her to relax.

Patrick gently pushed her bangs away from her forehead and kissed the side of her eyes, all the while whispering words into her ear. But she wasn't paying attention to them, her mind was on the sudsiding pain and the man who was now a part of her.

"You okay?" he asked her, after several minutes had passed without any movement from either of them.

"Yeah," she nodded, telling him with her eyes that it was okay for him to move now. Returning her nod, Patrick moved an inch out of her before moving back in, slowing bringing their bodies together again.

It wasn't so bad anymore. The pain had eased considerably, and slowly the pleasure began to flow through her with every thrust he made. Eventually, his movements increased somewhat in pace, drawing a moan from the woman beneath him. Instinctively, Teresa pushed her hips up to meet his in the slow dance they were indulging themselves in. He buried his head in the crook of her shoulder, groaning as he expanded a bit more in her. Her body rocking with his, she instinctively dug her nails in his back when the tightening in her belly increased to a wound coil, awaiting release.

Patrick groaned, the pleasure flowing through his every vein. Recoiling as if she'd hurt him, Teresa muttered a 'sorry'.

"No, it's okay. Really."

Blushing profusely, Teresa replaced her hands on his shoulders, running her hands up the back of his neck to tangle in his hair.

"Patrick, I can't-"

Her words dissipated in the air as another wave of pleasure forced her body to arch into his. She could feel the tightening in her, pull even stronger. Patrick then moved his head from the nape of her neck to one of her peaks, twirling it with his tongue as her body pushed incredibly closer to his before finally letting go.

All their movements stopped, their breathing shallow and raspy, coming out in puffs of air. Pulling himself out of her, Patrick pulled the bed spread over their bodies and placed a kiss to her forehead. All energy was used up from their bodies nd a long rest was what they both needed.

Hugging him close to her, Teresa let her head fall to chest before closing her eyes.

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